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  1. Yep. Team knows they need to get better. They can have a big offseason. Plenty of draft picks, and plenty of cap space.
  2. For the first time in a while, I’m expecting the falcons to actually make a big move in free agency this offseason. They’ll actually have the money for it
  3. I’m saying that you’re talking out your ***. Because you are. Suggesting that Sark “doesn’t have an offense” and that he’s running Shanahans offense is completely asinine and far from the truth. But, believe what you want
  4. Sark has been “terrible?” Define “terrible.” Because his offense is ranked 10th this year and was 8th last year as well as 1st in 3rd down %. You may try twist my words and say that I’m calling Sark good...I’m not. But to call him “terrible” is pretty unfair
  5. This is 100% made up. You have no proof of this statement being true at all
  6. Ok, lets suppose you're right. Let's say that Sark is running Shanahan's offense. If that's the case, that just makes it even more not his fault. He isn't Shanahan. You should play to a persons strengths...not ask them to be something they're not. That being said, I don't believe for a minute that Sark is "running Shanahan's offense" like you're suggesting
  7. Exactly. He cut Roddy White, fires Richard Smith, and made several other roster moves. This loyalty narrative from fans is just stupid
  8. Where exactly did people get this idea that Quinn is “too loyal?” Didn’t he pull play calling duties from Richard Smith and let him go at the end of the 2016 season?
  9. Ryan isn’t over paid because the Falcons don’t have an answer if they didn’t pay him. They don’t have Steve Young, or Aaron Rodgers, or even Jimmy Garrapolo just waiting in the wings. They have no choice but to pay the market rate
  10. Yea but building a championship winning team is very difficult. 31 teams every year don’t achieve that goal. If you’re a GM for over 10 years with one franchise and make the playoffs over 50% of your seasons, I’d say you’re a successful GM. Maybe not elite. But successful for sure
  11. Yea, I get it. You have a specific formula to team building that you like. But the thing is, there’s multiple formulas to building a winning team. It’s ok that you don’t like TD’s style or the formula he follows. But it doesn’t change the fact that his formula nearly got 2 Lombardi’s. It has also gotten 6 playoff berths in 11 years. The 98 Falcons were a lot like the formula you want to follow. And they too came up short. Like I said, you can disagree with TD’s methods. But you can’t say that they clearly don’t work when they have netted successful results over a long time span.
  12. Yea, did you blame yourself or your GM?
  13. Point is, TD has assembled rosters good enough to win the super bowl. The fact that they didn’t do it isn’t all on him like you’re suggesting.
  14. And yet still nearly won it all