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  1. Yeah it’ll be like game day. Emotions run high. We typically let most stuff go. It’s when someone won’t stop after being told to stop or severely crosses the line, we gotta act
  2. Either is great. If the trade isn’t worth it, Pitts is a great pick.
  3. @Rings, please remember to lock the thread tomorrow. 🙃
  4. Julio on the team this upcoming season is more valuable than a 2nd round pick you’d get for him. Plain and simple
  5. It’s definitely not ideal, it’s why he’s a 2nd round prospect. I just like his ball instincts. I love turnovers
  6. I didn’t say he was the best, just said he was my favorite. I think he’ll be a stud. He’s had to go up against elite players his entire college career. Including practice with his own teammates.
  7. Maybe...Pitts would probably get whatever number he wants though. Patterson simply just isn’t big enough of a player. It’s like wearing #21 on the falcons. You better step it up.
  8. If you trade back into the late teens or early 20’s. I’m firmly on the Najee Harris train
  9. The thing about Parsons is he isn’t just an OLB. He’s a football player. Kid can cover, blitz, pass rush, do whatever you need him to. He potentially can instantly upgrade this defense
  10. I love me some Parsons. I was banging the table for him in January. A couple people actually argued with me that we didn’t need a linebacker and it was the dumbest pick lol. Parsons would be awesome. But I also think Surtain and Terrell would be something sick. Check out my response from this thread in early Feb
  11. I like both players a lot. Really wouldn’t complain about either. Surtain is probably my favorite player on the draft though
  12. I would love the trade if it happened. But I also think the pick at 9 would be Surtain, not Parsons. Just a prediction
  13. I just laughed at the thought of a GM who would do this. Like, he’s got 1 guy. The guy gets taken...and he’s like well ****...now what do I do??? Lol
  14. And then when Fields gets drafted by San Fran, do you crinkle the piece of paper and just go home? Lol
  15. I suppose...I think people just need to see football players, not try to overanalyze a linebacker vs a safety.
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