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  1. Talent has never been the problem with Dallas. Actually very similar to Atlanta. Decent talent on both sides of the ball, good to great weapons, competent QB's....terrible head coaches. Mike McCarthy is hot garbage
  2. Even for those who don’t like Ryan, you have to admit the thought of having him plus 5-7 additional draft picks is still enticing
  3. I like the result. But I’m going to still give you crap for saying we got the “74rd overall pick” from Denver 🤪
  4. Good grief guys...someone makes a Happy Easter thread and someone has to be a Karen about it...wow
  5. No they wouldn’t. Unless Matt had a monster year and the team went to the SB
  6. None of these QB’s coming in can just “carry the team” either. The primary problem with most football fans is their expectations of a quarterback in general are very unrealistic
  7. I agree with this post however I think prospects that are underdeveloped can benefit from the bench and practice. For instance, throwing a player like Trey Lance to the wolves probably isn’t going to be good for him
  8. You made a "I would draft Justin Fields thread 4 hours ago." We don't need another one
  9. It’s just not something I worry about man. It’s one thing if you want a new QB. But it’s another if you think a QB should be drafted at 4 because you are worried about Ryan’s health. It’s honestly a non-issue man.
  10. Why do you have that line of thinking though man? Ryan doesn’t get hurt. His style of play is very play it safe. He’s proven that he’s very likely to give you 16 games every year.
  11. Jackson isn’t actually a bad passer. He’s got some serious zip. It’s just an odd looking wind up or essentially not very “pretty” looking. His release isn’t quick. But he can sling that ball. He needs a receiver to stretch the defense. Ravens are pretty one dimensional.
  12. Haha well that’s what you do homie. Not surprised at all
  13. Yes it does. But so does style. Russ's style is flashy and fun to watch. But it's flawed. Same with Ben Simmons. Give me Steph or Dame all day for my point guards.
  14. If you actually read my posts, you would know that I actually said I'd prefer to take Lance if the Falcons were definitely getting a QB. Our argument here is Lance compared to Pitts, Sewell, and Surtain. But you're taking it to trying to prove to me that Lance is good period. I never said he wasn't.
  15. I think Lance can be legit for sure. I'm not saying he's a bust. I simply said Kyle Pitts, Sewell, and Surtain were better at their positions than him right now....and when you counter that with "30 TD's and 1 interception", you're going to lose me.
  16. Wilkins never won an NBA championship. Because being a spectacular dunker doesn't get you there. There's a reason Russell Westbrook keeps changing teams and losing every year. Talent and athleticism isn't everything.
  17. Dude...Trey Lance plays for North Dakota State. Most NFL prospects would tear it up in the exact same situation as him. Stop staring at the stats and look at the big picture. He's got ONE season of experience, for a program that faces literally NO real competition.
  18. That's just it. Pitts, Sewell, and Surtain seem like generational talents to me. Maybe not to others. But to me, yes. And I do NOT see Lance, or even Jones, or Wilson as generational talents. I see them as QB prospects with very high upside. But that's what I meant when I say in the top 10-15, you should ignore the BPA mindset and go with what makes the most sense. For instance, Sewell is probably the best overall player (outside of Lawrence) in this draft. If you're the Jets, you have to take Wilson or Fields, no question.
  19. That's a huge over exaggeration. Most Falcons fans LIKE Ryan, they don't LOVE him. I like Ryan. But to suggest I'm head over heals in love with him is nonsense. I would trade him tomorrow for a handful of active QB's.
  20. Happy Birthday man. You've certainly become quite the good poster over the last couple years.
  21. I think BPA shouldn't be considered when it's a top 10 pick. All players in the top 10-15 should be instant impact players. You go with what makes the most sense for your team. Now, round 2 and after? BPA all the way
  22. Because half the fanbase hates Ryan. A new QB would get them excited without question
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