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  1. Its gonna be fun watching these clowns that bashed Vick makes up excuses for that Matty Bust. He threw a pick 6 on the first drive that luckily got called back, im gonna wait and until next year before the real bashing starts. The official excuse this year is gonna be "He's a rookie"
  2. oh yeah? what about the second playoff apearance? please, stop it! trying to discredit a playoff appearance because you dont like someone personally. an appearance is an appearacne. At least we were in the position to make it. Matty Bust will not even have us in position to make the playoffs next year or ever IMO. Come back when Matty makes the playoffs, or a Pro Bowl, or something
  3. yeah. 1 out of 4 games. at this rate they're going 4-12
  4. Bottom line is that Vick made the playoffs and the Pro Bowl in his 1st year starting but he didnt play as rookie, so in all fairness you cant really make any comparisons between the two until next year which will be yr 2 for Matty. I wouldnt hold my breath on him making the playoffs and Pro Bowl next year though.
  5. who said ANYTHING about Vick? you people just love Vick. :lol:
  6. thats the rest of the schedule clown. funny how they ALL look like good teams huh? Hows your boy Matty Bust on the field? looks like he's headed for 4-12 at AT BEST!
  7. Not looking too good. GB- L CHI- L BYE PHI-L OAK-L NO-L DEN-L CAR-L SD-L NO-L TB-L MIN-L STL-L Looks like we're going 0-12 the rest of the way. 2-14. and ill be spending a lot of time in the draft forum
  8. Still talking about Vick i see. Matt Schaub sux just like i knew he would. Matt Ryan is lookin like he's next on the bust list.
  9. no keep him there. he's better than dhall. thank goodness hall is gone
  10. another L. if only we could play detroit anf KC every games
  11. why bench grimes? i thought he was way better than dhall
  12. thought he was soooooo good. what happened? still think we shouldve kept him?
  13. Matt Schaub is the next tom brady. matt schaub is great. we shouldve signed matt schaub :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Cmon its like three games and we played two scrubs!!! We had our chance to prove ourselves and we didnt.
  15. Exactly!! Its we've beaten two horrible teams.we had a chance to show something and lost to a horrible detroit team and a horrible KC with a rooke 7TH ROUND PICK FROM COASTAL CAROLINA STARTING!!! I still see us going 4-12 this year. Good news is we can get Michael Johnson and Duke Robinson with our top 5 pick
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