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  1. Maybe in the front office. But the story is written about a fans mentality towards the situation. You don’t speak on behalf of all fans, just yourself
  2. I haven’t advocated either side and have not been shy about calling Julio out at all. But, I don’t think this is a scary situation yet and don’t think it will get there. I think Julio shows up to training camp
  3. The media creates stories man...this is a story because the media created it. And the fans of the team are riled up about it. Look at facts only. The facts are that neither side has said anything remotely controversial or negative. All that’s happened is Julio skipped OTA’s. 7 other NFL players did the same the thing.
  4. No...a distraction is stuff that Terrell Owens did during his holdout with the Eagles. Calling out teammates, the organization, or the coaches is a distraction. Julio may want more money. But he’s still being Julio about it. He’s been professional, has only said positive things about the organization, and has otherwise remained quiet.
  5. A distraction may not even be present at the moment. Fans are the ones with arms in the air. The organization has been quiet and none of the players or coaches have called him out. It’s very early still
  6. Once Julio gets his new contract, and we start winning games, this won’t be a discussion anymore
  7. I would add that it got bad when Trump spoke up. That definitely added some fuel to the fire
  8. Was responding to Flying Falcon, you don’t need to tell me about the convo, I’m the OP
  9. That post likely sealed the lock for this thread
  10. Ignorance isn’t the same as hatred. The reality is, people just don’t get it and never will. I even admitted I’m ignorant in a lot of ways.
  11. There’s a fine line between ignorance and racism. People often times define racism as only hatred. The real problem is ignorance.
  12. Again, it’s impossible to say because Julio is not a QB.
  13. You’re probably right. Don’t regret posting it though
  14. Keep in mind man that the FO rewarded Vick with the highest contract in NFL history at the time. I believe the Falcons organization treated him very well and like a king. Fans on the other hand were on both sides of being very over critical and giving him way too much praise.