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  1. I’m thinking Gordon will make it work this time. Bring Em Home.
  2. No. The Falcons didn’t hold anything. Pre-snap penalties once again were a problem, missed blocks, bad special teams play, confusion on both offense & defense, and two costly pick sixes. The Falcons got their teeth kicked in for the second week in a row. A handful of guys made some plays, while others made mistakes; that's not being prepared.
  3. I was 100% certain the Falcons would loose even at 28-25. The Garbage punt giving TB a short field to score, then the pick six came immediately afterwards. There are no moral victories to be taken from this game; this team for the second week was not prepared to play.
  4. I think Lance may have been a possible target, but Pitts probably was the priority; it was all predicated on Ryan’s cap hit, and Julio’s wanting to get traded, IMO.
  5. This is what Julio wanted. Had Julio stayed in Atlanta, then he’d of just played out the two years left on his deal, and then would be a free agent at 34 with a lot less negotiating power. His restructured deal with the Titans gives him two more years that he can opt out of to do whatever. The Falcons were not going to offer Julio any new deal, so Julio made a shrewd business decision; he actually tried to do the same thing two years earlier in hopes of a new mega-deal, but TD adjusted his contract to appease him. It was always about money.
  6. I moved on from KS a long time ago; he was a good OC, and he’s been a good HC. However, he doesn’t have any rings yet, and the last meeting the Falcons and SF had KS blew a lead and the Falcons won in grand fashion. So, why the hero worship? I’m looking forward to the the Arthur Smith era.
  7. I said all along when the news surfaced about Julio wanting out, that it was about money. Julio was not going to get any sort of extension from the Falcons, and that would have hurt Julio at his age with negotiating with another team. Just yesterday I read where the Titans gave Julio a restructured deal that gives him two opt-out years added to his contract. My guess is that this was already negotiated in advance of the trade.
  8. The Patriot fans probably thought Brady would retire a Patriot; he did not.
  9. Sorry if this is already posted. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/saints-to-sign-former-pro-bowl-cornerback-desmond-trufant/ar-AAOa5be
  10. I really don’t care what Ryan’s cap hit is next year. Top tier QBs (which Ryan is), all make huge salaries, and count enormously against the cap. Here’s the thing; Ryan’s cap numbers will be big as long as he is playing. Eventually a rookie QB or Rosen type QB will takeover, and they’ll count much less against the cap. Good players cost a lot of money. The cap will always have to be manipulated, and every team does it; some are in a better position than others, and that’s usually because they haven’t found their franchise QB yet, or their QB is still playing on a rookie deal. The Falcons can eat the big hit next season, and then get the cap in a more manageable state come 2023 with or without Ryan.
  11. Right now there is only a 13% chance of rain, and the high is suppose to be 86. I’m thinking the roof will be open. Should be a beautiful day for some football.
  12. So what are cooking for the game tomorrow? 😎
  13. I firmly believe that the roster is better than what we had the past two seasons. I certainly wish that Mack and Julio were here, but in the grand scheme of things this team is faster and younger because Fontenot made a lot of moves with limited cap space. The OL is where most of my concern is at this point. I think the D is much better this season, because of Pees, and with the new players. Special Teams should be better as well. I will not proclaim this team to be in the playoffs, but it is more likely than not IMO. I say this because we are still solid at QB, we’ve gotten better at running back, and we look good with receivers too. This team has holes no question about it, but so do most other teams.
  14. Gallman is definitely an upgrade over Ollison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0CHuM2MY4k
  15. I think that was a very candid and honest interview from Arthur Blank, and it is completely different from what we used to have with the Smith family when they owned the team; this is why I think Blank is a great team owner. Business is business, and you can only facilitate the ego of an aging superstar for so long before you're left with a fractured relationship. I’m not knocking Julio for wanting all that he can for what he consistently provided, but it does sound like he felt entitled to not have to ask for salary increases, and that the Falcons should have obliged him (without question) regardless of the teams many other responsibilities. At the end of the day, the Falcons won big with Julio and they lost big with him too; it’s a team sport.
  16. 4dabirds


    QB2 needs to be partners with Matt Ryan for game planning and in-game calls; I don’t think Cam Newton is that kind of guy, IMO.
  17. I’m hopeful that Rosen can be a good backup to Ryan, and can take the reins if needed. Rosen showed decent mobility, and good zip on most of his throws; he may be able to settle into the QB2 role and then emerge to be a starter for the Falcons later.
  18. I really don’t know what to think or how to feel about the Falcons; they’ve never been more of a mystery to me than they are now. I don’t know what to expect from he offense. We may see an offense that is able to make all sorts of positive plays with the run game and be dynamic through the air as well. Or, the O may be one dimensional and slow to start. We’ve got absolutely nothing to go on. I feel some what confident with the starters on defense. I think Grady and Deion Jones will make big plays in the new scheme. I like what I see from Richie Grant, and Terrell is looking good too.
  19. If the starting offense plays and looks bad, then I may have some negative feelings about it, but it will mean nothing in the grand scheme of things as the offense still has good veterans at key positions that will progress in the new system. The OL is now and has been for many seasons the wildcard of our offense, and that is where we need to see significant improvement. If the Falcons starting D looks terrible, then I’ll not like that, as the D is often the biggest liability this organization has had more often than not. I do not care about the final score, but I do hope to see a higher level of readiness and improvement with the OL, DL and special teams. At the end of the day, there will be no game plan other than to evaluate players, and to exercise in-game situations.
  20. I’ll take an Arthur Smith that beats the Saints and does so with the occasional gimmick play. Much like the Saints have been known to do to the Falcons. I don’t care about any war of words. Arthur Smith, please don’t let a back up QB run the ball down your throat, or get your punts blocked in situations where your punt team is backed up on their side of the field.
  21. Josh Rosen sees a sport psychiatrist, gets hypnotized to think he is Tom Brady, and has a Tom Brady like rookie season.
  22. I’m not pessimistic. Instead, I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m also going in to this season with very low expectations simply because the excitement/anticipation usually surrounding the start of the football season isn’t what it used to be IMO. Last year I was pessimistic, because I was long done with DQ. I’m optimistic in thinking the team will be better coached in all phases this season. Even though our depth has done little to nothing in preseason, I will say that the 2nd and third stringers did look like they were communicating and set to go, this tells me that the starting defense can have an injury or two and be able to rotate in someone and still function, unlike years past when one guy could go down, and suddenly the entire D became a huge liability. I like the defensive philosophy so far (more risk taking), and I’m eager to see the starters contribute. As for the offense, I think it is going to be very interesting. I don’t expect high scores, but I do think the clock will be managed better, and that Smith will use every bit of playing time to keep the ball in the offenses hands. If the run game can become a strength, then I expect really good things to happen for the passing game. Last years Falcons lost a lot of close games, because they couldn’t finish off teams by making any back breaking plays, or by making stupid mistakes, and playing lousy D. I think this years team will be more aggressive and smarter. If this team stays healthy, then I don’t think the playoffs are out of the question.
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