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  1. Please dumb dumb entertain me and tell me why Ryan and Flacco are better then Russell. P.S. I promise not to vote if you promise to never ever everrrrrrrrr Reproduce.
  2. Why do you need to ban the sale one day?
  3. Really not trying to be a *** I got you now though.
  4. Its funny you can't mention any QB on here without some of you thinking the poster is attacking Ryan
  5. :lol: Just last week people were thanking god for grimes now your turning on him Grimes is a baller he was out matched by a great wide Receiver. It happens every Sunday on every football field theirs always someone better than you.Gotta love TATF's
  6. 99% of the Vick Threads are started by people who hate Vick. Lots of the users on here have 2nd accounts and troll around starting dumb threads to piss people off.
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