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  1. I don’t think he has too…it’s even worse on Twitter, FB groups, and Reddit.
  2. Ok if this team actually beats the Panthers, Saints, and Cowboys, this fanbase won't be "whispering" playoffs. They will be bought in.
  3. I didn't say she was my type either. And I get your point on the social world...but that's also a problem. My point is, she's not an ugly woman, at all.
  4. Lol dude that’s shallow as hell. She’s definitely “pretty”. It’s fine if you don’t think she’s hot or sexy. But you’re straight up acting like she’s ugly.
  5. Well good thing this thread wasn’t about Lance. Lol
  6. It’s not really a shock. He got the best coach by far as well as he had easily the highest floor of the rookie QB’s but also easily the lowest ceiling
  7. You’re 100% right but it’s because of Ryan’s contract that they treat him that way
  8. So are we…and he looked terrible on OUR defense…
  9. I bet even his friends on RC are roasting him right now
  10. This is about Wilson. Not Fields. I like Fields too. Always hated Wilson
  11. Oh no, there were a handful on here gushing over him all of last season.
  12. Career yards is all he has? What about an MVP? Or rookie of the year? Or the fact that he’s only missed 3 games in 14 years? Super Bowl isn’t all or nothing. There’s more to it.
  13. Yea, Vermeil is played by Dennis Quaid and he looks like “the good guy” that gives Warner his shot. Martz looks like “the bad guy” who has zero faith in Warner
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