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  1. I am more optimistic about the Falcons today than I was at last seasons end. The DL talent has improved tremendously (I think Davidson is going to ball TFO), and that could be a huge factor in regards improving all defensive statistics. I think the improved D will lead to more turnovers, and better field position for the offense. I believe the OL will be improved as well with Lindstrom being healthy. I think you'll see the run game improve for the offense a well.
  2. Keanu is one of my favorite Falcons, and I so hope he can get back to form and be impactful again. Every time I think of Keanu, I recall that time he laid the wood to Jimmy Graham and kept him out of the end zone.
  3. You can't take away years for any sort of HONEST assessment. To say someone is a certain way based on some years and not others is stupid. Also, show me any year since Ryan came along where he had a great defense getting him the ball back or shutting down the other team. Or, does that even matter in the world of dumbasses where the QB is the one who is solely responsible for winning or losing?
  4. It's been said before that CBs in the NFL usually pickup their play by year three, so that's what I'm hoping for with Oliver. I think Oliver did play better in the second half of last season.
  5. The market for starting QBs is a huge market that gets bigger every year. Choose not to pay, then you'll be looking for a new franchise QB, and taking a huge gamble on trying to find "The Guy." It's not about the QBs contract, but more about the team that is built around him. You have to draft well and coach well for any QB and his team to succeed.
  6. Yo Momma is so skinny she can hang glide with a Dorito.
  7. Gonna have to do some maturing and paying of dues before he can be the FG Pimp.
  8. I am not going to make any prediction on the 2020 season's record. However, even if the Falcons stink in 2020, they are not losing to the Raiders. In all honesty, I'm going into this season with very low expectations.
  9. I'm already past it. However, it can become a distant memory if the Falcons can just win the **** Super Bowl. The '91 and '95 Braves is not a good comparison, as the '91 Braves had to fight the Twins tooth and nail throughout the series, and it was not a collapse, but hard fought series that went down to the wire. The Braves collapsed in '96 agains the Yankees.
  10. I don't even look at the Favre trade as being all that big a deal, because I doubt he would have had much of a career if he had stayed. The '91 team had some good pieces, but the Smiths were terrible owners who were not going to pay for top talent (this was pre-salary cap years), and that meant mediocre QB play, mediocre coaching, and below average front office decision making as well. The '91 team was great to watch, but it still had that incomplete feel like other years when the Falcons were able to put together a decent season, and I knew that the SB was still way out of reach at the time.
  11. If Atlanta gets off to a fast start, then I look for the year to go very well. If the Falcons go 0-3 to start, then put fork in the season as they will be done.
  12. I think Ryan will have the Koetter train rolling very well this year provided players get into camp on time. Year two of the new OC always tends to go well for Ryan and the Falcons.
  13. The Saints haven't been challenged in the division over the last two seasons, and that is a big reason for their recent success. I don't see a decline in the Saints abilities, and I question whether any of the other teams in the division are any better after last season. I have to give the advantage to the Saints as of right now. However, if the Falcons don't stumble for half a season like last year, then there is no reason why they can't win the division.
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