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  1. Statically the Falcons are #9. Realistically, it doesn't mean squat because the offense isn't good enough to carry the load. I love the Falcons, and I like Raheem, but at the end of the day, they both suck.
  2. I don't know if Rick Smith is the right man, or if he even wants to be GM in Atlanta. Smith at least has experience as a GM, but from what I've read, he's had his share of bad signings; Brock Osweiler and his 72 million dollar contract comes to mind. If Smith is hired, then I don't know if he says Raheem is his man. My guess is that Smith would want to get someone he knows that can help him to be successful. I kinda doubt that Raheem and Koetter make his cut, but that is pure speculation on my part.
  3. I hope the Falcons can score fast and often so that Hill will be forced to throw the ball.
  4. At this point, the Falcons need an unbelievable amount of good luck to just finish at 8-8, and that's not going to get them into the playoffs. The Falcons are more likely to lose their next three games than they are to win them. Our defense is still bad, and the offense can't do it all.
  5. I believe the Falcons will see a huge mix of Hill and Winston, and will likely be problematic as both will be running and throwing. I just hope the Falcons offense can score, and score often, because the Falcons D is still lost.
  6. I know many here want a fresh start, and that the belief is that there is some hot commodity out there in a coordinators position that is going to come in and turn this team around. I myself, don't want to see another experiment by the Falcons when it comes to giving the reigns to a first-timer HC. I'm pulling for Raheem to keep winning, and if that gets him the HC job, then so be it. Greatness has to start somewhere, why not here, why not now? More than anything (Falcons related), I'd like to see a GM hired that has proven track record with building good defenses, if a new coach is in order f
  7. Exactly! The Falcons have a habit of making back-up QBs looking all world.
  8. I think this is a move that was meant to send a message; No trade, no giving into anything you want, just leave, you're fired. My guess is he was not someone they wanted in the locker room anymore.
  9. I would say a dark horse candidate is Arthur Smith the OC for the Titans. Jim Harbaugh is another dark horse candidate IMO. Don Martindale the DC for the Ravens is someone I think who may get interviewed as well. I'm not saying I like any of these guys, but you never know what may happen.
  10. No matter how this game goes, I will not be surprised but he outcome.
  11. If a team wanted Takk, then I'm sure the Falcons would have traded him and he is probably available. You have to have a trade partner to make the trade. As for Mack, you don't know if the Falcons want to keep him or not. The new GM may see this team as still having too many needs on the OL to let Mack walk.
  12. Right now the Falcons don't have a GM in place to make moves. Also, you have to find a willing trade partner to offload your dead weight, meaning no one sees Takk as a contributing factor to their needs. Gutting the roster before the new GM and HC arrive, is probably not in the best interest of the team.
  13. I'd be surprised if any team hired Rex Ryan for HC. There's a reason why he is not an HC, and hasn't been for years now. He sucks as an HC! Rex Ryan has a 61-66 record, that is below mediocre. He could possibly be an okay DC, but I doubt AB would even want him for that.
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