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  1. The last 3 years was also under Koetter. Look up the falcons win/loss record with Koetter as the OC and the red zone % success vs when he’s not the OC.
  2. When someone says “anyone who follows the NFL to the smallest extent...” is going to lose me right away
  3. Nah man it’s not about defending Ryan. It’s a legit observation. Ryan’s stats on deep balls are actually some of the best in the league. His deep balls to Julio always just seem slightly off which is weird. It’s a combination of things. Like look at these 2 plays from last year: On the play to Zachaeus, it’s right on the money. On the Julio play, it’s slightly off. Happens all the time
  4. If I remember correctly, he had actually already broken his foot on a play or 2 before this happened. But he came back in refusing to go out
  5. Yea they kinda got hot right at the playoffs offensively. But they certainly looked very average to above average in the 2nd half of the season. Yea they were 13-3, but only 5-3 in the final 8 games
  6. The strange thing about your 2nd point is that I feel like Ryan hits guys in stride all the time EXCEPT Julio. It's so bizarre. Like he'll toss a 50 yard dime to Zaccheus, Gabriel, or even Aldrick Robinson. But the timing with Julio always feels off.
  7. Many people share the same feelings man. 28-3 broke a lot of people. Me too. I just don't get up for the games like I used to.
  8. Looking back, that was a weird team...probably one of the most overrated #1 seeds that I can think of.
  9. I would say 2013 because expectations were so high. When they lost to the Jets on Monday Night Football with Geno Smith having his career day....reality sunk in, this team is a legit bottom 4 team...
  10. This also doesn’t mean he’ll be traded though. It simply means they are dangling a carrot to see if someone will actually make a great offer at best. If the falcons had no choice financially with Julio, a deal would likely have already been done
  11. Doesn’t actually bother me that much. My kids are up that early anyways lol
  12. These are always tough because the word “greatest” has so many definitions. Like are we going greatest players to ever play for the falcons? Or are we talking greatness due to longevity and production? Deion and Julio are easily the greatest players to ever play for the Falcons. You could add Tony G in there. But if you look at overall impact, I could understand why you would rank Ryan 1st
  13. Well, and if they do, Terry can simply echo Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction "Get the **** out my face with ****!!!"
  14. You don't remember @VTCrunkler's consolidated Ryan threads and consolidated Quinn threads? Haha
  15. I think Blank moved on because of 3 consecutive losing seasons...not because TD wanted to draft a QB
  16. Greg Hardy...man I forgot about that guy. Just seeing that guy's face you could tell something was up with him.
  17. Maybe...he was pretty flamboyant. But lots of players are. John Randall comes to mind. If they produce, it's usually embraced. If they don't, they are hated twice as much by the fans. For Takk, it was the latter.
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