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  1. I haven’t been on much this week. Been busy with work. But, it’s just when the team is losing is when this place gets bad.
  2. Not referring to you. You know me, I don’t care about people cursing or calling out others’ stupidity. It’s the stupidity itself that I’m tired of. There are guys who post thread after thread of just pure nonsense. It gets old.
  3. I agree. There’s about 4 or 5 posters that really need to go away
  4. Do you think Tevin is really on the level of those guys though? He seems like a situational player at best. So does Freeman. Both complement each other in their roles
  5. Yea. Coleman is a great situational player. So is Freeman. Coleman has a great first cut and excellent burst off his cuts. He’s also a great threat in the receiving game. If the Falcons were to keep Coleman at a reasonable contract and sign/draft a big back for situations that Coleman is not good for, they would be fine. A Blount like player would be excellent for goal line, short yardage, and 4th quarter with the lead situations
  6. Yea, team will probably not bring him back.
  7. Brett Favre lol
  8. Terrible Bucs offense? Lol ok
  9. Dude why? The team was 1-4 and decimated with injuries. This win was about right in how they should happen right now
  10. YOU deserve an L with that attitude
  11. I almost would have rather just gone for it on 4th TBh. But, it worked. So, good call coach
  12. I’m still stunned that Quinn actually went for the kick there. But, it worked...so
  13. Great thread
  14. SMH....I’m convinced that both of you losers are happy being losers and would rather stay this way instead of cheer for a winning team. Jesus Christ
  15. Or because he can’t return until week 11 under IR rules.