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  1. Yes but now that you know the game I'm assuming, it shouldn't matter.
  2. Actually he does care about the message board and the content that’s on it. This board is owned by the Falcons organization.
  3. Just delivered to them. Font responded. Said thank you. Only one other time he’s had a laugh like that. It was when I sent him @Draftnut57’s threads on Brian Hill
  4. Funny, Denver and New England are both at Trey Lance's pro day today...and so are the Falcons. If they want him, they have to come get him. Because he isn't falling to them.
  5. You should make the thread title “Broncos HAVE reached out to ATL”
  6. This report says the Broncos HAVE reached out...so...nobody knows nuthin https://www.si.com/nfl/broncos/news/broncos-falcons-draft-trade-trey-lance-justin-fields-rumors?fbclid=IwAR3nj5QWk_SfDyNmFazOMvkyw2jBsCD7huxLe7BkyHWd0bqJep4bRSi4TMA
  7. You want to talk about regurgitation? How many Justin Fields threads are made in TATF a day? And he doesn’t even play for the falcons
  8. We need to send this to Font. We will almost certainly have our QB of the future with this draft. And that’s all we need
  9. I happen to like their secondary. Big fan of their unit....
  10. I had to post this mock for how absurd it was. Lol
  11. I'm not a fan of everything south of Harris. However, getting Pitts and Harris would be sooooooo ridiculous that the rest probably wouldn't matter. Lol
  12. I know, I know. It'll get poorly reviewed by some on here unfortunately because there isn't a QB and RB's in the 1st round are asking for failure apparently....lol
  13. @Sponge...and the plot thickens...you need to know something. @Negative-Nancy.....and @HolyMoses....are actually...the SAME ******* person!!!
  14. Most QB’s don’t live up to their hype. And this particular class is the most hyped since Luck and RG3. Out of these 5 QB’s, yes, they all have “upside” but ALL of them, yes all of them, including Lawrence, are way overhyped. Out of the 5, it’s very likely only 2, maybe less, will actually have HOF careers.
  15. Prove how that “scared” Rodgers into an MVP year...please enlighten us
  16. 1. You don’t know that. 2. The Packers went to the NFCCG in 2019, lost, drafted Love, and went to the NFCCG again in 2020, and lost again. Your argument doesn't actually prove that drafting Love was the right decision.
  17. I just don't see it man. You're right. Logistically it just isn't there. What I think will happen in terms of likeliest scenario: 1. Stay at 4 and draft Pitts 2. Trade down and draft Surtain, Parsons, or even Najee if the trade down is deep 3. Stay at 4 and draft Fields/Lance
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