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  1. Why? Harbaugh consistently is successful almost immediately everywhere he goes. It only lasts for about 3-4 years is his downfall. But Ryan has about 4-5 years left. Harbaugh seems a good candidate to try and get a championship out of this core of players
  2. He’s offensive. He played QB. The weird thing though is that he’s never been a coordinator in his football career
  3. Harbaugh instills toughness in his teams. He has everyone play aggressive. And his resume with the 49ers is actually impressive. 3 straight NFCCG appearances with Alex smith and Colin Kaepernick is pretty impressive
  4. 51-50 Falcons. Goff throws for 7 TD’s all to Kupp. That’d be a good day for you
  5. Running game feels like it could be there. Seems like they are arbitrarily deciding to avoid it. May cost Freeman his role with the team
  6. I didn’t think he would perform THAT well statistically even. If the team finishes with a top 5 draft pick with Ryan throwing 40 touchdowns, that’d be insane
  7. Bro, you missed my point. Ryan is on pace for career highs in yards and TD’s, 5300 yards, and 40 TD’s....and his team is 1-5, I’ve never seen anything like that. Have you?
  8. Has Brees done that with his team going 3-13?
  9. We could win tomorrow. Not expecting to. But it’s gonna be closer than people think
  10. Matty is on pace for 5300 passing yards and 40 touchdowns. And his team is 1-5. I’ve never seen anything like it man.... Look at it like this, the Redskins are 1-5, so are the Falcons. The Redskins are 10 point dogs to San Fran tomorrow. The Falcons are only 3 point dogs to the defending NFC champs. This is one of the weirdest seasons
  11. Would you really care if the falcons were accused of cheating? I wouldn’t. The saints and patriots fans certainly don’t
  12. Nah, it’s called being stubborn. Plenty of guys on this board like that. 2012 is like that. He ain’t a troll. But he’s stubborn as hell
  13. I don’t think he’s trolling. I think he’s literally incapable of providing a good explanation of what he really means
  14. 1. When Ridley has to be resigned, Julio will be 34 years old. You have no idea what type of player Julio will be at that age 2. You can “wonder” all you want but you don’t have proof that Ryan ever spoke with anyone in upper management about what the team needs. That logic is insane dude. Thats like saying “I wonder if my wife cheated on me....I better divorce her.” Who the hell thinks like that? 3. The only thing we KNOW, is that Ryan’s job is to play QB for the falcons, NOT run the franchise.
  15. Again, zero sense. You are blaming Ryan for Blank, TD, and Quinn’s faults. Ryan’s job is to play quarterback. He does that well. A strong defense is 100% up to the front office. You saying that Ryan has “allowed” the situation to be created is where you’re wrong. Ryan is the QB. He’s an employee of the franchise. What you are blaming Ryan for should actually be on Blank. Ryan does his job well. Quinn doesn’t.
  16. I really don’t understand your perspective though. Your reasoning behind not liking Ryan doesn’t make sense
  17. This post has zero logic to it
  18. Yea, it’s so bad. The most average players in the league are completely burning him
  19. Campbell has higher expectations making it seem like he’s worse. But he’s not
  20. Nobody has really talked about him much. But Kemal Ishmael might be the worst starter in the NFL right now...at any position. He is terrible
  21. MNF

    Interesting...I need to remember this for next season. I have directv but never watch anything on it. I keep it strictly for Sunday ticket every year
  22. MNF

    You have to also be located out of network area for directv in order to purchase the streaming service
  23. Come on man. This team got to the super bowl with an elite offense. They can do that again. They are a running back and great offensive coach away