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  1. My only issue with Blank was his catering of Vick....That being said, at least he wants to win. He is scared to spend money, make trades, etc. This guy wants a good product on the field. Cant hate a man with a vested interest in his team and a man that wants to see HIS team do well.
  2. History says....no...uhh uh....sorry! Back 2 Back....naw But fk history, i hated it in school.
  3. Lets also use our heads. During the Vick Tenure....how many recievers even went over 1000 yards. He was good at hitting the TE and decent at checkdowns but his downfield stuff with recievers was downright sad at times. Vick still won games for us and it was enjoyable to watch him play but no reciever could post big numbers with Vick at QB....wouldnt happen.
  4. I am not even sure it is that. Research some of the stuff he did with Noel Devine....The starting rb at West Virginia. That is another person Deon has took personal interest in and even gave Devine a place to stay at one point. I dont know the whole story but i have read some stuff on and it was an odd situation.
  5. My biggest need is ....Girls. The falcons....Pass Rush to help Abe.
  6. The Bungals are loaded with talent.....and boneheads and criminals. And the fact that they brought Chris Henry back in just tells you what kind of leadership is going on. Marvin Lewis has lost the team and that is sad to say. He had the Bengals looking much better and loads of talent but when the team has no direction and serious lack of leadership....it is time to go in another direction. They are the Florida State and Miami of the NFL.
  7. Consistency....He has a penchant for a big play and a penchant for a big drop. That is not a label you want with your recievers. He does do a lot of things well but he needs to be more consistent by making the easy catches on a regular basis.
  8. Nothing the tuna does should ever blow your mind. That guy knows how to win....Period!. He has turned around every single team he has ever been apart of. I didnt expect him to win many games this first year but miami doesnt lack talent and with the 3-4 on defense there starting to look downright SICK. Who would have thought?
  9. ....sorry aposing, it got me. I type stuff wrong all the time so it is all good but still funny.
  10. GreenBay as i remember has always had a solid pass rush.
  11. Jea boyyy tha flakk-O kidz g0ts dem skillz to makes sum paypaz for reelz yo. Hiz footstwork is tha skrilla like manilla. If onlyz tha matilda Ryan had sum six skilllez likez my boy Flakk-O. YEAHAHAYAYAHAyAYAAYAYAHaayY
  12. Jessie Floyd Tuggle (born April 4, 1965 in Griffin, Georgia) is a former professional American football linebacker who played for the Atlanta Falcons his entire career from 1987 to 2000. Educated at Valdosta State College, his first season was in 1987. He appeared in the Pro Bowl five times, and assisted the Falcons to a championship appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII after the 1998 season. In his 14 seasons, he recorded 1803 tackles (1165 solo), 21 sacks, 6 interceptions, which he returned for 106 yards and a touchdown, 10 forced fumbles and 37 pass deflections. He also recovered 9 fumbles, retu
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