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  1. Ok, I normally stay out of here because of craziness that goes on in this forum but I can't help but to put my .02 in this thread. The D'quell Jackson deal only has 19 million worth of guaranteed money in it. Yeah that is a lot for a Mike backer which isn't exactly at the top of the positional value totem pole, but it's also not a bank-breaking deal. Lofton is the leader of this defense. Yes, the Falcons haven't had an elite defense in a long time but that isn't Lofton's fault. He has basically made our run defense the respectable unit it is without a lot of help. Van Gorder keeping him chained to his college-grade defensive schemes is the only thing keeping him from being elite. Even now, Lofton is top 5 Mike in the NFL and you have to keep that young talent. It's not like the Falcons are hurting in the salary cap department, and even then there are NUMEROUS ways to get around the cap. It's a far cry from the life and death struggle a lot of posters act like it is on here. About Dent. He is a completely unproven commodity. He is a 3rd round linebacker that has played on special teams and some of you expect him to just take Lofton's place? That is simply absurd. The chances that Dent can come in and be one of the best Mikes in the NFL are VERY slim. Even if Dent was everything some of you imagine him to be, we would have nothing behind him for depth. The Falcons have to resign Lofton. You can't turn away good young talent like that just because you afraid to pay him. If the Falcons can get him for 6-8 million a year(which is ******** to even say because deals are never spread out like that) then they need to do it. Also, a lot of you need to stop with the Mario Williams crap already. Go take a cold shower or something. If it happens then be happy, but for now please stop fapping.
  2. I don't think Davis will be on the outside looking in. That will be Lawerence Sidbury JR.
  3. I watched him very closely during the Dolphins game and I came away very pleased in what I saw from the 7th rounder from South Carolina. He has tremendous hand speed and placement for a late draft pick. Time and time again I saw Matthews keep himself clean from an OT by slapping away his hands. This is something a lot of DEs have trouble with (Lawerence Sidbury) and it's very good sign for the young DE. He got close to the QB on a couple of occasions getting there once for 1 sack and was even a factor on running plays. It was a great showing for such a young player. Now am I saying he is a star and saying "ZOMG!!! START HIM!"? No, I am not. But, what I will say is that Cliff Matthews has a very strong and intriguing skill set out of the box. If Matthews wants to be great, if he wants to get better at his craft, then watch out. Because we may look back on this draft and highlight the fact that Matthews was just a 7th round draft pick.
  4. I haven't been able to go to any of the practices. Has there been any news on Lawerence Sidbury?
  5. So are you taking donations now? I don't post as often as I used to but I'll def make an appearance to donate to the Hickry Stick!
  6. He would probably want to much money. Besides, he has really lost a couple of steps and has character concerns.
  7. I'd be fine with letting Trey Lewis go. Jonathon Babeneaux Brandon Mebane/ Barry Cofield/ Mike Patterson Corey Peters Periah Jerry Vance Walker That is a 5 man rotation that can stand up against anybody. Oh and everyone has injury concerns, superman doesn't exist. Assuming Jerry is going to come back wrecking people is reckless.
  8. I've always felt uneasy about our DT spot. Corey Peters played decently as a rookie but he appears to be physically limited. Peria Jerry might have a bounce back year from his knee injury, but he could just as likely flop. Vance Walker is a rotational role player who rarely makes any plays. Point is, I think the defense could really benefit from a couple of guys that won't break the bank and will add a lot of talent to the DT spot. DT Brandon Mebane The guy is young(26 years old) and is a solid 3-technique. Don't bother checking his stats, he doesn't get many sacks, but he does blow up plays in the backfield. He won't break the bank and can be paired with Babs for a very talented 3-tech combination. DT Mike Patterson Right now no one knows if this guy is going to be a free agent or not. It depends on how the CBA goes down. He is another 4-3 DT that can get to the QB and stop the run. The thing with Patterson though is that he can get to the QB and seal the deal. The Eagles will probably let him go if he is a FA. Barry Cofield Of the players mentioned, Barry Cofield will probably command the most money. It wouldn't be a waste though, he is a do-everything DT. He can play the run well and he has the speed to beat guards. There are a few more, but these three match my criteria for a young player(around 26) with a lot of talent. I know some people feel like our DT spot is solid, but I think it could really improve with the addition of one of these guys. Just think if we acquired Ray Edwards and one of the above. John Abraham/ Brandon Mebane/ USS Babineux/ Ray Edwards That starting line with guys like Jerry, Peters, and Kroy rotating in and out would be just ridiculous.
  9. I agree with this. It's either get bootlegs and buy my season tickets, or buy an expensive *** real jersey and watch it on my tv. I think they had rather me be at the games.
  10. The Falcons will go after Ray Edwards. I doubt Mathias or Charles Johnson leave their teams. Especially Charles Johnson. The dude isn't leaving Carolina.
  11. 192. P/K Matt Bosher, Miami I'm still scratching my head here. What is this guy going to do? Matt Bryant was great last year and we have Koenan who is a solid punter(though a UFA). I'll have to see how this pans out, but I'm not sure where this came from unless they think Koenan will want to much and Bryant is old. Grade: C 209. T/G Andrew Jackson, Fresno State I love this pick. Jackson could've went in the late 3rd and no one would balked at the pick. Jackson could play RT or move inside to Guard. This is the classic Falcons o-line player who can play multiple positions. Solid depth that may start someday. Grade: A 230. DE Cliff Matthews, South Carolina Another pick that I love. I had no idea this guy was still available when the Falcons picked him. He is a solid DE who again, could be picked in a much earlier round without shock. He is a high-motor, high-character guy who can add more to his frame. He can push or subplant Sidbury who has yet to have panned out. Great Great pick. Grade: A Overall this draft was a wild one for the Falcons. Of course it's success will completely depend on Julio Jones. Though I think they did do a good job getting value when it was available. My biggest gripe with this draft is Akeem Dent, they really needed to go with more value there. Don't get me wrong I love Dent, but I think they reached. If the Falcons go out and grab Ray Edwards in free agency as widely reported this draft grade gets bumped a letter. Overall Grade:B
  12. 6. WR Julio Jones, Alabama The Falcons needed a playmaker on the offense and they made the move they needed to get their guy. Yes they gave up a lot, but now the Falcons offense is at an elite level. Teams can't simply slide one safety over to Roddy and drop the other in the box to stop Turner. Julio Jones is a perfect fit, plus this will push Roddy to stay on top. BUT if Jones flop this can really hurt the Falcons. Grade:B 89. LB Akeem Dent, UGA I'm not crazy about this pick. Dent is a MLB who is only a two down guy. I think the Falcons drafted him to replace Mike Peterson but I'm not sure Dent can cover like Peterson. The Falcons are reporting that someone wanted to trade up for this pick to take Dent but they wanted him more than the trade back. So I guess the want was out there, still he is a special teamer for the next few seasons. Grade: C 145. RB Quizz Rodgers, Oregon State My favorite pick of our draft. Quizz is perfect for our offense. If we lose Jason Snelling, we can use Quizz as our 3rd down guy who can move the chains. I cannot stress enough how important that is to their offense. Time after time our runningback on 3rd will chip someone and then go out for a pass. This will be Quizz's best spot. I cannot WAIT to see this tiny titan in a Falcons jersey. Especially because the defense will get soft seeing Turner replaced by this diminutive demon. Grade: A
  13. I had them crossed to. Maybe he drops to the 5th? wishful thinking..
  14. Is it ok if I post this on the Georgia Outdoor Network forum and Walterfootball? I'm not going to take credit I'm just going to flaunt our pick haha.
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