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  1. 56 minutes ago, Slumerican said:

    It was just a figure of speech, but you know im not a fan of Ryan in the red zone.. We've left so many points on the field the past few years.. Imo, game winning points because imo he made bad throws or bad decisions 

    The last 3 years was also under Koetter.

    Look up the falcons win/loss record with Koetter as the OC and the red zone % success vs when he’s not the OC. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Faithful Falcon said:

    He may have hit those guys a couple of times. I understand that you guys get defensive about Ryan. The truth is that he's late on a bunch of deep passes. Some of it is protection, so of it is just him. Also, the man talking about the high point catches. I've heard Ryan talk about them during the 2012 season with Julio, Roddy, and Gonzalez. Although, I seldom see him throw those type of passes. He had a 6'8" TE, and most of the passes thrown to him were chest high.

    Nah man it’s not about defending Ryan. It’s a legit observation. Ryan’s stats on deep balls are actually some of the best in the league. His deep balls to Julio always just seem slightly off which is weird. It’s a combination of things.

    Like look at these 2 plays from last year:

    On the play to Zachaeus, it’s right on the money. On the Julio play, it’s slightly off. Happens all the time 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

    It's all good. I got mugged while in Atlanta. Went through a weird time after but wouldn't be where I am without it.

    Hard to say. I think they could've won the Super Bowl.

    Yea they kinda got hot right at the playoffs offensively. But they certainly looked very average to above average in the 2nd half of the season. Yea they were 13-3, but only 5-3 in the final 8 games 

  4. Just now, PriMeTiiMe said:

    Multiple reasons but here's a few:

    1) As good as Julio is, he has never been an elite high point WR. He is not going to moss people too often. Yes, Show me a gif of Luke Kuechly or whatever random DB got destroyed by Julio in the smoke fest. But outside of those 2, he has never been great at it. If you want to watch an elite high point WR go watch Deandre Hopkins.

    2) On top of the fact Julio is not great at that ^^, Ryan's fades are normally not on point to begin with

    3) Julio gets all the attention of apposing teams DBs and is more often than not doubled.

    4) Most of our OC coordinators have not exactly been the smartest tools in the shed outside of Shanny

    The strange thing about your 2nd point is that I feel like Ryan hits guys in stride all the time EXCEPT Julio. It's so bizarre. Like he'll toss a 50 yard dime to Zaccheus, Gabriel, or even Aldrick Robinson. But the timing with Julio always feels off. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

    I haven’t been the same fan since. Part of my fandom died that game.

    Now I know beyond the shadow of a doubt the Falcons will find a way to **** things up.

    This new HC and GM? Just another chapter in the same story.

    Many people share the same feelings man. 28-3 broke a lot of people. Me too. I just don't get up for the games like I used to. 

  6. 25 minutes ago, hjerry said:

    I really think that they don't know. It's why they keep saying that in the interviews. It's why they haven't touched his contract when it would have been easier to free up money there than any of the other ways that they did. They're not going to act like he'll be here next season, because they genuinely don't know. It's just part of doing business.

    Yea that makes sense 

  7. 1 minute ago, g-dawg said:

    yeah, I know there's a lot of doubters that Falcons are trading Julio Jones and laughing at the "Falcons are listening to offers" -   Falcons put out in the media that Julio is available and that's because he is available.   The story won't die because the team isn't interested in the story dying.  #smokefire

    This also doesn’t mean he’ll be traded though. It simply means they are dangling a carrot to see if someone will actually make a great offer at best. If the falcons had no choice financially with Julio, a deal would likely have already been done 

  8. 10 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Please, please, please keep the conversation about football only. No off field stuff. 

    For me personally, I would replace Van Note with Jamal Anderson, Humphrey with Abe. Andre Rison gets honorable mention


    These are always tough because the word “greatest” has so many definitions. Like are we going greatest players to ever play for the falcons? Or are we talking greatness due to longevity and production? Deion and Julio are easily the greatest players to ever play for the Falcons. You could add Tony G in there. But if you look at overall impact, I could understand why you would rank Ryan 1st

  9. 18 hours ago, Foo Falcons said:

    When listening to his interviews, he most definitely would have gone with Fields IMO. That's why Balnk moved on from him. He didn't have the wherewithal to continue success (or lack there of) meanwhile this new regime has that ability 

    I think Blank moved on because of 3 consecutive losing seasons...not because TD wanted to draft a QB

  10. 1 minute ago, theDIRTYcode said:

    That dude from Carolina that went whack on the girl in the hotel with all the guns too. Sack machine, but bat **** crazy. What happened to the good ole days of Lawrence Taylor just doing an 8 ball before the game....

    Greg Hardy...man I forgot about that guy. Just seeing that guy's face you could tell something was up with him. 

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