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  1. maybe we'll finally start winning some games.
  2. seems like the braves are FINALLY starting to see some breaks. braves are so wildly inconsistent
  3. agree on this. hes also been the most consistent. heywards power numbers this year may be lowest in his career so far..but hes OBP has been solid.
  4. another disappointing loss. we can blame whoever we want but the fact of the matter is we're 5 out now and 1 game over .500 O.o not like the braves...
  5. time for some payback...****in puig...
  6. wonder how full the stadium would be if this game wasn't delayed. there's still a decent crowd there.
  7. looks like they are and the outfield in turner field is pretty empty
  8. are they really still planning on playing tonight? this is gonna be a late game.
  9. Seems like we're in a little bit of a slump but I'm sure they'll come out of it. There's a reason their record is what it is now.
  10. heyward did some nice baserunning tonight on that dive back to third.
  11. watching the mets lose in the bottom of the 9th is glorious, lol
  12. Walden better not **** this up
  13. braves are hard to watch nowadays. its up down up down..
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