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  1. it’s getting comical at this point
  2. that dude was definitely DL and i aint talking bout D-Line
  3. again, not what i said. my response was to you posting a highlight video as your proof that the dude is gonna be good, and my point was that you can't take HIGHLIGHTS against small school guys as your only pre-draft evaluation. but you knew that, and chose to ignore the fact that i quoted and replied to you directly. i didn't even make the point that i don't think Ferguson will be good, my point was that your logic is massively flawed if you took a look at his HIGHLIGHT tape and made your mind up that he's worth picking. "when the games start there won't be any cones on the field" you're right, but there will be big boy NFL Tackles instead of cones, and if you can't run around cones that fast, what makes you think you can run around Lineman??? of course there are examples of small school guys who flourish in the NFL, much like there are examples of guys who test well at the combine who suck in the NFL. but to me, a super slow 3-cone time is more indicative of flexibility and ability to turn the corner as a pass rusher than a HIGHLIGHT tape of him racking up stats against Joe Shmoe from Alcorn State. stop making it out to look like my point is that small school guys suck, it clearly wasn't. but you knew that.
  4. that's not what i said you posted a video of his highlights against scrubs as if it were some mic drop in response to people hating on his tested times. i simply implied that a youtube highlight tape is as, if not more, ineffective at projecting NFL success than combine numbers.
  5. when the games start there won't be too many LTs or RTs that went to North Texas or Southern either
  6. yeah I get that in theory he would still be a great pick, I agree. I just don't see TD and co doing it. I've given up hope in this front office ever drafting good o-linemen after Sam Baker, Garrett Reynolds, Lamar Holmes, Mike Johnson, Joe Hawley, Sean Harlow, Peter Konz, Jake Rodgers, and Wes Schweitzer. Jake Matthews is the perfect example of throwing **** against the wall and seeing what sticks, and he's the only piece of **** that stuck.
  7. this is why signing both Carpenter and Brown bummed me out quite a bit. grabbing 2 Guards in FA on top of not cutting Fusco makes it very unlikely we go Guard in the draft and I thought we really needed to finally invest in drafting some young interior lineman. Prescod would be the ideal pick for us imo, but alas he probably wont be a Falcon. Hopefully Carpenter and Brown don't flop.
  8. eh who cares, we got Beasley....
  9. i think the Falcons are just about done in FA. if the FA market isn't there for Irvin we may re-sign him, but i don't think we end up signing Shelton. 14: Cody Ford T/G Oklahoma- the tough guy RT we so desperately need. Cam Jordan just tweeted out a Ryan Schraeder appreciation post because RS was so bad and Cam would just rack up sacks on him. We a mean dude to step in and hold their own, Cody Ford is that dude. *trade up scenario* we trade receive pick #27, Raiders receive picks #45, #79, and next years 3rd round pick. i'm not gonna act like i know trade values and all that but two 3rd rounders to jump up 18 spots seems like something i guess? 27: Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson- of course if we end up signing Shelton i don't anticipate us going after Lawrence, but so far based on reports he seems to be a guy we are very interested in. Falcons have already met with him and apparently have another meeting scheduled. Grady Jarrett played his best ball when lined up next to a big dog that soaks up double teams. Dexter is a huge dude, but he isn't a real sloppy fatty, hes like a big strong kinda fatty who is light on his feet. Quinn has set out to add size, strength, and toughness to our lines, and he does it with the first 2 picks. 117: Terrill Hanks LB New Mexico State- waiting from pick 27 to pick 117 is brutal, but luckily there is a lot of talent still to be had, and TD and company tend to do better with 4th round picks than they do 3rd round picks anyways. Hanks is one of my favorite LBs in this class when it comes to fit for this defense, next to Vosean Joseph but without a 3rd round pick we won't have a chance at Vosean. admittedly i haven't seen too much New Mexico State football games, but watching the game clips on youtube, this guy screams urgent athleticism. Duke isn't cutting it and Foye is a solid rotational guy but not yet full time starter quality. With the high probability of losing Campbell next offseason, we draft his eventual replacement. 137: Lamont Gaillard C/G Georgia - i like this guy as much as the rest of you guys, but i thought about not mocking him here because it just doesn't seem likely to me that we draft him. I haven't seen any links to us interviewing him or any reports in us being interested in him. This is just wishful thinking i guess. But he is a great fit for our offense and would be the eventual replacement for Mack all the while being great depth at Guard. 152: John Cominsky DE Charleston - we need d-line depth bad. letting go of Reed, McClain, and Shelby doesn't seem like too big a loss, but they were healthy bodies for DQs heavy rotation. Cominsky is a guy we talked to at the senior bowl and he crushed it at the combine. Dude looks big and explosive, and hes just the kind of guy that DQ looks for (high level athlete that he can highlight his talents). 172: Corey Ballentine CB Washburn - im realizing as i type this that i have too many small school guys in this mock but o well. Ballentine is another height/weight/speed guy that DQ would love. While we are stuck with Trufant for the time being and we have Kazee and Allen capable of playing the nickel, there is no rush to throw Ballentine out there. Corner is hard to play as a rookie and he could use some seasoning, but while he is developing, he brings KR/PR abilities as well and would be good competition for Barner 186: Kingsley Keke DT Texas A&M - i've seen draft sites that have him rated from 4th round to 7th round so idk where to mock him, but i liked what i saw out of him at the senior bowl and he seems to use his hands well. In desperate need for d-line help, we add another body. 231: Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah - we are paying Bosher way too much money for how not great he is. we need to find his replacement and free up a little more money for say *fingers crossed* Bruce Irvin or Danny Shelton tell me what you guys think
  10. i would love for us to get Taylor, but i'm not sure he'd be there at 14 and i don't think he'd be worth moving up for. i'm glad to see that they are interviewing these guys though. must mean they're serious about fixing the o-line
  11. lol why? you not a fan of drafting a punter?
