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  1. play the Beyonce' song"To the left,to the left everything you own is to the left.....take TD,Shanny and the rest of the makeshift team with ya
  2. we need an OL that can block and do their job. If we had a half decent OL we wouldn't be in this bucket of poo. just think Atlanta passed on Benjamin from FSU. Shanny has got to go his play calling is for the NCAA not NFL. Why not let Matty run the no-huddle and call the plays.
  3. Anybody have an old or outdated auto tag. My brother-in -law who is a BIG fan of the Falcons is collecting from all 50 states. he needs N.C, S.C.,northeast,southwest. He will not sell these just a collector.
  4. What is needed was a heavy jumbo package,but our OC has no confidence in run blocking or QB protection. I hope the next HC thinks about giving our QB more than 3 sec to throw the ball. Matt Ryan must think every week he is playing a schoolyard game "smeer the queer". If Matt Ryan had an offensive line half as good as the Broncos or any other winning team we wouldn't have to think of cute plays.
  5. If this season is lost then the coaching staff should let Matt Ryan run the no huddle all game. Substitute quick and audible if needed. Let the young rookies play for 4 wide split. Put Julio and Hester on rt side and Roddy and Douglas(or Davis) Flank out both TE or extra protection, once in a while run Freeman to the left or rt side. Toss the running game in when D goes man on man
  6. Watching a wall walker slowly go down the wall after being thrown
  7. We should get Kelvin Benjamin in the second round. I can't see him with the Saints. Just think Julio and Roddy on the right and Benjamin and Hester on the left,also double TE how do you defend that?
  8. I hope this year get better because my stress level is through the roof. First just before Christmas my wife gets fired from her job over a class. I get arrested two days before that for driving with a suspended license (thanks state of GA child support services). Then in the first days of Jan both my parents were diagnosed with cancer. My wife found a new job and was supposed to start this week but the background checks haven't come back yet. So basically we have no money and rent and utilities are due. Anybody know where we can get temporarily help with this. Your responses will be helpful. I've applied for countless jobs but not having a license is not helping.
  9. Beginning of the season Louisville better block the roads, close the airport and attach a ball with a large chain to his leg. When the going gets tough Petrino disappears
  10. I totally missed the bus on this subject sorry. Sometimes sub par Wrs can surprise you but I would rather have a star at D.
  11. I would keep Babs, Kroy , Osi, Spoon , Trufant , Alford and Worr. No Decoud, sorry Asante getting up their in age, Peters always injured, don't get me started with Jerry, Nicholas ok player but not great. Falcons should look at Jernigan from FSU and maybe pick up Tuck from Giants. Osi could have influence with playing with him. We need a tempered DL coach to fire up these players
  12. Ok, I know we need an OL to protect Matt Ryan. What happens if Roddy or Julio goes down this season? Are we once again going to throw to Douglas and rooks again. Just think of it possibly Julio, Roddy, Kelvin and possibly Douglas or Davis. Kelvin would be a matchup problem for any defense he has the ability such as Fitz and size like Megatron. We went through a season with no answer for replacements for WRs getting injured. We have size in Julio and Roddy we have finesse but we are unsure for the rest. We have tallness in our TE , in Julio and why not Benjamin he has proven he can catch balls close to overthrown and uncatchable. Lets give Matt one more weapon to throw to. Go ahead Falcon fans give me your 2 cents.
  13. Unbelievable game played tonight. I have a lot of respect for AU. They confused FSU the whole game and so close. Not here to rub it in just to say WOW. These teams will probably see each other end of this year. Auburn fans should be proud of their team. Till the playoffs
  14. Out of the closet into joke central. Next thing is Rodgers likes his tight end to be covered. Look Matt Ryan was used as a beating bag all year behind a subpar OL. NO QB would have made it with the offensive stupid calls and paper thin offensive line. Not only a season of injuries and disappointment but some no calls on the muggings he took. 13 was an unlucky year for Falcon fan bases everywhere.
  15. Sorry guys but FSU by 14. Auburn has never played an ACC team that is built like SEC. Jimbo has years of SEC ideals he brought to FSU. AU has holes in secondary and how do you match up with our WRs. If Jameis plays no huddle offense its going to be a long day for AU. Our RBs are shifty and strong know how to adjust with the DBs. Our defense is young but aggressive and will create problems in the backfield
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