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  1. i knew when 3 of the fox guys picked us as their lock we were going ****ing lose.
  2. dude what happened to our o-line???
  3. seriously **** this team, and **** quinn
  4. **** this team man, next man up my ****ing ***
  5. shouts out to all my fellow Julio fantasy owners, youre not alone
  6. also out of state, also please help
  7. greg jennings was terrible. kept getting names wrong, like kept calling Ian Thomas Ian “Thompson,” seemed to keep starting sentences without knowing where he was going, just hoping he come up with some bs on the fly.
  8. superbowl ruined this teams psyche
  9. i cant even watch this team anymore man.
  10. i mean i can only laugh at this point. maybe sark needs to start drinking again. i know i do
  11. this offense is a ****ing embarrassment