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  1. I love threads like these. The responses are priceless
  2. Based on what? Relax. We will be fine
  3. Exactly, that's irrelevant if he wants down time or not. Make the **** call Quinn. If he's listening, then he's interested.
  4. Yes I would to. And I don't think it's out of the ordinary or crazy to reach out to him. Sark can be the playcaller, but Arians could do SO much for both Sark and Ryan
  5. I don't think it's that insane? Arians is retiring from head coaching, but to offer him a QB coach job to work with Matty Ice? He might be intrigued.
  6. Is it crazy to suggest the Falcons should try talking to Bruce Arians about being on the staff? The guy is a QB wizard
  7. I'm sorry, we'll just have to agree to disagree here. I don't want to turn this into a Ryan thread. I shouldn't have said that in my post.
  8. I agree with this. Our offense was successful last year because Shanahan knew his players and played to their strengths. All of them. Including Ryan. Ryan didn't magically become a top 3 QB in the NFL, Shanahan elevated him. And this season, he regressed to the mean, which is a good QB who makes good decisions with the football. But I even said last year, he's not Aaron Rodgers and he never will be. Great playcallers/coaches get the very best out of what they've got. It's not about getting as much talent as possible, it's just building chemistry with your guys and utilizing them the right way. This is why I'm conflicted with keeping Sark or not but more on the side of keeping him. People don't understand that if we bring in a new coordinator, it's still a guy who has never worked with our players. Sark now has a year with these guys. I'm sure this offseason we will address the offense and get him some players to his liking and we will see improvement next year. But I completely understand and frankly agree with the posters who are very angry about his playcalling against the eagles.
  9. Honestly, the Vikings and Jags is the most interesting possible matchup
  10. When I open a long thread, I usually read the first few responses first to determine if I will actually read the thread or not. Thanks @Falcan Moore
  11. To some, the Saints losing is equally as satisfying as the Falcons winning. Again, if you knew the feeling of a real rivalry, you would understand. But, your team just dominates all the division teams so it doesn’t impact you really. However, I guarantee that Bills, Dolphins, and Jets fans all love one thing more than their own team winning, and that’s the patriots losing
  12. It's creepy when you post it over 50 times. It's Ray Finkle like creepy
  13. He sounds a LOT like us after that super bowl loss. It's not just our fans. It's football fans. Lol
  14. Says the guy who has been creepily posting Dan Quinn's pic all over the message board today....