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  1. I think you'll see a collective effort of the league making changes with rules and equipment (which is really already happening), as well as players taking an initiative to protect themselves more. However, I don't know how a running back can run through the LOS and not take at last one head strike. I can see OL guys keeping their head out of the action more, but anyone with the ball in their hands is always going to be vulnerable.
  2. I remember thinking at the time, how did Carolina get so lucky. It must have been Hurney calling on a whim and offering up the pick because if it was common knowledge that Olsen was available for trade, I think there would have been more suitors, and a better pick could have been acquired for him because he had lived up to his draft status at the time.
  3. Yep, just looked it up. They traded Olsen for a 3rd round pick.
  4. Dude's a beast. I've always liked Olsen. I never understood how Chicago let him get away because he was good there as well.
  5. The only way you'll get single game tickets is through the secondary market that will get filled by the PSL holders. So big game, means big price. Everything has changed.
  6. This is without a doubt the most talented/complete Falcons team we've ever had in any era of their existence. If the Falcons can just keep the injury bug away for this season, then I think they'll be right back in the playoffs going deep.
  7. He is a fool.
  8. What the **** are you even talking about? This post started with you making a silly, classless remark. I in turn made made a sarcastic remark not even really directed at you by name, but instead just a general statement talking about Karma. Since then you accuse me of being a Saints fan, and make accusations as to what kind of person you think I am. I've made no allegiance to any team but the Falcons, but that's okay you're dead set on being a message board troll so have at it. See you can not like another team without wishing bodily harm to take them out of a game, but hey it's a free country, so say what you want. Also, I'll fill you in on another thing too, professional wrestling is not real. And another thing. I've grown up going to many Falcons games starting back in the 70's, and have lived in Georgia all my life. So don't call me Saints Fan you POS.
  9. How is my foot in my mouth, you're the one who talks like you have the IQ of a 15 year.
  10. I'm many things but a Saints fan isn't one of them. Now go clean your room junior.
  11. I'm not even mad about the SB loss anymore. I really don't care what the media says, what fans of other teams say, or what anyone here says for that matter. I love the Falcons. However, I've gotten to a ripe age of not giving a **** about things I can't control. I know that last years SB is a missed opportunity that may never come the Falcons way again in my lifetime, and while I hope that's not the case I'm also not going to lose any sleep over it. I love the Falcons, but I just have to many other things to truly be concerned with to let their failings become mine. I'll certainly be at or watching games this year and for years to come, but I just don't think it is in me anymore to let it (Falcons losing) get me down like it used too. I'm galvanized by the past experiences, and I also no longer see the NFL for what I once thought it actually was. Simply put, I think the NFL caters to an audience of which I don't belong to, an audience that's in another part off the country, an audience that is either a member of or a lover of the legacy front runner. I'm not saying the NFL is rigged, but I do believe that the NFL does manipulate the play on the field just enough to get the results it wants, so that ratings stay up, and money keeps getting spent on the brand. It's corporate strategy that gets more transparent every year. It's all entertainment, and fortunately we have an entertaining team to watch at the moment.
  12. New England certainly improved, but since they are not in the Falcon's divsion then why worry about them? I don't believe Green Bay or Seattle is more talented than Atlanta. Atlanta can certainly lose on the road to NE and Seattle because both places are tough to play at. Out of the 3 match-ups, I think the Falcons go 2-1, and 3-0 wouldn't surprise me. Tampa and Carolina are the biggest worries. I think Tampa getting DJ will pay huge dividends. However, I think the Falcons are better coached than TB and have a fast enough D to go win against TB. Carolina is not likely to have another down year, but are they more talented than the Falcons in more areas? I don't think so. I think TB, Carolina and New Orleans will see that the Falcons D now has a serious front 7 that is going to make it tough to run and pass on. I think the entire league is going to see this. If Atlanta stays mostly healthy, then this will be a special year.
  13. My post may be "4daBirds", but your's is classless. Also, get a clue as to what sarcasm is.
  14. I don't want any teams QB getting hurt. I especially don't want Matt Ryan getting hurt. So, I would like the OP to retract this statement before any bad karma befalls Matt Ryan.
  15. I've never seen even one ESPY Award show, and probably never will.