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  1. This also doesn’t mean he’ll be traded though. It simply means they are dangling a carrot to see if someone will actually make a great offer at best. If the falcons had no choice financially with Julio, a deal would likely have already been done
  2. Doesn’t actually bother me that much. My kids are up that early anyways lol
  3. These are always tough because the word “greatest” has so many definitions. Like are we going greatest players to ever play for the falcons? Or are we talking greatness due to longevity and production? Deion and Julio are easily the greatest players to ever play for the Falcons. You could add Tony G in there. But if you look at overall impact, I could understand why you would rank Ryan 1st
  4. Well, and if they do, Terry can simply echo Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction "Get the **** out my face with ****!!!"
  5. You don't remember @VTCrunkler's consolidated Ryan threads and consolidated Quinn threads? Haha
  6. I think Blank moved on because of 3 consecutive losing seasons...not because TD wanted to draft a QB
  7. Greg Hardy...man I forgot about that guy. Just seeing that guy's face you could tell something was up with him.
  8. Maybe...he was pretty flamboyant. But lots of players are. John Randall comes to mind. If they produce, it's usually embraced. If they don't, they are hated twice as much by the fans. For Takk, it was the latter.
  9. I think his name was birds_2005 or something. VT dropped a 30 day on him.
  10. I was so lucky to learn from you
  11. Now that’s hatred man...
  12. You’re like the master watching your students
  13. Well....we also cleaned the place up a little bit in the last couple years. You see the TATF thread over in rivals today? 🤣
  14. Nah, with active mods people tend to be better lol
  15. No bets. But I believe 3 suspensions
  16. But that sorta proves the point. Vick COULDN’T do it. It can’t really be done, by anyone. And in 2002, Vick’s defense was drastically underrated. Vick was the story of that season. But that defense played lights out. 47 sacks. Forced 5 turnovers plus a blocked punt against Green Bay in Lambeau. Allowed only 7 points. Vick gets all the credit, that defense won that game
  17. In my lifetime, I feel like I’ve seen it MAYBE 3 times. And all 3 are extremely debatable. Manning in 06, Brees in 09, and Rodgers in 10. Otherwise, no.
  18. That’s never been Ryan. Even in his MVP year. The problem with Ryan has never been Ryan. It’s been the perception of him. From the moment he got here, he was the franchise savior, the Vick replacement, a “franchise QB.” But the reality is, his game was always limited physically. He’s a good QB that can get the job done. But the fan base and franchise turned him into this superstar quarterback where expectations on him became unrealistic. Blank gave him FAT contracts, and fans started having expectations of him to be Rodgers, Manning, etc. it’s never been his game. Like rather than continue giv
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