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  1. Twin 19" widescreens at 1440x900 on each one. There's no way I could survive on a single monitor and somedays it feels like I could use a couple more with my current setup.
  2. Born in Albany, raised in Moultrie, proudly reppin' the birds in Buc country since 84.
  3. I have lived in the Tampa Bay area since 1984 (minus 14 months spent in the mountains in NC), but I was born in and spent my first 12 years in south GA. There was no way in H.E.L.L. I was going to give up the Falcons for the Yucs.
  4. Yep. We're starting to get some happy neighbors rollin' in from the local sports bars.
  5. Y'know, it's because of a$$holes like you that I normally stay away from message boards.
  6. Actually when I posted it up it was on, and then it started flippin' channels. I was just trying to contribute to my fellow fans who can't catch the game on TV. No need for you to be a d*ck.
  7. http://www.PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL/nomadxx Feeds not good but better than nothing guys.
  8. Hey everyone. I'm not big on posting on forums, but since I've been lurking around here from about draft time, I thought I'd chime in on this one. I've lived in the Clearwater / Largo area for almost 25 years and have proudly repped the Falcs, even in the bad years. I've endured some brutal treatment at Ray Jay, at the former jobs and around town in general, but I refuse to leave the house without my Falcons hat on. That being said, I am observing this new regime with guarded optimism. Although I was hugely disappointed in the selection of Ryan, he has definitely won me over, especially after
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