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  1. I think the Texans and the Seahawks will do whatever needs to be done to make their QBs happy. Mega trade deals to land a top tier veteran QB screams how much these types of players are valued, and how hard it is to find one; So why would any team that already has one, gamble with trying to find another.
  2. I was going to read the OP’s post, but after one sentence I decided to just go and live my life. I feel good about that decision.
  3. I thought Graham was under contract, but looks like he is a FA. Yep, we need a TE or two.
  4. No mention of Oloukon being a good player who is outperforming his contract. I would also say we are good at TE too.
  5. I’m just hoping for a much improved defense. The Falcons defense is the Achille’s heel of this organization and is the largest contributing factor as to why the Falcons don’t have a SB win. I don’t expect Pees to be here more than 1 or two years (the man is in his ‘70s), but I hope his predecessor is already on the staff and can continue the new system once Pees steps down.
  6. Yes, a crappy defense will often lead to bad seasons, just ask the Falcons; bad defense has plagued them for years.
  7. The backup QB needs to be someone like Schaub was to Ryan; another set of eyes, someone whose familiar with the system, and Cam doesn’t strike me as being that guy. I’m thinking we will end up with a backup that has worked with Arthur Smith or Dave Ragone; is that Trubisky (doubtful), Mike Glennon (possibly), or DeShon Kizer (I sure hope not)?
  8. I’m not dreaming of anything; that’s a list of free agent QBs, and most of those guys are going to have to take a backup spot to remain in the NFL. Will the Falcons a free agent QB, or will they draft someone to be a backup to Ryan; both scenarios are very risky.
  9. I’m talking QBs for backup not starting.
  10. Think of the names on that list; Andrew Luck, Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Ryan Tannehill, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Blaine Gabbert, Jared Goff, Matt Stafford, and more.
  11. There are many options for free agent QBs. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/quarterback/ Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Jacoby Brissett, Robert Griffin III, AJ McCarron, to name a few.
  12. Ricardo was a good Falcon, I hope he lands somewhere that he’s able to start and thrive. Or, I hope he makes the jump too coaching and does well there.
  13. If the Falcons draft a QB with the 4th pick, and end up missing out on an opportunity to replenish the defense, then I’ll not like it. I know many want to draft a QB for the future, but we're not going to get anyone at 4 that is going to come in an be a better QB than Ryan, not this year, and not next year either IMO. Meanwhile, the Falcons have a garbage defense with many holes. It is the defense that holds this team back more often than not, and one that needs to be rebuilt aside from a handful of players. Fix this defense, get a good running back (like Najee), and the Falcons can be dangero
  14. I think Atlanta trades the pick, gets an EDGE in the middle of the 1st, then gets Najee or Etienne to close out the round.
  15. I was wrong about Roddy White early in his career, I thought he was a bust at first. I was also wrong about AJ Terrell, I didn’t like the pick, but he played well for a first-year corner.
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