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  1. Hatched and raised in Atlanta. Grew up in Old National/Flat Shoals area in the late 70s-early 80s. Don't know if that's College Park or Union City anymore. Though my neighborhood was closer to Union City, we had a College Park address. Currently in Roswell.
  2. When I got up the morning of the '98 Super Bowl and saw the news about Eugene, I knew we were hosed. The memories from '78 and '80 came flooding back and melted my brain. All I could do was facepalm and moan, "Can't we get a **** break?" First Super Bowl in the franchise's not-so-illustrious history and the free safety gets nailed by a vice cop while shopping for a knobber...the night BEFORE the game. Jeeezus. Only us, man. We could threepeat the Super Bowl and I still wouldn't (re)watch that debacle.
  3. I really do hope you're right about this.
  4. Usually about a 2. Occasionally, the image of Danny White sitting behind his line, smoking a stogie, checking his watch, sipping a margarita and then flinging the rock to Pearson flashes through my mind and it goes up to about 75.
  5. QFT. After all those azzbeatings we took in the 80s and 90s from the Niners, there's no way - if I were even inclined to give up on the Falcons - that I'd switch to the Niners.
  6. As has been mentioned, it will depend the manner of our loss. If it's anything like what nearly happened against Seattle, I won't have to turn the TV off - it will turn itself off when it hits the driveway. If it's a well-played game, then I'll find a movie to watch, ignore football until the draft and get a lot more work done. I might watch the Super Bowl if there was nothing else going on that day but mostly for the commercials. Overall, though, I'd be happy with our season and that we got off the schneid. Looking forward to next season, I believe the arrow is pointing up for us and I'm sure
  7. 31 Seconds Over Seattle. WWII reference that many might not get but it sounds good...and fits.
  8. Yep, especially if your whole family is full of Dawg fans and you're the only Yellow Jacket for miles around. Ugh. It's led to me finding other things to do on that weekend (like going to Vegas).
  9. I can't offer any job opportunities but I can offer a website with the best job search advice I've ever seen. www.asktheheadhunter.com The site's front page is Nick's blog (Nick is the headhunter) but if you click on the ATH Website link under the title banner, it will take you to tons of resources. I'd advise reading the articles archives and checking out the FAQ and then expanding from there. The site was recommended to me by a longtime friend (we went to Tech together in the...gulp...80s) who has, himself, been a headhunter in the DC area for about 15 years. Also, per my buddy and Nick, set
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