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  1. I saw that too. I like what he said about not wanting to cover the falcons that much because of how the fans treat Matt lol
  2. But but but... Matt doesn't care enough to restructure his contract. /purple
  3. Madden? Thats our measuring tool?
  4. People obviously don't pay attention to the Falcons. He just restructured before the 2020 season.
  5. How can challenge a previous play if they already got the delay of game
  6. They have to use Campbell to cover TEs and Rbs more since Debo is out
  7. He was talking to all of them. I was in the stands tonight for the first time. It seemed as though the WRs were late getting lined up most of the game. The drive before he yelled at them when bryant field goal got blocked they screwed up a sure TD. The play before the field goal attempt the receivers were still looking at each other trying to figure out what they were doing as Matt snapped the ball. That's why he was pissed after the throw. I'm surprised that the refs didn't get them at all throughout the game
  8. It's not just him making the tackles. It's him recognizing the formations and getting everyone else lined up for the plays
  9. Kind of hard for it not to be. They are constantly questioned about it every week
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