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  1. That would certainly go along way towards the offense improving. KS was able to keep defenses guessing and on their heels in year two with his play calling. KS tried to stay aggressive no matter what, and to a fault at times. From seeing practice footage, we also saw how KS was able to coach up certain positions to get the better results, which showed how hands-on he was. Not to mention KS also asked for certain personnel to be added that paid off huge for his scheme. Maybe Sark will get some roster additions that compliment his play calling.
  2. AJC

    I usually can't stand Bradley, but this article is spot on. Coaching seemed weak when it needed to be relied on to get through tough situations.
  3. Looks like a point per game average of 20 at best, and a lof hoping & praying that defense can hold up. Sarkisan sucks!
  4. I've defended Sarkisian because the players dropped so many passes this year. I defended Sark because this team was coming off a disappointing Super Bowl loss, and I thought that mentally they were not focused. I'm not going to defend him anymore. He stinks. You simply have to be a better play caller than what we've seen. Numerous runs up the middle got constantly stuffed, yet he kept trying. I think we saw all of one screen play. There was just nothing dynamic about anything Sark was looking to do. If Sarkisian stays, then I hope he finds a way to improve. However, if there is a more proven NFL option out there, that is a WCO guy, then I hope the Falcons go after that person. The Falcons have too much talent on offense to be putting up such **** scores.
  5. The Falcons are not that foolish. These days you have to have two really good backs, and Teco is too versatile to let walk. The Falcons will clear space to sign Coleman. Dimitroff will let Poe and Gabrielle walk, cut Weatherspoon and some other aging players. Not to mention the cap goes up, and they'll do new deals with Ryan and others to lower their cap hits. The draft should tell the future of several on this team, but I doubt it will be Coleman going to another team.
  6. Upshaw Poe Weatherspoon Gabrielle Ward
  7. I've been a fan of the Falcons since I was a child of the 70's, and many times I've echoed the same sentiment as the OP. However, these days, I refuse to believe that the Falcons will never win it all. As a long time fan, I've seen this organization improve more under the ownership of Arthur Blank than I ever did under the Smiths. As disappointed as I am, this organization has trended upward over the past decade, and has won a lot of games, and had seven playoff appearances. When you compare that to the 98 SB, and where the Falcons were before and after it, then you'll see that this is an organization that is looking to improve each and every season. The Falcons have never had as much talent as they do now. I know this team is lacking in a few areas, but there is little to fix to be back in the mix of things again next year. I just hope that we keep building on defense because these playoffs have shown once again that you need a very good D to keep you in the game.
  8. It doesn't matter where you play your Super Bowl, especially for the Falcons, because it would likely equate to another choke job of epic proportions.
  9. Unfortunately, the Falcons organization has given us little to be optimistic about. Every time you think the Falcons can make it happen, they just let you down again. ALWAYS! The Matt Ryan era has been very good compared it to generations past. Since Ryan has arrived, we've been treated to many playoff seasons and a durable QB who looks good most of the time. However, I will probably always see the Falcons as a team that is just not tough enough, not skilled enough, that doesn't have the mental fortitude, or not coached well enough to be seen as a dominant force in the NFL. When the spotlight is bright, this organization always wilts. It is just entertainment though. Another season will be upon us soon enough, and we can go through this ******** all over again.
  10. I do not care who wins the Vikings and Saints game. I will not even be watching this game. As far as I'm concerned right now, the NFL can shove it.
  11. I definitely felt worse after the SB loss. Most teams just don't get that close to winning it all, and then just get back the next year. The Falcons blew their best opportunity, and I am more inclined to think that they'll not get back to the SB for quite some time. I didn't come into this season feeling good about the Falcons chances because of the intense disappointment I experienced and have experienced time and time again. I'll give the Falcons props for being able to play through the disappointment they must have felt, and for making somewhat of a run at it this year. However, last nights loss is not surprising, and once again just adds to the long list of failures that this organization is known for.
  12. Well, we've seen JJ squeeze the ball before then come down with his feet in bounds when most other receivers would have been out. I think once the ball was not caught, Julio just didn't follow through with the second part of the catch. Yes, he would have had to alter his flight within a fraction of a second, but we've seen him do it time and time again.
  13. Ole Skillet Hands Julio
  14. This game has me somewhat nervous for the Falcons. I believe the Philly defense is going to make this game very tough. However, I believe the Falcons will get a couple of early breaks in the game from turnovers that will allow them to score and build a lead. If this happens and the Falcons manage to maintain some drives going into the second half, then there is a good possibility that Atlanta could wear down the Philly D. The Falcons D is going to need to keep getting off the field so that the offense has more chances to score and keep the Philly D on the field for as long as possible. While I might be worried, I'm certain the Falcons players are not.