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  1. You racist *******. All black asian and hispanics look the same but ill be damned if you try and tell me all whites look the same. They got different colored hair and different eyes.
  2. Ryanettes try to spin the facts. " Vick never had b2b winning season" and how many superbowls and playoff victories has this brought matthew?
  3. Not if you had rights to your drafted players forever! id love to see what the nflpa would say. Hahaha
  4. The numbers could be adjusted based on playing time in superbowl. Or even 500k base and bonuses from there.
  5. Although if the team that drafted you had your right forever until they didnt want you then you may see a little less collusion. And we would keep julio forever.
  6. Didnt think of the collusion. It would be nice to see some drive like you see in college.
  7. Each player received 1 million dollars just for being in the nfl. Then they got an additional bonus based on how many snaps played of total offense or defense snaps. The if they made the playoffs they got a million dollar bonus, and 1mil per win in the playoffs. All the way to the superbowl where the winning teams players get 5 million each.
  8. TD has assembled a marketable team. Big name receivers, steve jackson big name rb, future hof te tony g. TD and blank know defense doesnt sell tickets. Im disappointed in blank for allowing this. Thats why tony wasnt traded. The only game well sell out the rest of the year is tonys last game.
  9. How awesome if he were able to come back and get art a ring.
  10. I hope you take your resiliency and get the **** out of atlanta.
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