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  1. Mike Davis looks legit to me, and he seems to be a guy that TF and AS thinks can handle to load. The running back market isn’t like it used to be, and the market seems to have no clear front runners as to who you go after at this point. I think Smith’s scheme will allow Davis to thrive here.
  2. The offense was built mostly through the draft; Ryan, Roddy, Julio, Hooper, Matthews, Freeman, Coleman, were all drafted. The big free agent acquisitions were Turner, Gonzalez and Mack. You can’t say that the Falcons were not actively trying to build a good defense because adequate money and draft picks were spent on the defense numerous times in an effort to build it into a good unit; TD passed on good players and overpaid for others. Assante Samuels, Daunta Robinson, Osi Umenyora, Brooks Reed, and Dwight Freeney were traded for or signed in free agency. TD used numerous 1st, second and third
  3. The problem has almost always been DEFENSE, and lacking a consistent pass rush. The OL has always been questionable too. TD sucked at building in the trenches.
  4. I always thought a second was very good, simply because you never see an over thirty player being traded for a first round pick; there is usually a big contract and injury concerns for vet players, and Julio checks both of those boxes. I think Fontenot looked at this way as well, but was hoping Julio’s star power would make someone overpay. I don’t think TF had any sort of "sense of panic”, as he knew a Julio trade was going to happen, and salary relief would follow.
  5. I’d rather see the Falcons get more playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, than trying to find another WR in an attempt to match Julio’s production. Julio is a generational talent, but we learned that you can win big and lose big with a marquee receiver; you can also allot a huge amount of your cap space on such a player, and leave yourself too thin in many other areas. If WR is BPA when your pick is called, then yes, but this team needs to be able to benefit from a their defense instead of it always being a liability.
  6. Ridley, Pitts, Gage, and Hurst will need to earn it. I’ll miss Julio, but I’m excited to see what the new coaching staff can do. I’d like to see a defensive piece being added to the mix.
  7. I don’t think Fontenot is all that interested in Keeping JJ. I think he sees Julio as a diminishing commodity that he needs to use for some much needed cap space, and maybe a little draft capital. The time for shrewd measures is now, and TF is not going to let JJ’s star appeal get in the way of his fiscal responsibilities.
  8. The Falcons are in the Drivers seat on this IMO. The price is high from what we’re being told, but there is probably a team out there that wants JJ bad, and may be willing to give in with a nice trade package. The Falcons can just wait it out for a while longer to see who bites. If no one bites, then get a 2nd for him and move on. I don’t think Julio going to a contender matters at all to the Falcons as much as getting some value for the trade, and moving him out of the NFC South.
  9. It’s all speculation, but I think that most of the players are feeling good about the state of the team; It’s a fresh start. My hope is that the coaching is fundamentally better, and that the players are adapting well. I think the Julio situation is more about him wanting to maximize his earning potential by getting another contract before he has to retire. I do believe Julio wants to win, but I truly believe that Julio, first and foremost, sees a business opportunity that requires him to leave the Falcons in order to get it; the Falcons are not giving Julio any sort of new deal and are basica
  10. HaHa. The OP should go post this on the Raven's message board.
  11. The secondary sucked last year, and can go nowhere but up, IMO. I think the new coaching staff will find a way to make the unit better, as will the pass rush.
  12. I'm glad to see that there is competition for Center, hopefully we’ll be getting a legit starter as the result of two guys fighting for the position. Smith isn’t going to let the media play him; his answers were purposely vague, and in a sense, condescending toward the media. I get the sense that he is going to be either a very good HC, or someone who flames out like Jim Scwhartz did as Detroits HC.
  13. That was back when the Falcons had a defense that got after other teams. The Falcons lost some very close games down the stretch; they had an OT loss to the Giants, a 1 point loss to the Bucs, a 3 point loss to the Rams, and a 2 point loss to the Bengals. However, they absolutely owned the Saints that year, outscoring them 68 to 10.
  14. That would be awesome if this happened for Atlanta.
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