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  1. I had to post this mock for how absurd it was. Lol
  2. I'm not a fan of everything south of Harris. However, getting Pitts and Harris would be sooooooo ridiculous that the rest probably wouldn't matter. Lol
  3. I know, I know. It'll get poorly reviewed by some on here unfortunately because there isn't a QB and RB's in the 1st round are asking for failure apparently....lol
  4. @Sponge...and the plot thickens...you need to know something. @Negative-Nancy.....and @HolyMoses....are actually...the SAME ******* person!!!
  5. Most QB’s don’t live up to their hype. And this particular class is the most hyped since Luck and RG3. Out of these 5 QB’s, yes, they all have “upside” but ALL of them, yes all of them, including Lawrence, are way overhyped. Out of the 5, it’s very likely only 2, maybe less, will actually have HOF careers.
  6. Prove how that “scared” Rodgers into an MVP year...please enlighten us
  7. 1. You don’t know that. 2. The Packers went to the NFCCG in 2019, lost, drafted Love, and went to the NFCCG again in 2020, and lost again. Your argument doesn't actually prove that drafting Love was the right decision.
  8. I just don't see it man. You're right. Logistically it just isn't there. What I think will happen in terms of likeliest scenario: 1. Stay at 4 and draft Pitts 2. Trade down and draft Surtain, Parsons, or even Najee if the trade down is deep 3. Stay at 4 and draft Fields/Lance
  9. Yea I mean, I know Brady picked them apart. But you have to look at the overall body of work. What got them to that game? Foles? Or the defense? Pretty obvious
  10. Yes...the Eagles defense clearly was the reason they went to the SB in the first place. They were ranked 4th in the league that year in both points AND yards allowed. They held the Falcons to 10 points, and the Vikings the very next week to just 7 points. That defense ABSOULTELY carried Nick Foles.
  11. I get it. And our defense did get hot in the last 6 weeks of that year (playoffs included)....which if anything, supports my argument. If the Falcons want to win a championship in the next 3-4 years, stacking as much talent as possible is the right thing to do. Not drafting a QB to sit on the bench. I feel like drafting Fields or Lance is basically waving the white flag. Just dump Ryan and Julio at that point.
  12. And like all race related football topics on TATF....this one got too heated and is done.
  13. SB winners over the last 10 years: 2011: Giants elite defensive line beats Patriots with the MVP at QB 2012: Ravens beat 49ers, 2 great defensive teams 2013: Seahawks elite defense beats historically great Broncos with MVP at QB 2014: Patriots defeat elite LOB of Seahawks with a defensive play to seal the game... 2015: Broncos elite defense defeats Panthers who also had a top 5 defense themselves AND had the MVP at QB 2016: Patriots beat Falcons whose lack of defense cost them the game... 2017: Eagles defense carries Nick Foles and defeats the Patriots 2
  14. I disagree. Defense is definitely necessary. The Bucs defense just won them the SB. The year before? The 49ers defense carried them that entire season all the way to the big game. Russell Wilson hasn't even been to the conference championship since the Legion of Boom aged. And he had some talent around him on offense last year. It didn't matter. Defense is still very critical.
  15. Once we actually crossbred a bulldog with a shih tzu...yea, we called it a bullshit
  16. Nice set of hooters you got there....the owls....they're beautiful.
  17. You gotta wonder how many takes that took...it would be so hard to not just burst into laughter. Just the entire concept. Getting strangled, and complaining about the freezing hands, the high pitched voice, just comedy gold.
  18. LOL, love that movie, and that part in particular. That John Denver's full of **** man...
  19. I've said all along that if Font and Smith really want Fields....then get him. I just would be annoyed with not investing in Fields now and making him sit on the bench.
  20. San Francisco did in fact trade 3 first round picks for the 3rd overall pick.
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