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  1. I'm old enough to have seen both backs careers, and yes I would take William Andrews over Turner, simply because Andrews had more to offer as a complete back. I merely brought up the stats, because they are what they are.
  2. I loved seeing Andrews do his thing. However, Turner had more TDs and 5.5 yards per carry average as opposed to Andrews 4.6. Turner had 60 Tds in 5 years as a Falcon, whereas Andrews had 41 in 6 years with the Falcons. Andrews was the better reciever and had nearly 200 more receptions, and 10 more receiving TDs, and finished with 8633 yards from scrimmage as opposed to Turner's 7866 between Atlanta and San Diego. The stats make an argument for Turner being the better back.
  3. Every day I come here hoping to read something of value and interest, but every day I leave disappointed.
  4. The Falcons would have to go on a huge run to make me believe they have any sort of chance this year. I would love for it to happen, but I just don't see it.
  5. I agree. So many here have been clamoring to see Coleman get more touches, and now that he has the results aren't all that good.
  6. I've always wanted us to have a Brandon Jacobs/LaGarrett Blount type of guy. However, we need better defensive players moreso than anything else.
  7. Harsh. Smith gets fired after his new team loses to the team that fired him previously. I recall meeting Mike Smith's parents (and I believe his sister too) down in the Gulch while tailgating back in 2012. Just good ole folks from Florida hanging out.
  8. I'm certain that even if the initial latteral was indeed a forward pass that got dropped, and Jackson scored, that the officials would not of overturned the call, and the Falcons would have been screwed. Can you imagine what this place would be like today if that had happened?
  9. I guess the idea was good, but the execution was terrible by all three who touched the ball. Also, I don't know if DJ makes it into the end zone (I know our tackling is atrocious) even if he catches.
  10. Glad I made no bet, because I'd of lost. Happy to say "I was wrong".
  11. Nope, it has always been an issue.
  12. I had season tix at the Dome for many years. I would get there and tailgate in the Gulch and then make the walk to the Dome, through security, get a beer and then get to my seat for KO. This was easily a 30 to 40 minute process (sometimes longer), but it was never an issue for me. There are many who simply just can't get themselves moving toward the doors, and that is the real problem.
  13. I'll take wins over TDs for Julio. Seriously don't give a **** if he scores TDs or not along as someone does