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  1. Hahahaha
  2. I predict you’re going to disappear for about 7-8 weeks. Then suddenly when the offense has a bad game, you’ll show right back up
  3. Don’t mess with us. The Mofia has spoken
  4. I just believe you’re wrong
  5. Agreed. He’s going to be a very good player
  6. LOL @ whoever votes "no"
  7. Oh I’m not accusing you of being fake or trolling. I believe that’s what you think. But you’re just wrong is all. Team is good and is in good shape. We will be alright. Enjoy the season
  8. Don’t make me dig up some of your posts man. Just take my word for it lol
  9. Won’t get too high or too low in preseason. But i admit I’d rather see the guys play well than play crappy in the preseason, even when it still doesn’t matter
  10. Bro, you’re my boy. But you have been a bit on the cynical side this preseason
  11. Oh I’m sure, I’ve been on the Saints and Panthers boards. As well as the Seahawks and Packers. Panthers overall have the most illogical, irrational fans from what I have at least seen
  12. Preseason is when our fans literally lose half their brain cells with every game. Every single season
  13. And they will, in the regular season
  14. The team doesn’t have to prove **** in the preseason to help you sleep at night. You think the team is average? That’s your problem.