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  1. I really do not have any high expectations for this game. It would not surprise me to see the Falcons beat themselves and lose a game they could have won. Turnovers may very well sink the Falcons again. So, the homer in me will say: Falcons 24 Colts 21 The worried me says: Colts 20 Falcons 10
  2. Yes, it is a horrible record against the AFC. I haven't even concerned myself with the division, because we could very have a losing record before we even play one division game.
  3. Trufant has looked great this season. I don't mind saying I was wrong for wanting him gone after last year. Of course, it is easier for teams to pick on Oliver because of his inexperience and not throw at Trufant, but Tru is locking it down and the two picks last Sunday were great.
  4. I don't remember that. However, there were many things forgettable about the Falcons during that era, and I was a Chris Miller fan.
  5. I don't think the Jags will let Ramsey go unless they get a great haul of picks for him. If the Jags F.O. can't work a trade in their favor, then Ramsey will find himself waiting to become a free agent.
  6. I'm more worried about the next three AFC matchups and the fact that the Falcons under DQ, suck against the AFC. The Falcons have six more games (against mostly good/improved teams) between now and the first division matchup. Therefore, it makes no difference what happens with the Saints if the Falcons are 3-5 on Thanksgiving day.
  7. I love the optimism, but I still see the offense as a work in progress with a long ways to go until they get their **** together. Yes, the Falcons offense could have done a lot of things, but they are making way too many mistakes. I see the mistakes with new players (Luke Stocker looks like garbage right now) and veteran players like Ryan and Matthews making too many bad decisions or penalties. I think that the offensive play will improve, but it is likely to result in more losses along the way as a result of the learning curve with DK's playbook. I hope I'm wrong and you're right. I just don't see any smooth operation out fo the O yet.
  8. I think DK has a good offense. However, I think it is taking time for certain players to pick it up and be effective in it. I saw several nice plays last night that got called at critical points in the game.
  9. Somebody started a post last week about the Falcons not being able to beat physical teams. The Falcons looked like the physical team tonight.
  10. Falcons won!
  11. Please, injuries, bad plays, turnovers, all of that is a part of the game; A win is a win, and a loss is a loss. The Falcons made more plays, and played better overall. GTFO with your "half their players were hurt". The Eagles defense still played the game.
  12. Sometimes, Ryan has some questionable throws, but most of the times he finds a way to make it happen. 37 Game Winning Drives!
  13. I think Free is looking good considering we've played two teams who are stout against the run. Considering, we have new personnel on the line and a new OC. Give it a little time before you shovel dirt on his grave.
  14. Ugly win my ***. That was awesome.