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  1. its better you havent heard his name when he has played, he is getting a head start on learning the kick step technique they are implementing and getting used to the speed of the nfl. or four games he is a bust, however you want to look at it
  2. this is like journalistic clickbait you dont get paid for, whats the point. how could you possibly compare him to a 14 year veteran after 3 games
  3. i know its fantasy junk but i picked up freeman off the waiver wire to fill in for my last rb spot, he put up 41 points , pretty **** impressive for a first start
  4. what are the point of these posts, its not falcons related, you spam the whole front page. there are other forums you can put this in .
  5. i dont think a lot of people realize just how far he has been consistently kicking, its absolutely insane
  6. theres only one answer, its time to unleash the dragon
  7. im most impressed with bosher, holy crap he was booming them
  8. he looks great, but im just as excited for hankerson
  9. he is the answer when the question is who out of the 3 falcons quarterbacks is not as horrible as tj yates but not nearly as good as matt ryan
  10. he has as many playoff wins as matt though! just kidding he is hot fat garbage get renfree in there
  11. im stuck watching the titans announcers on nfl gamepass, im fairly certain eddie george had one too many concussions
  12. The best is how he completely leaves out players like Smith and hankerson and we have two fullbacks when a dozen teams don't even have one. Though on paper Beasley might be listed like that as he gets up to NFL speed not like that matters.
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