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  1. They will be 2 very good games. Hope we are all healthy. We are reaching the end of Brees vs Ryan matchups. Those have always been the best
  2. Nobody is crowning anybody in here except you Saints fan boys.
  3. We’ll see what happens in December. See you then
  4. Don’t just look at the stats. Green Bay was 4-2 when you played them. They were missing Rodgers. Obviously you lucked out there. Don’t care what stats say, I see a beatable team. A good team for sure. But a beatable one
  5. I’ll crown the Saints if they beat us. Until then, I still think the Falcons have the higher ceiling. If both teams are at their best, Falcons win
  6. Saints have had an extremely easy schedule and escaped Aaron Rodgers. They are a good team and deserve props. But what I saw today is a team who can absolutely be beat. And I don’t care about their performance against the Bills, the Chargers just put up 54 on them
  7. I agree. There is no clear best team in the NFC to me. The falcons really do have the ability to get back to the super bowl. They’ve just gotta hit their stride. Dan Quinn has said himself that the falcons haven’t played their best ball yet and I agree. It’s clear that the saints, eagles, and rams have played their best ball. The falcons have been adjusting to new coordinators. Eventually, everything will start to click. This season is about to get very interesting
  8. I don’t think Cousins threw the ball to avoid a sack. It looked like a miscommunication between he and his receiver. Saints got VERY lucky there. It was the correct call, but extremely lucky. Also, I agree Cap. The redskins blew this game, they didn’t get screwed
  9. Ramsay is probably the best in the league right now. He’s likely the next Revis
  10. Pretty much. I rarely read stuff anymore like I used to. I also rarely watch sports shows. I used to read everything related to the falcons and watch shows like First Take (before it became Tebow based). I just don’t care anymore
  11. He didn’t bet that the falcons would win the division. He bet they would make the playoffs. Still very winnable.
  12. The team has been underdogs twice this season. That was against New England and Carolina. I didn’t see much extra motivation
  13. Vic has provided consistent pressure all season. He’s doing just fine