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  1. I moved this thread because it’s not actually falcons related. It might be at face value, but this thread will quickly turn into one of these 2 things: a discussion on covid, or a thread on people expressing their opinions on players opting out. The Beasley thread is locked. Not sure what Brown thread you’re referring to
  2. OP is saying the injury was overblown because Gurley had a down year and the perception is his knee. But the reality is the offense had been figured out and the O-line was terrible last year. Gurley might not be the 2018 version of himself. But he isn’t done, not even close
  3. Post tweets, videos, and updates here! @FentayeJones, @falconsd56, @FalconsIn2012, I attempted to merge threads and screwed up... I lost your threads that you made. Can you repost the stuff in here? Sorry dudes
  4. I actually would take Dak over Goff. But I like Wentz by far the best of the 3 in terms of ability/talent
  5. I will keep this thread open as long it doesn’t turn into a political debate on covid. The thread is about Davison on the reserve list...not your personal views on coronavirus
  6. I mean, the reality is, Dak is likely a top 10 draft pick if the draft is a do over. Possibly top 5
  7. If Zeke fell to us at 17...just wow man
  8. Derrick Henry gets drafted over Zeke? No way
  9. Eh, Julio being ranked as the 11th best player in the NFL isn’t even close to the atrocity of Ryan not being on list at all...with guys like Tannehill and Kyler Murray making it.
  10. Yea, I mean DK Metcalf was rated higher than him. I doubt any head coach would take him over Grady.
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