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  1. Ryan's not gonna win in the playoffs
  2. Dimitroff last two drafts have been sub par. Let's be honest here guys, we won't draft anyone explosive on the offensive side of the ball. We'll hear about how Harry Douglas needed the year with his knee and the same with Peria. We'll draft a "complete" defensive end who will serve as nothing more than a similar player to what Kroy was this year, or we will draft an OL who will sit for a year behind whoever the starter is in front of him. (Clabo, McClure, or Baker). And forget making a big splash like Gaither or Vincent Jackson in Free Agency. We'll add a solid player or two and act like he's
  3. Ill take either GA boy Justin Houston or Cam Heyward. Smith is a 2nd rounder. Julio and AJ are the only two 1st round WRs
  4. We need to address a WR and CB in FA and a DE and a speed WR in the draft
  5. where's jb hendu, the topic starter? nowhere to be found
  6. Green Bay is better than us. Now if we were like the Saints then id see firing coaches. The Packers have a better team. yeah we beat them early but if was barely and we had a few bounces go our way. Coaches are fine, just add more depth in the secondary and pick up a pass rusher via draft and Free agency.
  7. Great post man, I knew that GB would win this game, although not in blowout fashion bcuz of the things you just mentioned. Which is why i was hoping we got Seattle first then maybe we'd have some confidence and momentum against GB in the NFCCG but we prolly still wouldve lost them too. I was shaking my head at a lot of fans this week talking about going to the Superbowl and this team hadnt even won a game yet. Sometimes you have to be a realist instead of a blind loyalist.
  8. YUP. Not ready for primetime. 0-2 in the playoffs. 1-3 in primetime.
  9. Thank you!! Sanchez and Flacco have multiple post seasons wins, how many does Ryan have?
  10. Like i was saying Matt Ryan cannot play in the spotlight/primetime. He chocked in Arizona a few yrs back but he was a rookie on the road. He chokes it up at home as a #1 seed. He has no playoffs swagger. He needs playoffs wins first
  11. I dont think thats why we got blown out at home cuz i saw that coming but Ive been saying that for a while too. His last two drafts have been dead awful.
  12. I was not talking about THIS year. I said 2012. Im sure Rich Rodriguez players supported him too but it doesnt mean squat in the end. The AD supports him cuz he has to, he was the HC when he took over for Evans in 2010. Richt has had top 10 classes literally almost every yr he's been at UGA except one, so if recruiting classes were gonna turn things around they would have. They're not cuz the coaching and development of those recruiting classes is terrible. The only record that matters is the last few years, no one cares that u won the SEC in 2005 when you've been struggling since 2008 and los
  13. yes, i can predict the future when using the past and present as basis. you have to be unbelievably naive to think that Richt will be back in 2012. Even UGA greats like Fran Tarkenton want him out. He'll be gone soon enough
  14. cant blame the kid. richt has left a mess in athens
  15. Im a UGA fan and we'll have a new coaching staff in 2012 unless you're naive enough to think that Richt will be back in 2012 when he couldve gotten canned this yr. No way i see him turning this around.
  16. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about below avg players criticizing players that are better than them. Thats why i like the NFL Network Fox crews. All HOF caliber players.
  17. What exactly did he say besides we're not going to the SB?
  18. That's just the thing. Boise may be losing starters but UGA's downward spiral the last few years has nothing to do with players. Its the coaching. I can almost guarantee that Peterson will outcoach Richt and his staff. He's lightyears ahead as far as a game planner and he's gonna have months to prepare for UGA. Look at what they did to the ACC Champs Va Tech. The ONLY thing that Richt has in his corner is the 3-4 transition period. It normally takes a calendar year for defenses to adjust to the 3-4, if the Grantham can get all the lightbulbs on on defense than UGA will be fine. I have no fait
  19. Say all you want. Bradley is dead on as far as Richt but way off as far as Tech. Id rather be UGA cuz all we need is a new HC, we have all the talent in the world and will keep getting it. Tech has no talent and was only successful in 08 and 09 cuz of their best recruiting class in history which was the 2006 class. They're all gone now. When we get our new HC in 2012 we'll be fine. There is no way i see Richt righting the ship and coming back in 2012. Based on what ive seen the past few seasons he'll start the season with definite losses to Boise St and Carolina which will mark the end of Mark
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