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  1. Yep. Lawrence’s hype is soooo bad for him. He’s got all the intangibles. Great arm, great size, great athleticism. But the reality is, he’s had such an easy job from the beginning
  2. Yes. Although I don’t really see the consensus in TATF like the title suggests. I think the board is very divided on Zach. Guys either love him or hate him. As for Fields, most people like him. But it’s a matter of wanting a QB or not is the argument there
  3. Trevor Lawrence has had a stacked team around him his entire career. He’s being called a generational franchise changing prospect
  4. If you were banned, you wouldn’t have posted this now...just sayin
  5. I don’t think so either. I don’t think QB is happening at pick 4. We either trade down or draft Sewell
  6. Mods end up leaving...because the job sucks. No matter what, you become increasingly hated over time. Not very fun for a voluntary gig. But thanks for the kind words bro
  7. Oh I think Wilson is elite for sure. And I think Carroll is cheeks
  8. There was a 2 game stretch this year where Wilson turned it over 7 times. Against the Bills and Rams. He should have won MVP but he fell off a cliff pretty hard
  9. We should probably trade Ryan and Julio and our next 7 drafts to get Watson AND Wilson. Just so the Saints and Panthers don’t get them.
  10. Brady will also probably play till he’s 72 and win 19 more Super Bowls with the Bucs. And we’ll be miserable wishing we had drafted Zach Wilson
  11. Exactly, if we are going rookie, might as well take advantage of the cheap rookie contract as much as possible
  12. For sure. But even then, trade Ryan if you get Fields. I’d rather the top 5 pick play
  13. Yea, I’d support it if the front office really wants to do that. They deserve to build a team the way they want to build it.
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