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  1. I think Jenkins is a solid player that can contribute. He shouldn't be off the team, but we could do better at the #2 spot.
  2. Jason Elam is done, he needs to go
  3. Usually, you have a good input. I don't agree with "Elite." I agree with this post if you said something like "We are really close to being really good, but we are just solid, but not great."
  4. If Elam wouldn't have missed the field goal, I would have been shocked! Honestly, I knew he was going to miss that, I just had this weird feeling...
  5. All those guys would be better than what we have now. Newman will probably get franchised though. We are gonna have to make a trade or draft a corner in the first round.
  6. When Dan Reeves benched the secondary in 2003, that was genius! Our defense needs to realize they need to step up NOW! And when our defense is at its worst, what's better than giving some HUNGRY players a shot. We were all surprised by Todd Mcbride, Juran Bolden, and Bryan Scott when they replaced Keion Carpenter, Ray Buchanan, and Tyrone Williams. Bench Houston, Grimes, and Coleman and give Chris Owens, Chevis Jackson, and Antoine Harris shots. These guys on paper obviously aren't any better, but we won't know for sure until we see them in action. And I bet they are hungry for their shot on t
  7. As well thought out that this is, I disagree that Ryan is caught up in the heat of the moment. I agree that the offensive line is good, probably the most underrated in the NFL. We have a talented offense but we have a quarterback who is in the middle of his second season. That fact alone right there says that Ryan is obviously learning. Benching him while we are fighting for a playoff spot is bad. Even if Ryan screws up and we miss the playoffs, this is a learning experience for him. Honestly, our fans just have too high expectations for whatever reason. Every year our fans expect our QB wheth
  8. That would certainly be fun, but we need to spend big money on a defensive player this offseason, not on a wide receiver.
  9. This is a desperation game for us, who knows whats going to happen...
  10. I agree that your team is the better team, and I agree why you are 10 point favorites, but there is a reason why they play the games, and the Saints are going to lose eventually...
  11. Honestly, The only way we can win this game is keep the ball out the hands of Drew Brees. We MUST control the game clock, Michael Turner needs to have a 28 carry, 160 yard game with 3 touchdowns. That will open up the pass game and our offense would become unstoppable. If we can do that, we have a legitimate shot to win the game by 3 points or so. If we don't get our running game going, we will lose by 3 touchdowns.
  12. I agree, we have a second year QB, and he still looked better than a rookie yesterday against a mean pass rush. In 5 years, Matt Ryan can be on a MVP level and this team could be the next Colts over the next decade.
  13. I'll give you that Hall was good in 2005, but he was not GREAT! Not even close. He was extremely overhyped and overrated due to stats. But he got burned A LOT. He sucks at pressing, he has no man coverage skills, he can't tackle. He was just a lot better than the other corners on our team which really isn't saying much. (Jason Webster, Aaron Beasley, Kevin Mathis) He was never up to the standards of Champ Bailey, Ronde Barber, Chris McCalister, or Rashean Mathis. Those guys were GREAT in those seasons.
  14. I agree, our pass defense looks as horrifying as it did in 2003. And what did Dan Reeves do? He benched the whole secondary, and gave people like Juran Bolden, Todd Mcbride, and Bryan Scott opportunities, they were hungry and starving for a shot. That's what we may need to do now. Except for Decoud, he has earned his spot, but everyone else needs to know they are on the hot seat.
  15. Our last great corner was Ray Buchanan. Deangelo Hall was so overrated. People on this board were in love with him it was actually very funny. Hall was never a shutdown corner, he was a crybaby that didn't make plays. If you look at his 6 int season, watch the highlights, almost EVERY pick he made was "right place right time." He didn't cause turnovers, he just happened to be there on a bad pass or misread by the QB. The only performance I ever really applauded him for was the Eagles opener in 2005.
  16. I think that was last season, and what was last season has no relevance to this year at all.
  17. Monday Morning Message Boards....amazing
  18. With all do respect, your team is on fire, but there is ALOT of season left...
  19. That would be great, but I'm honestly worried about this game. What benefits us is that this could have been a desperation game for Dallas had the Giants and Eagles won, but all 3 NFC east teams lost so that leaves them some breathing room. But they are coming off a bye, they are healthy, they have probably studied us up and down, and this is of course on the road, if we win this game, we either prove that Dallas is overrated, or that we for real.
  20. You say the we weren't the same team before the bye week and we look out of sync. Well Dallas just had their bye week and they have looked out of sync as well, you think maybe they might come out "rested" and "prepared" and have "worked out their kinks"????
  21. 12-4 and beat the saints in the playoffs, but lose to them twice in the season??
  22. That curse was broken last year when we didn't win the division.
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