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  1. Dude Houston has ALWAYS played at 270. He's been that size since he's been a starter. The problem is you clowns take their press guide measurements as gospel. If youve seen him in person which you havent you'd know that he wasnt 255 lbs. which is why i dont understand why the big deal about the 40 time. Capeche?
  2. Thank you, the 40 is the most overrated stat in football. Speed is a luxury in football, a "nice to have". It doesnt make you a good football player
  3. WHAT AN AWESOME POST!! Ive been saying this for a while. Most of these blind loyalists on this board want to give him a pass cuz of the '08 draft. I think he's a great talent evaluator and i dont want him canned or nothing like that but his last two drafts have not been good at all. My rule is you cant criticize a GM about a player if you didnt have an issue when he was drafted so Im not even talking hindsight. Its easy to say after the fact that "you shouldve gotten xyz player cuz this guy sucks" but you look back on draft day and you were jizzing in your pants over a pick. TD has drafted dud
  4. I hope they do take him. it will definitely set their franchise back. Cam Newton has two things going against him. 1. Only ONE yr of playing major CFB. 99% of good QBs played at least two. 2. He played in a spread system in that ONE year. He's a certified guaranteed take it to the bank bust.
  5. The Packer GM should have won it. Won the SB with a whole lot on injuries even going into the SB
  6. Dude its a message board, if u come here to have fun. GET A LIFE!! Yes, i believe that even with a 8-4 season CMR will be fired. As a fan i have a right to feel that way and the product that CMR has put on the field why should i feel any different? You act like he's won the SEC or something. And Please stop with the recruiting crap. UGA gets top 10 classes every year!!!! You people think because we have a top 5 class that its gonna fix everything. You still have to develop talent which IMO CMR hasnt done the last few years.
  7. Not happening. THIS IS his "another year"
  8. I was being sarcastic dude. Someone in this thread told me that you cant be real fan if u want coaches fired which i agree with you is ridiculous
  9. That means you arent a real UGA fan because u want coaches fired
  10. yeah, way too early list. several teams ranked too high
  11. I dont think he should get fired today, i think he's earned the right to coach in 2011 but if this season is anything like 2009-2010 he will get fired. im sure the AD has a few coaches in mind and will find a replacement for CMR if he does get fired.
  12. THANK YOU!! Finally someone who's a realist about CMR
  13. Please stop with the"winningest coach in history" crap. How did that help us last year OR the year before that? Its not ONE bad season. Its more like three. On one hand you admit that he's on the hotseat then u want to criticize me for wanting him fired. What does being on the "hotseat" mean? It means that a coach close to getting fired for not winning. CMR is a good christian man deep rooted in his faith which is really why he so successful in recruiting.Im not here praying that he gets canned but sometimes programs need to move in a different direction. I dont see the UGA program turning aro
  14. Most of my criticisms are against CMR not the UGA program. Again, you wanna be a blind loyalist with red and black glasses on go ahead. What have u seen from UGA and ultimately Richt that has been positive the last few yrs? Please tell me. Im not a fan because im critical of my team...ok. Thats idiotic. What credit should i be giving that im not?
  15. You're still living in 2005. No one cares about that. We have a new AD who has already criticized Richt's emotion. The program has been on a spiral for 2-3 years if Richt doesnt win the East, he's prolly gone. Richt has had top 10 classes for a 10 seasons now. We finished 14th cuz of a last minute decommit last yr. Richt has had nothing but talent since he's been here and has not developed them for several years, so this being "arguably his best class" means nothing. Signing a good class doesnt make you good all of a sudden as UGA fans know better than anyone on earth. If you think a bunch
  16. I am an actual fan and not a blind loyal fan like u. I have eyes and a brain. What has UGA done in the last couple years with nothing but top 10 classes that makes u think that they will beat Boise St AND Carolina? I would like an answer. Is Richt not on the hotseat? Him, Sweeney at Clemson, and the UCLA HC have the hottest butts (no homo) in America and you're a naive clown if u dont think so. Based on the downward spiral this program has taken i dont think he will be retained. Its called being a realist
  17. I gotta agree with you. We just lost to UCF without even scoring a TD and ppl are talking 2-0?? With the way Richt coaches we're definitely not beating Boise. not sure bout the gamecocks game tho. This is definitely Richts last yr tho
  18. Well just got our butts blownout at home an you're hyped about an exhibition all star game? Those 9 pro bowlers CLEARLY dont mean crap when youre a missed FG away from giving up a 50 burger in a home playoff blowout as the #1 seed.
  19. And had two of the three in the last playoff game. Just sad. MV7 had ONE of the three and won 2 playoff games in his first three seasons
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