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  1. greg jennings was terrible. kept getting names wrong, like kept calling Ian Thomas Ian “Thompson,” seemed to keep starting sentences without knowing where he was going, just hoping he come up with some bs on the fly.
  2. superbowl ruined this teams psyche
  3. i cant even watch this team anymore man.
  4. i mean i can only laugh at this point. maybe sark needs to start drinking again. i know i do
  5. this offense is a ****ing embarrassment
  6. here's to another season of FGs
  7. lol sorry I didn't mean to bum anyone out, I'm really excited about the pick. He reminds me of Nnamdi when he was in Oakland, the Raiders knew that he was strictly a press cover guy so they stuck him there didn't move him and he was best cover guy in the league for a couple years. Nnamdi goes to philly where they try to use him inside, try to use him in zone and it exposed his weaknesses. To me that's the benefit of having a coach that knows exactly what type of players he needs and knows how to find them in the draft. A lot of teams don't have a specific identity and they overrate certain players based off of positional versatility simply because they want a guy that play in multiple schemes. DQ is so dialed in on what he wants and he has the full support from the front office that when a player of Olivers skill level is sitting there at #58 he doesn't over think it and he gets the best guy for the job.
  8. well he isn't exactly a scheme diverse player. he only does one thing, but he does it well. he is pretty much tailor made for this system and if you don't run a system like this one it's hard to justify spending a top pick on him. He doesn't have the short area quickness and feet to play inside or at safety. Struggles in zone coverage and he hasn't really shown that he can have value on special teams whether covering kicks or returning them. Luckily for us we don't need him to do any of that **** so we get the best man cover guy in the draft in the 2nd round. Pretty great
  9. shorter Sean Smith
  10. off topic but I can't stand that Arizonas new slogan is Rise Up Red Sea. im kind of over us using rise up all the time anyways but could you be any less original