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  1. i never understood why we gave Smith a 3 yr extension when you can find guys like this in the UDFA pool. especially when he doesn’t bring any value as or runner or receiver. Mikey Daniel will have to vastly outperform Smith in camp/preseason to make the coaches cut Smith and waste 1.9 mil in cap space.
  2. isn’t the active roster going from 53 to 55? in that case he might just make the roster for special teams/depth.
  3. moving up for Henderson or Chaisson would be awful. i could live with either at 16.
  4. but how often does this team draft as is? i don’t get why people get annoyed. this team trades, TD likes to trade. if you’re trying to predict what this team will do in the draft, trading is probably going to be involved. just let people do their mocks without calling them dumb, when your mocks probably won’t be any more accurate.
  5. it fell through for whatever reason. kind of like the Brockers/Ravens deal
  6. exactly. the only time in Ryan’s career we’ve had a top 10 defense to help him out was 2017 when we had Poe next to Garrett. We need a dominant athlete next to him and the rest of the defense will fall into place
  7. definitely. i don’t think i’d give up #47 for him, but he falls to a range where #78 would be enough to move us up to him i would in a heartbeat.
  8. that’s why i was saying play Thomas at LG his rookie year. Matthews/Thomas/Mack/Lindstrom/McGary is potentially dominant, and only if you were looking for cap relief next offseason would trading Matthews be the move.
  9. that’s that i’m asking. they’re doing their due diligence because you never know how the top of the draft will shake out. if it just so happens that Thomas falls to 16, do you think we should pick him? i do.
  10. https://twitter.com/profootball411/status/1247996316992409600?s=21 So apparently we have reached out and had a virtual meeting or facetime meeting with Andrew Thomas. This intrigues me because he is one of my favorite players in the draft but i just assumed we weren’t in the market for another 1st round OL. If he were to fall, would y’all be mad if we took him? I think it could make a lot of sense for the future, but i’m not sure if the front office can afford to make a move like that with their jobs seemingly on the line. The scenario to me would be to draft Thomas and plug him in at LG, with a possibility of moving out to LT the next year. Matthews has a big contract and if we could move him either during the 2020 season or the 2021 offseason for a decent draft pick, it would clear up a big chunk of cap space to add a difference maker in 2021 FA. just a thought.
  11. i would love if he were to fall to us.
  12. nooooooooooooooooo it just keeps getting worse
  13. disagree. i wanted to like these, reallllly wanted to like these. wanted to buy a new jersey if i liked them. but i don’t. all i wanted is for the new jersey’s to look more professional. clean and classic. these are collegiate looking, trying too hard to look fierce and cool. big swing and a big miss imho.
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