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  1. Flacco has a ring. Is he better than Ryan? And I'm not suggesting Ryan is better than Rodgers. I just think the ring argument is pretty invalid
  2. Lol. (Not at your opinion, but at the analogies, especially the Ray Edwards one.)
  3. Man, it would be so funny if Belichick traded 2 first round picks for Beckham, then retired and gave Kraft and Brady the finger.
  4. I am in favor of keeping Vic. I am also in favor of acquiring Clowney without trading Vic too. LOL @ all the salary cap experts in this thread.
  5. I’m truly speechless after reading those comments.
  6. Why is everyone so certain that Coleman is leaving?
  7. Aren't you the one who brought up the Bulls in argument to my Warriors statement?
  8. Don't get me wrong, Jordan earned his titles for sure. Lol. But like every dynasty, there has to be a LITTLE luck. Could Jordan have won 6 rings in the 80's with Bird in his prime or against the Bad Boy Pistons?
  9. Jordan failed to even make the finals for years because he couldn't beat the Pistons or the Celtics. Once he got there, those teams were old and washed up. I think Jordan's run has a little bit of luck behind it. The East was complete garbage during their 6 year title run. I get what you're saying. But the Warriors are different than the Bulls.
  10. Also consider that NFL players are much less marketable than NBA players. NBA players make BANK on shoes. They also get tons of endorsements through random stuff like cereal and milk. Lol.
  11. In football, there are about 12 teams every year entering the season that have a good shot at making the super bowl. In basketball, it's the Warriors and nobody else. At the start of every NBA season, can you name 1 team other than the Warriors that you think is going to win it all? Nah. At the start of this football season, fan bases of the Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars, Chargers, Vikings, Packers, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, and Rams all had expectations set on winning championships.
  12. Not really. They actually built those teams. And there was actually lots of competitive series during then as well. The Bulls vs the Celtics and Pistons back then was great sports.
  13. The mentality would likely change if the franchise tag didn't exist.