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  1. I like the one on the left. Although, I do think it could be revised/refined some to look more dynamic; I think the concept is good.
  2. The Falcons didn't trade for this guy to be third on the depth chart. If this guy turns out to be a better TE than Hooper, then he literally will help the Falcons score points. Yes, trading a 2nd could have been used in other areas of need, however, you make trades like this to find playmakers and Hurst looks the part. There is no doubt that the Falcons need more depth at CB, and I think they'll find it. As of right now, you have Oliver heading into year 3 (which is usually when CB's make a leap in the right direction), and an already improving Sheffield into year two. I believe the defense will be better coached this year as well, which showed to be one of the glaring issues during the first half of last year. I also think the Falcons will use all their early picks for defensive talent.
  3. I'm excited to see what Hurst can do this season. It would be great to see this guy turn into the next great TE.
  4. That's true. He's actually never even come close to 300 attempts in a single season, and he won't be used like that here. He will be a new dynamic that teams will have to account for; he's a playmaker.
  5. Pros: He's still only 25. He's got a nose for the endzone, with 58 rushing TD's since he entered the league in '15. He's had double-digit rushing TDs in all but 1 season. He has a 4.3 YPA over his career. He is a legit receiving threat with a 9.6 YPC, and has racked up a lot of catches coming out of the backfield. He protects the ball well. Cons: He's only started all 16 games in one season back in '16. What good is it to have a great back if he is only playing in a few games for you? His health is very questionable. A running back with bad knees isn't a good piece to add to a team in need of a running game. This signing could keep us from getting a really good/fresh RB in the draft. Factor in that DK has yet to show us he can even manufacture a run game.
  6. I think Brady's presence will transform Tampa's attitude, and make them a better team. It would be foolish to believe that Tampa didn't improve immensely with this deal. However, the NFC South is not the cakewalk that the AFC East is.
  7. How can you compare Ollison to anybody, especially MJD? Ollison has all of 22 rushing attempts, 50 yards total, a 2.3 ypa, and his longest run is a whopping 6 yards. Yes, he had 4 TD's, but they were all short-yardage efforts. I've seen nothing from this guy that tells me he is any good at all. Also, if Hill were a LeSean McCoy clone (he is not), then we'd of seen a lot more of him too. Hill does look okay and shows improvement with every game, but let's not act like he is some hidden gem on the roster. Hill has a nice 4.1 ypa, but his all-purpose yards were less than 400 yds total. Hill does a good job of securing the ball and will probably get a bigger role next season. I see Hill having way more upside than Ollison.
  8. IMO this is a good move by the Bucs, as it allows them to move on from Winston. I know Brady is at the very tail-end of his career. However, you can't deny that Brady will bring a new attitude to that team. The Bucs have some talent too, and Arians is a good coach. The Bucs would be wise to draft or have a good backup on the team to succeed Brady because this is a two year run at best. Brady may be old, but an old Brady is still better than Winston at any age. The Bucs upgraded at QB.
  9. The NFC South will certainly be more interesting with Brady playing in it.
  10. Maybe 8-8 is a fair assessment. However, I think if the Falcons can come out of the gate hot, and play aggressive defense as they did for most of the second half of last year, then they can get double-digit wins. Dan Quinn will be coaching for his job from game one, so I expect we'll see the defense on their toes and not on their heels from the get-go. If the Falcons lose their first 3 games, then I think we are a 5-11 team, and DQ is gone by game 5; TD will be gone by years end.
  11. YGM

    Forget YGM, I wouldn't mind it if the Falcons got JPP on a two-year deal.
  12. Just for kicks, here is my new logo/old logo mashup.
  13. I think Raheem will improve the overall defense, which can lead to Takk having better numbers as a result of others doing a better job. Last year the secondary started the year terribly, and as a result, it made the rest of the defense look bad too. Then the secondary started playing more press/man and the numbers for the rest of the defense improved. However, I really don't think Takk is anything better than average at his position; I would love to see him turn into the monster we all hoped he would be, but it doesn't seem to be happening for him in the ATL.
  14. You're crazy; It would cost a lot of money to draft this guy in the first only for him to sit for several years. We need a 1st round impact player now!!!!!
  15. Kerney opted out of the last 2 years of his contract with the Falcons and became an unrestricted free agent. Seattle then offered PK a 39.5 million dollar contract with 19 million guaranteed. PK wanted more than he was getting from the Falcons, and made a business decision to get it done.