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  1. Good for you on being able to erase it from your memory. That’s a legit bottom 5 moment in team history for me
  2. Yea, I was soooo angry after that game. Hadn't been that upset since the SB loss.
  3. Bro the team was putrid garbage. That onside kick against Dallas was this team described in one play. Quinn was so god awful
  4. Lol! We’re gonna take a Qb who’s never been to a SB or ever passed for 4,000 yards. We’re gonna pair him with a head coach who has 1 SB ring in 22 years and we’ll guarantee a “stack of rings.” Then, we’re gonna take a QB who has been to the SB, won an MVP, and passed for 4,000 yards 10 times…pair him with a HC who has 6 SB rings, the most playoff wins in history, and the 2nd most wins in history…and we’re gonna say “hmmm, not sure that would work…” Best. Take. Ever. I hear first take is hiring.
  5. Well seeing as that Reid has 1 ring himself in 22 years…I’m going disagree that rings “stack” if he has Vick for 15 years…
  6. Lol wow you are incredible. I love how you use “um” to insinuate an obvious fact. Ill say it back. Ummmmmmm….Vick and Reid actually were together….and you know how many Super Bowls they have? Zero. You know how many times they went to the conference championship together? Zero. Michael Vick‘s playoff record under Andy Reid? 0-1. Bro stop. You are looking sooooooo unbelievably silly right now
  7. Yup, he was on a pedestal, which absolutely didn’t help his ego or lack of maturity.
  8. A lot of the Vick monster in ATL wasn’t even him, it was the media and the fans. In the video, you here a commentator say “you’ve just seen Michael Jordan of the NFL” like come on….that’s ridiculous. Vick’s 2 most famous games (as a falcon) are either the Green Bay upset or the Vikings game where ran for 173. In both games, he actually was pretty bad. In the Vikings game, he was 11-28 for 173 yards, and had 3 turnovers. But because he had 3 or 4 amazing runs, everyone straight up ignored the bad stuff and compared him to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. The Green Bay upset wasn’t as bad it
  9. Man, Michael Vick is probably the most benefited athlete from a highlight reel. Lol. This video makes him look like one of the greatest players in NFL history. During his time here, this was the narrative with Vick…he would suck for about 90 minutes. Overthrow receivers, fumble the ball, etc. It would be the start of the 3rd quarter and his stat line would be like 3-12 for 34 yards. We would get frustrated. Then he would all of a sudden bust out a 50 yard run while making 3 defenders miss while evading a pass rusher bearing down on him and we would cheer in amazement. Watching Vick felt like I
  10. Also, let it go with Julio…the Titans are not all of a sudden some powerhouse team because they added your favorite falcon
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