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  1. The Falcons definitely need an OC who can get the run game not only going again, but make it thrive as well.
  2. The Chargers have some balls on them.
  3. It's defense. Most teams are not likely to win it all if they have a mediocre to soft defense. Yes, the trenches on both sides of the ball for the Falcons needs to be much better, but overall we need a defense that makes it happen by stopping the run, by getting after the QB, by getting turnovers, and by getting off the field on 3rd down, and putting the ball back in the hands of the offense in good field position.
  4. I'm losing confidence in DQ with the passing of every week. Here is a coach that started out okay in the first half of his first year, then had it all unravel on him. Year two was much better. However, there were some questionable losses in year two, none bigger than the SB meltdown. Year three, DQ's team gets in the playoffs, but it clearly is not looking as capable as the team from the year before. Year four is a total disaster, with Dan Quinn's team spiraling completely out of control. Yes, the team suffered some big personnel losses, but is that an excuse for the loss of basic fundamental skills amongst many of the players, mental preparedness is lacking, and the overall competitive spirit is gone from what was once a team of budding young stars. See, I believed that this years Falcons were talented enough to overcome the injuries to at least be able to compete and win against some of the lesser teams out there. Instead, week in and week out, the Falcons are looking worse and worse. Week in and week out, Dan Quinn is being outcoached by teams with rookie QBs, interim HCs or by coaches who were not thought to be very good. If injuries and the departure of an OC is all it takes for DQ to lose his grip on the team/game, then what hope is there for the Falcons in the coming years with him at the helm? My gut feeling tells me that Quinn will look no better next year and will then get the boot, making way for change yet again. I hope to be wrong, but there is really nothing dynamic about the way DQ manages a game.
  5. Dee Ford would be a good one to get, but I don't know if they'd let him get away.
  6. It would not surpise me at all if the Falcons lost to the Caardinals. I truly do not believe the Falcons can beat anyone at this point. Injuries aside, there is really no excuse for how bad the Falcons are.
  7. Our fanbase sucks. So in the words of Quinn "Embrace the Suck".
  8. I guess it is good that DQ is already looking to next year for who we should keep, because this year was in the crapper weeks ago. I would hope (and do believe), that his coaching staff is being evaluated too. Every week we hear about how the team did not execute as well as the other team. So, this tells me that you have coaches who are not getting the guys to practice the way they should be practicing. It tells me that players lack the focus needed to execute your game plan. It tells me that players are not willing to put in the time for that extra preparation needed. Either DQ needs to go, or he needs to find some assistance who know how to get the players ready to play, because we didn't really have it last year, and we certainly don't have it this year.
  9. Anytime the Falcons are having a terrible year (which is more often than not), I ask myself this very question. The Falcons are my hometown team, and have been since the mid 70s. I've thought about giving up on the Falcons many times, but then I just remind myself that it is only entertainment and nothing more. The good times come and go. The Falcons successes and failures are their own and not mine. I'm merely a fan, and can do nothing but support the organization as a fan. I've also realized that it is pointless to let the Falcons woes affect my overall happiness. They'll be fun to watch again one day, but it won't be during this season.
  10. I completely agree with these statements. And, I don't think Arthur Blank is going to wait and see if Quinn is able to magically transform himself into being a great coach. We have a franchise QB now, We have top shelf offensive talent now. We have a few good defensive pieces right now. Why blow it on a coach that is constantly outcoached by interim coaches on opposing teams. Quinn's team also gets carved up by rookie QBs more times than not now. Where is the fundamental play that the team should have? Arthur Blank, IMO, is going to take matters into his own hands and clean house sooner than later, and he should. Quinn sucks.
  11. OUr draft position won't matter if we don't have a new coaching staff come next season. Quinn and his guys all suck, and they need to go.
  12. Dan Quinn has to go. I really do not like the idea of the Falcons having to start fresh with a new staff, but you can't go on with the same feeble mentality that this team has now. Dan Quinn does not know how to get it back together, and I don't beleive anything will change come next season. Matt Ryan led teams used to be known for getting back into games and even winning those games at times. Now, they get down, stay down, and look pathetic doing it. Quinn has no answers, can't adjust, and just collapses under the pressure. Should the Falcons continue to waste the talent they have now with a coach who really isn't dynamic? I don't know who you replace Quinn with, but it needs to be someone that has an all out agressive attitude, and that knows how to utlilize the talent to its fullest, and be able to coach through adversity. I'll gladly eat crow if Quinn turns it around next season, but I don't see it happening.
  13. I actually think that AU winning it all is going to be why Blank will see DQ as being too inadequate to coach his real prized team. AUwon because of very good coaching combined with great talent. The Falcons have very good talent despite the injuries, yet Quinn can't manage to keep his team from getting its teeth kicked in week in and week out. Think about it. AB had to get on a plane (after a night of celebration) this morning to go see his favorite team get the **** stomped out of it again. AB's patience is reaching its end with Quinn. A good coach would have figured something out by now, but instead it just keeps getting worse. Iterim coaches are outcoaching Quinn. Rookie QB's are carving the Falcons up for dinner. The fundamentals are completely lost on the Falcons. The Falcons went from being a contender to a team that is worse than the past perrenial cellar dwellars. Quinn has lost whatever cache he used to have. Quinn is a ******* bum.
  14. I actually think DQ will get fired at seasons end. I think DQ was given a team with a lot of talent and has not gotten all that he could have gotten out of it. I believe DQ was given so much talent that injuries should not be the reason he is given any sort of pass. We're talking about a coach who blew a 28-3 lead in the SB. Yes, DQ was part of a very talented team that got there, but the spotlight was too bright for him to be able to control the game once the team was up big. DQ will never be there again IMO. DQ had a talented team last year that got back to the playoffs, only to lose a game the Falcons could have won. This year we get some critical injuries and the team falls apart? DQ can't coach ****. DQ does not know how to overcome adversity. All we see now is a talented team that no longer has any idea of what it takes to win. There is no game plan being utilized to puts this team in a good position to win against anyone. Next week, we'll lose to Arizona. I do not think AB will stand for it, and DQ will be gone.
  15. Blank is likely to go after the best OC available. AB wants to win.