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  1. Well the difference of your examples matters. For instance, Schaub and Kaepernick were not top 5 draft picks let alone 1st round picks. I completely support the idea of drafting a QB at Ryan’s age in mid rounds. However, Mahomes was a trade up because the Chiefs knew Smith wasn’t the guy. That’s different. And for the fans who were begging for a QB at 4 to sit behind Ryan for 2 years were never going to get that wish. You don’t draft somebody with the 4th overall pick to sit on the bench. That needs to be an impact player immediately...like Kyle Pitts. But I at least understood somewhat the on
  2. That’s kinda the only example though that’s ever actually paid off. Most of the time, it doesn’t work. It’s not working for Rodgers now who is basically publicly saying he wants out. The Patriots had Jimmy G and Brady handcuffed the owner into making Belichick trade him away.
  3. Yup. The last time Ryan had this many people doubting him was when Koetter was fired and we entered Shanny’s first season 🤨
  4. I think it's one game that simply just didn't go well. It happens.
  5. Julio also wasn’t apart of the new uniform launch last year. He wasn’t traded. Now, I don’t think it’s a certainty on either side though. I do think it’s possible. Just really not sure
  6. This is only half right. I’ll give you Shanahan but Arthur Smith clearly knows today’s game offensively. And for those that think Derrick Henry is the reason for his success...that’s just silly. Derrick Henry wasn’t Derrick Henry before Smith. And Julio was probably better in 2016 than he is today. I’ll give you that. But Matt is basically the same. And the defense wasn’t better in 2016 than it is today.
  7. Dude doesn’t have the slightest clue on who Richie Grant is.
  8. Not sure, maybe this summer. Wish I had an answer
  9. I'll get a Pitts jersey. But I want to wait for the Limited vapors to come out.
  10. Why do I feel like if this team won the Super Bowl, you’d be like, “I mean I’m glad...but **** Matt Ryan...”
  11. The sad thing is that we have fans that hate Ryan so much that if Font signed Fitzpatrick, there would be people actually calling for him to start
  12. Actually never knew that rule. Thanks for explaining
  13. I was here for that. And that was horrible. Definitely worst of all time for AFMB
  14. I don’t think he’s referring to you or G-dawg.
  15. I remember being called delusional and in denial...I remember being called a Ryanite. I remember being accused of running an echo chamber here that only allowed Matt Ryan fans.
  16. You gave it to me...and VT. Also told me being a mod sucks. So naturally, I keep making more
  17. Neutered. Straight up. You would hate it hahaha
  18. That AFMB vet himself, @ya_boi_j is joining the moderating team with @VTCrunkler, @Rings, and myself to assist us with TATF. Enjoy the draft tonight everyone!
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