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  1. The NFL already bitchslpapped Spurrier once; why does it need to happen again at the Falcons expense?
  2. I think Beasley is as good as gone. His production is not good enough to warrant an extension. He is average at best.
  3. I recall reading that Robert Kraft and John Mara are the guys behind the massive TV deals that the NFL got; so, I have to think it is these two, or the owners collectively that are the architects of the NFL's current success. If Goodell were so great, then the majority of the owners wouldn't want him gone; if they do indeed want him gone.
  4. Gotta love Kazee. Glad we have him.
  5. This signing Means alot going into next year. I do think this is a very good signing.
  6. I've always have had a 50/50 attitude toward Jake Matthews. On one hand I see him as being very consistent in how he does his job. At other times I see him as not living up to his draft status, namesake and his contract. He is a very good LT; and at the end of the day, the Falcons could have done a lot worse. I was certainly happy when we drafted him, and Jake is way better than Sam Baker ever was.
  7. I'm sure he's had lessons and he's got fitted clubs too; I've had lesson and fitted clubs as well, but I'm nowhere near being a scatch golfer like Ryan. It really comes down to how often you play, as to how good you really can be; even the most gifted golfers hit thousands of balls a week.
  8. I haven't heard of anything involving Julio in a trade with the Pats. However, I did see a headline about the possibility of the Pats going after A.J. Green.
  9. Grady is going to get paid; and he will continue to excell at his position. Grady has more dog in him than anyone else on the DL; Takk included.
  10. I would imagine Ryan plays probably two to three times a week. He probably has multiple club memeberships too. You know like I do, that you have to at least play (along with constant practice) that much to be a scratch golfer or at least someone who shoots in the high 70s. I don't play like I used too (couple times a week); but there was a time when I consistently shot low 80s, and I had to play lot to get there, and I lived in a golf community. It's a hard game. I only hit two good balls today, and I had to step on a rake to do that. -Bob Hope
  11. Ito is a slippery runner for sure; he may work out well if utilized in the screen game, but I'm not going to get my hopes up about it.
  12. I like Ito, but he is not on Freeman's level. Ito hasn't shown that he is a between the tackles kind of runner. Ito is a catch and run back; a lesser version of Teco. We're going to need a bigger and faster RB to replace Freeman, and Ito is not that guy IMO.
  13. If the Falcons get some more talent on the OL, then we'll be fine at RB; even without Coleman. The Falcons will probably find a nice speedy UDFA RB.
  14. Bryant is still one of the best in the game, with nerves of steel. I'd rather have Bryant with the game on the line. Tavecchio filled in well, but it was only for a few kicks. Bryant has showed time and time again that the moment is never too big for him.
  15. That's not really the case. The Falcons spend the money, and still manage the cap well. You're using the Patriots, Rams and Saints as models of success. Yet the reality is that the Patriots are never in cap trouble, because they do not persue big name free agents. The Patriots are successful, because they draft for there needs, or they go BPA in the draft, and they have the best coach/qb combo going. The Pats are the best team that everyone is trying to catch, and no other team is on ther level. The Rams, have only been relevant these past two years, and were a bad team (13 straight loosing seasons) for years leading up to now. The Falcons were the last team to beat the Rams in the playoffs (2017), and they did it impressively. Before 2017, the Rams had not been to the playoffs since 2004, and guess what? The Falcons beat the crap out them in the divsional round in 2004. The Rams were very active in free agency, and will have to get creative when it is time to pay Goff. The Saints under Payton have had 7 winning seasons and 6 losing seasons. The saints have had good back to back seasons, but were just not all that good for several years prior, and finishing 7-9 for three straight years. The Saints had to purge there roster, because they mismanged the cap, while going for it all and spending to do it. The Saints FA spending didn't get them the success that their drafting has gotten them. The Falcons under TD have had 7 winning seasons and 4 loosing seasons, with 6 playoff appearances. TD has managed to draft well (Matt Ryan, Julio, Freeman, Coleman, Neal, Deion Jones, Grady, Kazee, Matthews, and others), and has brought in some good free agents like Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner, Assante Samuels, Alex Mack, and Sanu to name a few. TD has done a good job, and not by being a cheapskate, not to mention he has gambled with draft picks and it paid off. THe Falcons were cheapskates when the Smiths owned the team, but Arthur Blank has always paid out (sometimes to a fault) to get the team good players. The Packers, Steelers, Seahawks, and Ravens have all done better in the Dimitroff era and are better examples. However, none of these teams have gone over the top in free agent signings durng the Dimitroff era, but instead drafted very well.