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  1. I personally haven’t seen that man. The only hate I ever see Takk get is related to his poor play on the field and his loud mouth on Twitter. If Takk did something like Hurst in this write up where he basically publicly shared his demons, do you really think he’d be ridiculed? I personally don’t think so. I know that many things have racial bias’s in them. And usually you make a good point. But I think you’re wrong here
  2. That’s also when I stopped reading
  3. 19 touchdowns? Dayum
  4. My favorite game of that season honestly. Because everyone predicted the Giants were going to expose the Falcons and prove that we were frauds. 34-0....and Roddy calling out all the haters post game. Loved it
  5. Man quit trolling. Jesus
  6. Yea. Clowney wasn’t the best in his draft class. But everyone has the expectation that he was going to be.
  7. Not me man. I’d make the trade in a heartbeat if the money made sense.
  8. He plays for a terrible organization and terrible head coach. Make no mistake, the talent is there. Put him with an excellent play caller? He could be MVP. If the Chiefs literally swapped Mahomes and Watson, I think Watson is the new Mahomes.
  9. Watson is pretty damn good man. I’d say he’s a top 5 talent in the NFL for QB’s
  10. An actual realistic scenario (if this is even true), I could see the Niners giving Jimmy G away for Watson. The cap penalties of releasing/trading Garrapolo are actually very low
  11. The 2 examples you provided won Super Bowls. The 77 birds didn’t make the playoffs. The fact that they still get recognition in spite of those circumstances should tell you just how good they were
  12. I’ll take a guess and go with April 31st
  13. When I opened the thread, I legit thought your title said “NFL draft canceled?” My bad...
  14. Happy Birthday friend. One the best posters and best people here
  15. This comparison isn’t very fair...