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  1. Yea. I get that guys on this message board love Freeman. But they aren't doomed if he's not here. Freeman is arguably a better player than Turner. However Turner's value to the team was far greater than Freeman's is now. Turner was the focal point of the offense. The team ran through him. Freeman on the other hand just kills it with a bunch of other great players. The Falcons don't lean on him. So they don't need to drain the cap on him. The players I listed would be very missed if we lost any of them and trying to replace them is a much tougher gamble
  2. Ryan is irreplaceable. Freeman isn't. QB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RB
  3. Good post, I agree 100%. I won't have any hard feelings if Freeman decides to not sign and get more money elsewhere. He deserves it. I will just be really mad if HE takes this personally and goes to the Saints or Bucs just to betray us.
  4. We haven't seen enough of him to be sold on him or not. But that's irrelevant. The Falcons drafted him for a reason...
  5. Uh, I doubt this very much. Shanahan in SF would be all over him. That team has TONS of cap space and Kyle would break the bank on him
  6. Yep. And to me, the Falcons have always taken care of their own. So I don't think they're the ones that are wrong here. Also, when you have Tevin Coleman, and you draft Brian Hill, that tells me that insurance was needed. I'm sure the team wants Freeman, but you don't need to draft another RB unless you are a little concerned
  7. Those 10 players weren't in any particular order. Should have noted that. I just think those 10 players are more valuable than Freeman. Not necessarily better players, but more valuable for sure
  8. Yes it will. I could be wrong. But I feel like the writing is on the wall.
  9. This situation is making me to start to think that Freeman and the Falcons are not going to come to an agreement. It seems like Freeman is all about getting as much money as possible and he wants to be paid like a superstar player. The Falcons have the leverage here, not Freeman. They have Coleman and a roster that's LOADED with talent. They shouldn't pay Freeman like he's the most valuable player on the team (excluding Ryan). He's not Julio Jones. I've posted in a different thread a list of 10 players on this roster that I think are more valuable than Freeman. And I'm using the word "valuable" here. Valuable doesn't mean "better." Note, these 10 listed below are not in any particular order. 1. Ryan 2. Julio 3. Beasley 4. Trufant 5. Mack 6. Matthews 7. Jarrett 8. Neal 9. Deion Jones 10. Schreader Each of those players are harder to replace than Freeman. People often mistake my opinion about Freeman though. I DO think Freeman is a great player. However, he's part of an offense loaded with talent where his VALUE is diminished. If the Falcons break the bank on him and make him the highest paid RB in the league (which it seems like that's what he's seeking), they're making a bad decision long term business wise. They will almost certainly lose Coleman, and likely 1-2 players on the list above. If the Falcons traded Freeman tomorrow, I'd honestly be fine with it. If the Falcons were talentless, then I'd be all for making sure Freeman never leaves this team. But that's the beauty of having a great young roster.
  10. Maybe...I'm starting to question it honestly
  11. He can go get that massive contract from the Browns then
  12. Yea, pretty silly stuff. The Bears were a very good team during that time
  13. Yes. And Goodell gets scrutinized for making the game "soft." The NFL has generated an all time high in revenue with him as commisioner. People like high scoring shootouts. Fantasy football has erupted. Commish isn't as stupid as many make him out to be
  14. Exactly. The NFL also has smart people. They will find a way to make the game safer. They already have in a way. Hits back in the day used to be absolutely brutal.
  15. I disagree. The NFL will continue to shine. Ratings destroy pretty much everything, every year. The movie "Concussion" in my eyes was a failure. Nobody cared about it. It LOST money at the box office and it had a star actor as the lead. Owners will eventually have to break their pockets for the players. We may see a strike in near future. And when we do, the players will win. They get paid a lot more and football will continue to be Americas game.