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  1. Ok captain hindsight. Give me an example where you’ve seen that.
  2. Exactly. This offense is seriously SOOOOOO bad. And it’s why I knew that Hooper was overrated last season. His production (I’ll give him credit for being productive) was literally due to check down throws due to plays either not developing because of pressure or because nobody got open. The Raiders today put a spy on Ryan because they knew that all they had to do was prevent Ryan from buying time in order for a route to develop or for someone to get open on a broken play. This is the most frustrating and boring offense I’ve ever seen from the Falcons
  3. It appears this way because the entire offense is put in this lame situation. Think about it, who on this offense is actually playing well? That should tell you a lot.
  4. Actually he didn’t. He had the game won and told the players exactly what to do to win. Gurley screwed up. Yes the defense failed after the Gurley TD, but in theory, Morris had already made the right call to win the game and his player ****** it up
  5. Watch closely, Ryan is either at his 3rd or 4th read and either gets hit or checks down...every single play. OR, we just run up the middle for a gain of 2
  6. You’re right. Koetter was same old same old today. Routes took forever to develop. Defense easily covered the routes. Ryan’s first and second reads were taken away. Ryan is getting hit a LOT in this offense because guys aren’t schemed open. This is like watching an offense from 1995 out there.
  7. I’m on board with giving Morris a shot only if he gets rid of Koetter. If he wants to keep Koetter, I hope the entire staff is gone
  8. There’s plenty of people on here that I can live without
  9. Cool....your logic still doesn't make sense.
  10. LOL... Raiders turn it over 5 times....in conclusion: we don't need Julio or Gurley!
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