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  1. lol sorry I didn't mean to bum anyone out, I'm really excited about the pick. He reminds me of Nnamdi when he was in Oakland, the Raiders knew that he was strictly a press cover guy so they stuck him there didn't move him and he was best cover guy in the league for a couple years. Nnamdi goes to philly where they try to use him inside, try to use him in zone and it exposed his weaknesses. To me that's the benefit of having a coach that knows exactly what type of players he needs and knows how to find them in the draft. A lot of teams don't have a specific identity and they overrate certain players based off of positional versatility simply because they want a guy that play in multiple schemes. DQ is so dialed in on what he wants and he has the full support from the front office that when a player of Olivers skill level is sitting there at #58 he doesn't over think it and he gets the best guy for the job.
  2. well he isn't exactly a scheme diverse player. he only does one thing, but he does it well. he is pretty much tailor made for this system and if you don't run a system like this one it's hard to justify spending a top pick on him. He doesn't have the short area quickness and feet to play inside or at safety. Struggles in zone coverage and he hasn't really shown that he can have value on special teams whether covering kicks or returning them. Luckily for us we don't need him to do any of that **** so we get the best man cover guy in the draft in the 2nd round. Pretty great
  3. shorter Sean Smith
  4. off topic but I can't stand that Arizonas new slogan is Rise Up Red Sea. im kind of over us using rise up all the time anyways but could you be any less original
  5. ehhh we could've traded down and still got him I feel. hope he turns out to be good
  6. lol at numerous. there are maybe 3 guys left that can plug in at starter: Hurst, Phillips, Nnadi
  7. eh there plenty of examples of big shredded buff guys who suck balls in the nfl. im not saying Shepherd is going to be a workout warrior only type guy, he may very well be the better pro; but to rate a small school guy with low production higher than a guy who put up crazy numbers in a high level program based simply off of their measurables and body fat percentage seems very Al Davis-esque to me an would be foolish. Now if DQ looked at both prospects and he feels that Shepherd is the better scheme fit an the better player for what he wants, i know at this point not to question that, because DQ has a firm grasp of what it takes to succeed in his system. But if all the research he did was look at a picture of them side by side and decided he doesnt want to draft a fatty i think it would be a mistake. IMO Harrison Phillips will be a solid base hit of a pick, Shepherd is a swing for the homerun type of pick much like Hageman was. problem is if you swing big and miss on filling the biggest hole on the team, you could see the defense take a dramatic step back
  8. thats what i was thinking, i would be pumped if he was there at 58. i just think that the pick will probably be BJ Hill if hes there with how much we were meeting with him throughout the process
  9. jesus **** another dropped pass
  10. ****ing boooooooooooooo another 3&10