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  1. I hope we lose out. We can build a solid O-line in the draft. We are set at skill positions. once we get a solid line we can finally see some exotic offensive schemes.
  2. I'm going, it's my first Falcons game. Especially since it's against the Bucs who I hate most out of our division. I'm excited guys, any cheap beer near the GA Dome to drink before going in?
  3. Let's dump Matt Ryan to the Jaguars for their 1st then draft Johnny Manziel!! LMAO But seriously Johnny Football is a beast
  4. I decided to go with Habenero BBQ wings instead of Lemon Pepper wings. Im sorry Falcons.... I have failed you
  5. Your still considered a fan. I would agree with you. If i had season tickets to a crappy football team why waste my time watching when I know they would lose. That does not make you any less of a fan.
  6. Lol I believe Decoud is only as good as his defensive front. They guy is good at pass coverage. However when an opposing team runs the ball well his judgement on whether its a play action or an actual run really hurts him.
  7. LOL at this statement. Okay let's just assume that the players are not feeling the play calling. Why aren't the players suggesting any ideas? If Matt Ryan is what everyone makes him out to be (The next Peyton Manning) Why hasn't he told Koetter to GTFO? If the defensive players aren't happy with the calls. Why hasn't a defensive leader voice his opinion? Finally, Let's assume we fire Mike Smith. Who do we hire to replace him? Who are the coordinators to replace Koetter and Nolan? You forget we have 5 winning seasons. You forget that every team has a down years, some most than others. If it's not our year this year then so be it, but remember that we have a first class orginazation and we will be relevant year after year. Not like the Jaguars or the Bills. When was the last time they were relevant. I was still in middle school and they suck until this day. LOL This is all part of being a NFL fan. The highs and lows that come with it. I beleive we all get caught up in the emotions of the game but in reality decisions should be based on logic and probability.
  8. I would have liked to see a Julio fade in the corner or that stupid fullback dink and dunk pass.
  9. The play calling on offense is my concern. Idk if its cause our oline cant block that we cant be creative on offense.
  10. Still a lot of football to be played guys. I see us winning next week against the Jets. We should rest up during the bye week then win against the Bucs. So by the end of week 7 we should be at 3-3.
  11. Why isnt Matt Ryan not calling the shots? First of all, does he even want to call the shots?
  12. Force Peyton Manning or Brady into retirement then hire 1 as our head coach
  13. No lie I wanted Ryan than Smith during the initial hiring. Id still take him.
  14. And I agree, I really don't see any coach that I want if Arthur Blank decides to let him go. The closest person who I could see replace Mike Smith is Josh McDaniels. I think he could do wonders for our offense.
  15. To all the people wanting him fired. Who are your potential head coaches to replace him?
  16. Just something to discuss. We all see Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things with no receivers! What if Matt Ryan had no receivers but a beast O-line like Brady, How do you think Matt Ryan would do?
  17. With all this being said. I think we would have been better if Arthur Blank hired Rex Ryan as our head coach. I wanted Rex Ryan than Smith. You guys may hate him but he took the jets to the AFC championship game. He built a beast defense in 2 years. He did all that with Sanchez at center. I hate dwelling on the past but just as a discussion would Rex Ryan be a better fit?
  18. Do you guys seriously want to fire our most winningest head coach in Falcon's history. Fine... Lets say he gets let go. Who will replace Mike Smith? I think most people here got used to us winning a lot like last season, so now that we are losing people are going all hysterical now. You do realize there are 17 weeks in an NFL season and each week is a week where a team can get better regardless of injuries. We played a solid game yesterday and there were just events in the game that favored Miami. It was 2 solid teams going head to head and the best team came out on top plain and simple. However, I would like to see Koetter replaced with a person like Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, or Tom Moore(LOL).
  19. Man I am pumped for this game. No Lane Mclain is gonna give Kaepernick No Lane to run or throw to.
  20. Alright guys its Robert "No Lane" McClain.
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