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  1. i would assume no more than a late 3rd round pick. the second 4th we have is a comp pick i believe so it’s essentially an early 5th
  2. this. one thing that has always bugged me about TD is that a lot of times he gets tunnel vision on one guy or position group.
  3. ugh i hope not. this is not what we need in these trying times!
  4. oh i’m all about moving up to get any one of Okudah/Simmons/Brown/Kinlaw or even Wirfs. but people have been *****ing about too many mocks having trades in them. i still think it’s reasonably possible that if we hold tight, a top level guy will fall to our pick with how many teams are looking for QBs and OTs
  5. everybody’s bored as ****, stuck up in the house, doing mocks, figured i’d do one too. in this mock i’m operating under the assumption that we are done making moves in Free Agency for the most part. CIN 1: Joe Burrow QB LSU WAS 2: Chase Young DE Ohio State DET 3: Jeffery Okudah CB Ohio State NYG 4: Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa MIA 5: Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama LAC 6: Justin Herbert QB Oregon CAR 7: Isaiah Simmons LB Clemson ARI 8: Mekhi Becton OT Louisville JAX 9: Derrick Brown DT Auburn CLE 10: Jedrick Wills OT Alabama NYJ 11: K’Lavon Chaisson EDGE LSU OAK 12: Ceedee Lamb WR Oklahoma SF 13: CJ Henderson CB Florida TB 14: Andrew Thomas OT Georgia DEN 15: Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama ATL 16: Round 1: Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina - most people seem convinced that Kinlaw is a lock to be gone by 16, i’m not so sure of it. Now obviously draft day everything will change as teams will likely be trading around, trying to secure the QBs, but i think it’s totally possible that Kinlaw is a guy that slips through the cracks. I could even see us trading up to take him out of concern a team like SF or TB takes him. Round 2: Willie Gay Jr LB Mississippi State - DQ loves his speed. Gay is just the guy to come in and take over for Campbell. Ran a 4.46 at the combine and looked fluid in all the drills. He stood out as an all around LB who plays with some juice. Perfect fit for one of our biggest needs. Round 3: Reggie Robinson II CB Tulsa - i’m all aboard the hype train. Doing the draftnetwork simulator, RR2 was a guy i always picked with one of the later round picks. He fits the mold as exactly what DQ looks for, so much so that he looks to be a better fit than a lot of guys slated to go ahead of him. His stock is rising, hopefully not out of our reach. Round 4: Alton Robinson EDGE Syracuse - all the traits you look for in a DE. Size, long arms, burst, and motor. Had a big week at the Senior Bowl including 2 sacks in the game. He would figure to be heavy in the rotation as a rookie, with potential to eventually supplant Takk if Takk doesn’t show the improvement the coaching staff is expecting. Round 4: Lamical Perine RB Florida - although we rolled the dice on Gurley and his knee, it was only for a 1 year deal. If Gurley balls out, it’s likely we can’t afford to bring him back, if his knee is toast we won’t want to bring him back. Perine is the Devonta Freeman to Gurleys Steven Jackson. I don’t know if that makes sense, but we need to look for an all around RB to take over when Gurley leaves. As much as i like Hill/Ollison, i don’t think either has lead back ability. Round 7: Calvin Throckmorton OL Oregon - a guy we’ve met with at the shrine game i believe. We lost Schweitzer and Sambrailo this year, and after adding McCray as a depth replacement for Schweitzer, we need to add depth at tackle. I’ve seen Throckmorton ranked as high as 4th round to as low as undrafted, who knows.
  6. he seems to be the ideal fit at corner for DQ. tall, long arms, and fast. plus i don’t see us drafting a corner early with how much they’ve been talking up Sheffield and Oliver.
  7. i mean i get that, but why this wr? with Gage on the come up, we should’ve went with someone sure handed that can work inside and be a big contributor on special teams. i hope this is the change of scenery he needs, i just don’t see it.
  8. why tho?
  9. Simmons. easily. even though he won’t be there at 16. am i the only one who doesn’t see it with Chaisson? i’ve tried to like him, watched a lot of his games almost trying to talk myself into him. i just don’t think he’s going to be that good.
  10. i’d rather sign him to a more modest deal than to throw a ton of cash at Fowler. he have multiple holes to fill
  11. legit happy for him to have found a team that isn’t here. never lived up to what we wanted out of him, but he was a good dude.
  12. as much as i wouldn’t have wanted to give him that crazy contract, it still sucks that the realistic pass rusher market is drying up quick.
  13. boooooooooooooo dude is not worth a 2nd wtf
  14. the Eagles just declined the option on him and he will be a free agent. what do y’all think about him as a replacement for Campbell? he’s been a very productive veteran for that defense and i think he would be a clear upgrade over Campbell. only question for me would be how much money would he command vs how much money he would be worth. he’ll be 31 at the start of the season. what say you?
  15. after reading that TD passed on signing Roger Saffold in free agency last year because he wanted 2 guards (Carpenter/Brown) for the price of one good one, i lost all faith in his ability to address either line through free agency.