  12. oh i would too, i just don't see this staff taking the risk with this being a season they need to nail or they probably lose their jobs. but he'll probably fall right into New Englands lap at the end of the 1st
  13. - idk about that, i think it's more likely that there is a run on d-lineman at the end of the first as opposed to WRs or CBs. to me its probable that both Lawrence and Simmons both go at the end of the 1st. i feel like the best DL guys that would be available at 45 are like Dre'mont Jones or Jaylon Ferguson and i'm not really feeling that. We got 2 extra picks this year, why not take advantage and move up to secure our guy? - i was going to mock a safety or RB but i feel like we're really lacking in bodies on the d-line. I like the upside of Keke enough to pick him up in the 6th and have him replace the few snaps of a Zimmer or Bennett
  14. everything ive seen on draft sites says Terrill Hanks is a 3rd-4th round pick, i would love for us to draft him tho. he jumps out to me whenever i watch his clips on youtube.
  15. im not a fan of Ferguson really, and i dont think Isaiah Johnson will be anywhere close to available at pick 172 but other than that i really like it! wouldnt be mad with getting Jawaan Taylor and Khalen Saunders at all
  16. Redskins
  17. idk how to quote from a different post and put it in here but there was a good article posted about this a few days ago by Goober Pyle that got buried by Antonio Brown talk, but i wouldn't be surprised if they continue to patch up holes on the o-line rather than address it heavy in the draft. be prepared for yet another draft where o-line is ignored until the mid-late rounds. this would be a huge mistake imo. idk what makes TD think he can find contributing NFL o-lineman to develop in the middle rounds, he has yet to do it in his career...
  18. yo this offseason...
  19. I swear to god, if we wait til the 5th to draft an o-lineman....
  20. off topic but Takk may be one of the players retiring. he just tweeted out "thanks for the opportunity"... could be nothing, idk
  21. did i miss something with bryant young?
  22. i agree, from all the "tape" ive seen of him on youtube he looks to be the most consistent and dominant of the Guards. my only concern is at his size, is he athletic enough for a ZBS
  23. im not really too knowledgeable with cap numbers like some of you guys doing mocks, so im not gonna act like i am and put in salary #s or a lot of detail, this is just a quick idea of guys i like or things the team may end up doing. Resign/restructure: Grady Jarrett Bruce Irvin Julio Vic Beasley Cut: Ryan Schraeder (with Sambrailo getting his extension, come June 1st i think Schraeder gets the boot) Matt Bosher Matt Schaub (wishful thinking i guess, i just think his money could be better spent elsewhere, probably end up bringing him back tho) Free Agency: Daryl Williams RT - with TD saying that its easier for Guards to make the transition to pros than Tackles, and with Sambrailo getting the type of deal he got, i think the Falcons are in the perfect spot to roll the dice on Daryl Williams health. Williams played at a high level before he got hurt and i think we can bring him in a on a short team friendly 'prove it' deal, if he returns to form they picked up a high level tackle, if his injury is hampering his play, we got Ty (for better or for worse) i dont think we make too many moves in FA, after spending a lot of effort on bringing back Grady and reworking Julio, we'll probably only go after 1 starter caliber guy and a handful of back of the roster guys. Draft: after watching us clean house over the past few weeks, we actually have quite a few holes to fill and not a ton of money to do it with, this is why i think we inevitably trade down unless a blue chip guy like Ed Oliver or Rashan Gary fall to 14. i think we could get a 3rd and 5th to slide down a handful of picks, the obvious trade partner would be with Oakland i suppose. *1: Chris Lindstrom RG Boston College- my favorite interior o-line prospect of this draft, he seems to have the blend of athleticism, size, strength, and technique that you would covet at the position. not a sexy pick, but a no brainer pick for a team desperate to upgrade the o-line. who knows man, all of the coaching staff and front office going on about improving the o-line could very well be a smokescreen to go all in for a CB in round 1, god i hope not. 2: Elgton Jenkins LG/C Mississippi State- i know many think he wont be here at this pick and very well may not be, but i think