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  1. He was bad for about half a season in 2018. That's about it. He was fine in 2017 but people were overly critical of him IMO.
  2. Honestly, I'd trade a 1st round pick for him. And then let him walk after this season and collect the comp pick. Yea, we lose a 1st round pick. But like many on here point out, we don't have any money anyways...
  3. @Iron Saint, “That wasn’t a mistake. If it was a mistake, they would’ve blown the whistle the second the ball hit the ground or before Jordan picked it up at the 12 yard line. Not when he’s at the 40 yard line returning it and there’s not a Ram in the frame. There wasn’t a single whistle blown until it was clear that it was going to be returned for a TD” Its still a mistake man. Just a bad one. You can’t possibly believe that the officials are conspiring against the Saints....come on bro
  4. I’ve always been a defender of Trufant. People who complain about stats on corners really just don’t get it. Trufant blankets his opponents. Did he struggle for a bit after his injury? Yes. But getting nicknames like “Toastfant” from posters here was ridiculous. He was never actually that bad. Alford on the other hand...
  5. Hahaha that's dark man.
  6. Something tells me that 90% of the guys in here are actually completely different in person
  7. Definitely not. And the argument I always throw at Saints fans is the call didn't actually "cost" them the game. Getting that call doesn't guarantee them victory. No matter what they say.
  8. Excellent post. Couldn't agree more.
  9. I mean, that'd be awesome. I just don't see it. But then again, what do I know? Lol
  10. The Falcons aren't going to put up 38 on the Colts defense. I think your kicker is going to cost you this game personally.
  11. The Falcons 2-14 record against Indy is irrelevant. So is Dan Quinn's record against the AFC.
  12. Falcons 23 Colts 17 Falcons move the ball but kick several field goals due to Indy's tight defense. Vinatieri misses a couple field goals and the game is out of reach for Indy in the 4th at 23-10. Colts get a garbage time TD late making the score look closer than the game actually is. Ultimately, the Colts lose due to the kicker.
  13. I mean I get it...that was one of the worst no-calls in the history of the game. Are the Saints fans being irrational? Sure. But honestly, ANY fan base would be reacting that way had this happened to them.
  14. Yea, I just mentioned above that it's definitely not blatant PI to overturn a call. But, it's surprising a flag didn't get thrown period.
  15. Yea I guess it's pretty 50-50. And I've always understood that plays don't get overturned unless it's clearly obvious. I guess I'm more surprised a flag didn't get thrown period rather than the no-call getting overturned.