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  1. Special teams needs to be better with the exception of Matt Bryant. Turnovers fromt he Falcons defense needs to improve too.
  2. All I know is Trufant doesn't get tested as much as the other guys, and that's probably because he has his man (or zone) covered more times than not. Trufant also does not draw the penalties either. It's not like Trufant is the weak link of the secondary, and the coaches obviously like him. I'd certainly like to see Trufant make more ints, but I'd also like to see the other DB's do that too, because they are all lacking in that area.
  3. The only person from the Falcons that Ramsey gave a negative opinion on was Ryan, and I'm thinking Ryan doesn't care. I'm sure Ryan has dealt with trash talk bedfore. Matt Ryan is going to go out there to get his reps in, make something happen for the team without worrying anything about Ramsey other than to keep the ball out of his hands. Ryan more times than not, knows how to work against a good defense. Bortles on the other hand, will likely get smoked by the Falcons first team D.
  4. All I care about is did our 1st string offense beat their 1st string defense and vice-versa.
  5. I don't think that the lack of preseason playing time for starters is such a big deal, because they are in good shape, and they've had adequate enough time to study a playbook. I do think slow starts for many teams is a result of coaches not having game film to break down or a good game plan to begin with.
  6. Don't care about preseason, don't care what Jalen Ramsey has to say either. I'm rather confident that I'm going to see a good Falcons team competing this this year.
  7. I rewatched the Seahawks playoff game from 16, and noticed he was very disruptive in that game, not so much in making a lot of tackles, but in making the Seahawks offense slow down and change directions. He doesn't take plays off, and a lot of what he does allows others to make plays. I too have thought he'd be gone by now, but he's contributor in different way. Teams will also not account for him at times, and when that happens is when he tends to make a substantial contribution.
  8. I presented nothing but facts, and not emotion at all. You presented no facts, just opinion. You say Ryan benefitted from a scheme, but Ryan was successful long before Shanahan came along. "How about Coleman wide-open in the Seahawks playoff game in the corner of the end zone", watched it again last night, and Coleman wasn't even the first option, Ryan found him open in the endzone, so is that Scheme or a QB that knows his playbook? You say a good scheme can make any QB look good, but that's not true, and you use RG3 as your example. Robert Griffith III has a career QB rating of 88.4 with 46 TDs to to 26 ints (with two trash teams in Washington and Cleveland; not exactly good places for any QB in decades, and those aren't great stats, but they are far from being trash. In comparison, Joe Flacco (who RG3 is #2 behind on the depth chart) has an 84.1 career QBR, again facts, but you're really not interested in facts. RG3 won the ROY in 2012, but fell off in 2013 (injuries and poor performance), so where was Kyle Shanahan's great scheme to keep things going? Kurt Cousins came in and did well, but the entire coaching staff still got the boot. Cousins meanwhile adapted to another system, just like Ryan has always done. You act as though an OC's scheme is plug and play, but you still have to know the scheme and execute it plain and simple. Ryan has executed many different OC's schemes and with very good success. Do you really think Koetter, Mularky or Shanahan get HC positions without Ryan? If you do then you're fool. You say it doesn't matter, but this again is your opinion and not fact. You say this all "lazy, pointless Falcons/Matty Ryan narrative", but my facts are supported, whereas your trash-talk opinion is the very definition of lazy narrative, because you don't think before you speak.
  9. It's not a lie; it's an ignorant opinion that's not based on any facts that would make Ryan overrated. Ryan has thrown for more yards in his first 10 years than anyone in history. Do you even realize who all is on this list or how significant this stat is? Ryan is tied for the most 4th Qtr comebacks since 2008 (rookie season), is 11th on the all-time list, and is currently tied with Joe Montana. You do know who Joe Montana is? Ryan is 15 on the all-time completion list. The active players in front of him have many more years of playing time. Aarron Rodgers is over 500 completions behind Ryan. Is Rodgers overrated? "Shanny's Scheme" didn't make Ryan an MVP. Prior to winning the MVP; Ryan spent his own money to train with QB specialist to improve his already great abilitites. Ryan completed TD passes to 13 different recievers (most in NFL history) in 2016, that is an outstanding stat that has way more to say about Ryan than it does Shanny's Scheme". Ryan was great in 2016, because he worked harder than anyone. "Shanny's Scheme" was used with other teams and other QB's, but had nowhere near the success it had with the Falcons. Shanny didn't get Ryan an MVP, Ryan got Shanny a head coaching job, much like he got Dirk Koetter and Mike Mularkey their jobs. Had Shanny done a better job of playcalling in the second half of the Super Bowl, then Ryan and the Falcons might have rings. Shanny is the overrated one. Ryan's QB rating in the Super Bowl suggest he not only played well, but that he was very good. Ryan didn't hang the defense out to dry, or commit penalties and miss blocking assignments. Ryan is going to the HOF, whereas Ramsey will have to do a lot more than run his mouth if he hopes to be there one day.
  10. The Falcons will live and die with Sark as OC for the entire season IMO, unless Sark steps down himself. Firing Sark and handing the reins over to Knapp is no great upgrade. Knapp is a very mediocre OC, and has been way more successful as a QB coach than he has as an OC. The combination of Sark as OC and Knapp as QBC is as good as it's going to get this year, and should be better than last year.
  11. Riley's reputation has nowhere to go but up. DR has done nothing in the NFL, but look like a wasted pick to this point, so there is no reputation for him to defend. I certainly think he'll improve, but I would not be surprised to see him not make the 53.
  12. I have no idea what to expect with the first game. I just hope the Falcons offense can get going against that Eagles D.
  13. I'm a little cloudy on my first game, because I went to so many as a kid in the 70's. My father had started working for Atlanta Transit Authority right before it became MARTA, and I recall going to games, because he had access to free or heavily discounted tickets. I was young and just screwed off most of the time. The first game I truly remember and one that made me the fan I am today was a game against the L.A.Rams, and the Falcons just handled them, and that might have been 1978. I hated L.A. because they seemed overrated to me at that time, and they always seemed to beat the Falcons, so the win was especially awesome to me.
  14. Wow! Now that's a "First Falcons Game" story for the ages.
  15. I actually love that SP did this. Good for the rivalry.