he's the perfect pick for us in this round as he would slide in at LG and then eventually be the Alex Mack replacement once he retires or leaves. Jenkins is hella strong and intelligent and we should be looking to slide up a few spots to secure him in the 2nd round. *3: Khalen Saunders DT Western Illinois - with the o-line wrapped up essentially, our next biggest hole on the team is defensive depth, especially on the d-line. letting Reed and Shelby and McClain all walk, we need bodies. Saunders has everything we need on the d-line, hes super athletic, very stout at the point of attack, and can play all over the line even at his size and weight. his stock has been rising and i dont think he will be there at our 3rd, so we use the 3rd we acquired in the fake trade to grab him. 3: Austin Bryant DE Clemson - one area DQ has said we need to improve is in holding up on the line of scrimmage and stopping the run. on top of being a talented pass rusher, Bryant is huge and very underrated against the run. i honestly dont know why he isnt higher on many draft boards i see online but i think he could be a steal in a 3rd round. 4: D'Andre Walker DE/OLB Georgia - in losing Brooks Reed, we're losing a key situational pass rusher. Walker is just that, a decent rotational rusher. He doesnt have the same run stopping prowess as Reed, but he's quicker (at least with the eye test) and more athletic. ive seen Walker all over the place when it comes to projected draft position so i honestly dont know if im way off base thinking he'll be here in the 4th. but CBSSports has him the 104th ranked prospect and we pick 110, close enough for me to put him here i guess. 4c: Iman Marshall CB USC - moving on from Alford and Poole puts a lot of pressure on Oliver and Kazee to perform. i personally think they will do just fine, but we will still need to draft a CB or find a serviceable one in FA. Marshall has the size and skills that DQ likes at corner and he would be a special teams contributor right away while he earns snaps in Dime packages. although with a good combine showing, his stock may rise out of this range. *5: Hunter Renfrow WR Clemson - i think we let Hardy walk this offseason and there were reports we were poking around mid-late round receivers at the senior bowl. some may think that Renfrow will go before this but i dont know, i dont think Renfrow will test that well at the combine and he doesnt have an impressive physique (teams are all the time overthinking guys based on what they look like when working out). but Hunter can flat out play and would be just the type of guy to replace Hardy. 5: Lukas Denis S Boston College - the play of Kazee in Allens absence was awesome, but with him (or Allen) presumably filling the nickel spot full time, a position we dont have a lot of depth at has somehow become more shallow. Denis was a great college player but his stock seems to be low because of his size. the Falcons seem to have great luck finding safeties in the 5th round, here's to hoping they find another. 5c: Tyree Jackson QB Buffalo - as stated above, i hope we dont pay Matt Schaub another couple mil just to hold a clipboard and screw things up every time Matt Ryan botches a slide and destroys his knee brace. Tyree is a huge QB with some interesting tools for the NFL, why not take a chance with a rookie as the backup. if we're in a situation where our backup has to play any large chunk of games, we'll be equally screwed with Schaub as we would with a rookie. and with 18 different head coaches on the roster, we dont need to overpay Schaub just because hes been around the block. 6: Qadree Ollison RB Pittsburgh - unfortunately we probably dont have the cap space to bring back Tevin Coleman as he killed it last year and will probably get paid. i feel Ito Smith proved to be a capable #2 back and we dont need to invest high draft capital on another RB, but we do need to address the position either late in the draft or in FA. Ollison was very productive at Pitt and is an all around type of back. 7: Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah - idk man, we cant afford to tie up money in Bosher who is just ok as a punter. using a draft pick on a punter seems whatever but TD and co have done it before with Bosher and it will be a need. oddly enough, as much as i wouldnt want to waste a pick on a punter, he probably wont even be here in the 7th. thats about it, idk how realistic any of it is but i gave it shot, tell me what you guys think.
  24. if he went to Michigan we might have drafted him