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  1. No matter what happens, Blank will not be the one looking like the jerk. Blank might look like a Chump though.
  2. I think the team was in a bit of a funk last season after the SB choke job, and it showed in general execution of assignments. Dropped balls and penalties really hurt the team, and kept us from seeing what Sark is capable of. Not that Sark was always good, because I think he failed to utilize Coleman or Gabriel in the gameplans at times. Or, at least that's what I think happened. The reality could be that players were not as well versed in the scheme that Sark was running. I just don't see that being the case this year.
  3. You have to have the endorsements to get the money. Tom Brady has endorsements because he's the GOAT. Even with his on-field accolades, he's is still not the highest earner. Julio's persona and the fact that he has no rings means that companies are not lining up for his services.
  4. Didn't Roddy do this same sort of thing? Roddy got compensated and all the hate evaporated. This is no big deal.
  5. We may not be seeing direct quotes from Julio about him wanting to rework his contract, but I see this being true. It makes business sense for Julio to do this now. Julio has leverage right now, leverage that he will not have at the end of his contract. Age is not on Julio's side, and the man takes on a lot of contact during the season, so who knows what he'll have left in 3 years. A new mega-deal is not waiting for JJ when he turns 32 or 33. JJ has a quiet persona to him, but I guarantee you he has an ego that demands to be stroked. The Falcons know this too, so they will accommodate Julio. Why, because he is Julio and the organization sacrificed a huge bounty to get him here, so they are not going to allow this situation get to a bad area, or trade him either. Trading Julio for picks right now is not the answer, and his trade value will diminish greatly after another year or two. So take care of Julio now and see where the future takes him and the team.
  6. To me, this isn't a big deal. I remember when Roddy wanted a new contract and got it by holding out of OTA's. Yes, it caused a stir at first, but it all settled down, and we all went back to thinking he was a cool dude once he signed his new agreement. Julio is paid well now, but he does know that he is a top-three talent at his position and he wants to be paid as such. Julio also knows that his ability to get another mega deal will not likely happen (given age and ability) at the end of his current deal. Julio is a team player, but he still has an ego, and it is showing the more he ages. Julio is looking out for himself, because after football what does he do? Do you really think he is heading for the broadcast booth? I don't. Julio is an elite talent, and he wants to get paid and seen as such. It's business people.
  7. Initially joined in 2002 under the name of Pridemore (as in Falcons player Tom Pridemore who I'd met as a kid), then changed to 4DaBirds (2008), after the board flopped and I lost all of my post counts.
  8. If there was a problem with Julio, then I think we'd of heard more about it by now. Julio has an agent, that would be doing the talking for him, and that hasn't happened.
  9. Big time catch, and big-time hit. The catch was more impressive. Gotta love Keanu though.
  10. A new post about it should do the trick.
  11. What did the Falcons look like 5 years ago? The year was 2013 and the defense looks nothing like it does now. The 2013 offense was very different too. The team looked significantly different 5 years prior to 2013 as well. So, it is safe to assume that the team is going to look much different in 5 years from now. Julio is likely to be retired or on another team at that point, and Mack too. It's a contact sport that is a younger man's game, so age and effectiveness is going to change the course for every team, regardless of a teams cap space.
  12. Julio is under contract, and he is paid exceptionally well. He is a top 3 talent at his position and is only 29 years old. Social media gets people (especially celebrities) in trouble, maybe he is smart enough to stay away from it. Ridley was chosen for his talent, and because he'll be a less expensive future option than a veteran WR, meaning this pick pays off in the long run. These are statements that are true or are likely true. I've heard of no drama from Julio, just media and fan speculation. Even if Julio did have some sort of problem, then I'd be confident that TD, AB, and DQ would look to resolve it.
  13. Since this new rule will affect onside kicks, then why not give the kicking team the option of punting the ball or using a kicking tee, and if the ball goes out of bounds, then standard punt rules apply provided the ball is punted. Also, the ball cannot be fair caught within 20 yards of the initial kick, and the ball must go at least 15 yards, thus creating a jump ball type scenario. And if you choose to punt, then you must use a long snapper. The punter will have the option of throwing the ball too, but his receiver will have to make it to the other teams 35-yard line for the kicking team to keep possession. If the receiver does not make it to the other teams 35-yard line then the receiving team takes possession on the kicking teams 35-yard line, at which point a Mini-Cooper gets driven on to the field of play, and practice squad players with clown make-up jump out and give pies to the faces of the kicking team and rinse them off with seltzer bottles. This way everyone gets involved. I thought of this over a few beers, so I'll iron the details later.
  14. Roberts did make a few mistakes regarding letting the ball bounce. However, it's a gamble when you do that because sometimes the ball does bounce into the end zone. Weems was guilty of not getting favorable bounces too. The reality is that the punt coverage/receiving units seems to be a weak link in general, and is not coached very well.
  15. He looked like he was trying to fight his emotions to me. There was a camera in his face, and he did not want to be seen crying. Think about it, he's a pro now and about to get paid, how could a player not be happy about that? Not to mention he's going to a team in the South with a good QB. He's not going to Cleveland or Buffalo.