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  1. I’ve always used EA access on Xbox. But not this year. It’s fun if you want to play early though. Just make sure to cancel your ea access account immediately
  2. You woke the beast bro. This discussion with him is a dead issue.
  3. Congrats man! There’s nothing like it, enjoy every moment.
  4. I don’t need to bump this thread in 9 months to prove who was wrong. I don’t care that much
  5. Lame
  6. How? Explain to me how Beasley is on this roster next season and trufant is not. It literally makes no sense
  7. I think the team has likely already made up its mind that Beasley isn’t staying and Neal is likely the next big signing
  8. So who’s the available A+ GM the falcons should go hire since they’re such idiots?
  9. Bro, Grady Jackson?
  10. Exactly. And that’s also why it’s best that Beasley play very well. Cause if he does, he gets a bigger contract and we get a bigger comp pick
  11. He’s not a troll. But he is not insightful at all and simply just posts negative comment after negative comment. His sarcastic comments aren’t clever and instead just come off as very cynical and lame. See the “game worn gear” thread where his comment was essentially 2 shots fired at negative Falcon moments. Weren’t funny. Just eye rolling
  12. This is why I can’t agree that Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook is better than this place. This is family. Thanks for posting KOG, We are all right here @Tandy.
  13. I hope he has a career year in his contract year. Gives the Falcons a better comp pick because some team will sign him to fat contract. OR, the Falcons can franchise him and trade him for a 1st round pick. I doubt the latter happens. But the better Beasley plays, the better it is for the Falcons both short and long term
  14. Hope so my friend. Hope so.
  15. Just makes sense. The team clearly can’t invest in Beasley if they want to invest in Neal instead after paying Grady and Debo. And Trufant simply isn’t worth cutting after this season due to his contract. I would be very surprised if Beasley is retained or Trufant is cut
  16. Beasley is 100% gone after this season. No matter what. Trufant is 100% on this team after this season. No matter what.
  17. Our team is talented enough to beat anyone. If things go right them this division is ours
  18. This. And even just 10, and I wouldn’t care.
  19. I actually think it’s the opposite. I think fans treat Takk as if he’s a great player. And I think the reason for that is his attitude and polarizing behavior. And on the other hand, everyone hates Beasley despite the fact that both of them have very similar stats. Not saying that Takk is bad by any means. I just think the board may be overrating him a little bit in terms of his actual play on the field
  20. That’s just not right...
  21. We should sit back and relax. TD has never gotten us in cap heII. We should trust him
  22. Oh man, this has been a great week
  23. Would you agree that Goff has had more success though? Jimmy may have a higher ceiling, but he hasn’t proven that he’s a better player than Goff...yet