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  1. OOhh were being to darn insensitive and playing the race card :rolleyes: I saw this last night in another thread. It really upset me this election is showing how racist people still are.
  2. :rolleyes: strong agrument How about you look at new england -_-
  3. I find it funny the majority of them aren't as patriotic as they try and make it. Half of them wouldn't join the army to save there mothers life. Haven't seen the inside of a church in years and have no values what so ever.
  4. Its people like you that don't deserve to breath. I know what you really want to say with that change acronym and im sure its not Nazi Ill pray for you son you really need it you are filled with hate.
  5. Yep and i will be renewing my season tickets again next year. He clearly knows how to spend money. I just love it I wanna thank all the right wingers that bought season tickets. thanks for helping fund our party's campaign.
  6. Ohio is a very racist and segregated state. My girlfriend is from Springfield and its a very separated community.
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