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  1. Yea they did. They look like easily the best 2 teams in the NFC. The conference is going to be crazy this year.
  2. I’ll panic if the team doesn’t have a winning record in November
  3. Neither of those are facts as you have zero proof of both. Nice try. Carry on with the hot garbage if you must
  4. Well said. This is really just another lame suggestion that because Quinn worked under Carroll, that they are basically the same person and the falcons are the new Seahawks. We’ve been hearing it since Quinn was hired. Poor logic
  5. Quinn and Carroll are 2 different people...in case anyone didn’t realize that
  6. Not an excuse...op asked why. @Vandy told him. Don’t ask if you don’t want the truth
  7. Yep. I also love how anytime someone suggests a player that’s available and is also GOOD, the board absolutely refuses to consider the idea. Threads of Mathieu, Suh, or even Sherman get suggested and people are instantly like “There’s no way we can afford him and blah blah blah.” They speak as if they actually know more than our own front office.
  8. This signing along with the tender of Garland basically guarantees we don’t go G in the 1st round. Good stuff
  9. He’s a football player...and can be a great one if he’s played to his strengths
  10. Seems like a good bang for your buck signing. He will provide what we need on the o-line.
  11. I’m not really upset about a specific player. But I am annoyed that it’s being reported that the team wants to be low key in FA
  12. No, but you CAN win a super bowl with a GOOD defense and GOOD QB. We have both
  13. Who knows...he might now. You never know
  14. I’ve always thought Jordy Nelson was a solid player but very much a product of Rodgers.