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  1. They'll finish 4-12. But it won't be from tanking.
  2. I might have meant injured reserve
  3. Beasley should just go on PUP. There really is no need to rush him back. He's a superstar pass rusher that the team needs in the playoffs. The team can lean on the offense for now
  4. I've been to 4 road games and 1 home game
  5. The media can keep making excuses for Green Bay all they want. Falcons have won 3 in a row. That is not luck. They are the better team right now.
  6. I agree. The Falcons can make the playoffs without Beasley. They cannot win the super bowl without him though. He needs to be at 100% come January
  7. What? If you were trying to burn me there...I gotta say, lame.
  8. Id rather him even sit for NE if he isn't ready. The game against NE is more like a pride/revenge game for the fans. But it's actually not that important of a game at all. Let Beasley sit and just get back to 100%. I'd rather him be 100% in December than play at 70% for the rest of the year
  9. If it were torn, would he miss the season?
  10. I hope so too. He got up pretty quickly and was walking around on the sidelines. For all we know they kept him out to play it safe. I have a feeling he's ok. Might be a game or 2
  11. I'm baffled by the suggestions that Alford is the better player from some posters last week. That's just complete nonsense. Alford is a penalty machine. He has 4 in 2 games. He also got burned by Adams on that big 4th down TD
  12. The Falcons will likely rest him through the bye week. And they should. They can win these next 2 without Vic. They need Vic healthy for New England and Dallas
  13. Hopefully they are just keeping him out for precautionary reasons and it's mild