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  1. Vick made 2 Pro Bowls and has 2 playoff wins at the end of his third season starting at QB. Ryan has 2 apps with ZERO wins...Thanks for playing
  2. And its intercepted. game over in the 2nd QTR.
  3. Vick finished 2nd in the 2010 MVP voting. NFL Comeback player of the yr. Pro Bowl starter. What did Ryan do.
  4. Vick > Ryan. You're a crackhead if u think Ryan is a better QB than 7 right now. Look at the 2010 stats and tell me who is better. Vick finished 2nd in the MVP voting. What did Ryan do? Vick won in the playoffs. Ryan chokes a fat one in the playoffs
  5. Vick has a better Oline, just as good RB.Better staff? Boi stop!!! Smitty is good but he's still early in his career to compare him to Andy reid.
  6. how many of those years was he actually a starting QB?
  7. I see your point but u cant count those prison years as NFL experience. He was out of the league. No different than someone who retired for 2 yrs. He wasnt playing.
  8. EXACTLY. Until Ryan wins a playoff game, i dont wanna hear crap. Vick won 2 playoff games in his first three seaons STARTING at QB. Ryan has won ZERO in as many years and appearances. BTW, Who was the starting QB in the NFC Pro Bowl? Oh yeah...7
  9. 10 yrs??? How many seasons has Vick actually STARTED AT QB? He's been the league 8 yrs. He hasnt played 10 seasons dummy. You idiots are actually counting his prison years as being in the league...LMAO!! He's played more like 5. 2001- didnt pay. 2003- broke leg. didnt play. 2007&2008- Prison 2009- Backup. Thats 3 playoff apps and 2 wins in FIVE years to Ryans 2 apps and ZERO wins in THREE years. Vick has STARTED AT QB 2 more seasons than Ryan
  10. Vick has been to the playoffs 3 times idiot including this past season where he took GB to the last minute throwing for 324 and 2 TDs. What did Ryan do against GB? He sh!t in his pants AGAIN. Vick has been in the league 9 yrs but has started in 5 seasons.
  11. This game will give much needed ammo to either Vick or Ryan fans as to who's better. Based on the last game we played against semi-mobile Aaaron Rodgers and the way our secondary played, I fully expect Vick win this game going away unless we can get some major impact from our drafted players
  12. Whats more important regular season wins or playoff wins? They dont give you SB trophies for finishing in 1st place in the NFC. Only finishing in 1st place in the NFL Playoffs. Matt Ryan hasnt shown that he can even win a game in the NFL Playoffs. Ill let you have your regular season wins. Until Ryan wins a playoff game i dont wanna hear thats he's better than 7.
  13. I have us taking this guy in the second round, i think he'll be a great player and will put Jenks on the bench. Ill like Greg Little in the 4th. His stock is dropping for some odd reason. Oh well, some team hopefully us will get a steal in the mid rounds
  14. The same thing can be said bout Vick not winning 13 games. Bottom line, til Ryan wins ONE playoff game, Vick is better. And oh yeah, 2 Madden covers aint bad either
  15. I like maehl but im not reaching on him cuz he balled out against auburn' terrible secondary
  16. You think it was the player, i think it was the coaching. I know there's one guys that still employed by an NFL team and another who's not.
  17. Who is still employed in the NFL right now? Vick or Mora. Mora was an idiot who got fired after ONE YEAR when given yet another HCing opportunity in Seattle. Vick finished #2 in the MVP race and took his team to the playoffs AGAIN. Looks like JM Jr is a QB killer
  18. The Offensive coord can only work with the players that the GENERAL MANAGER drafts. TD dictates the kind of offense we will have not mularkey. You think Mularkey was the person who told them that we should draft Ryan? You're entitled to your opinion. I think he's done a good job. not great.
  19. TD has done a good job so far. good not great. Hopefully he can start transitioning to a more explosive offense.
  20. There u go again, calling every black player with gold teeth a thug...smfh
  21. Truth is he did us a favor. He was never interested in UGA so we didnt recruit him as hard
  22. We dont need a freggin TE people. Besiddes Rudolf is yet another in a long line of overrated overhyped ND players.
  23. Exactly just like Walter Peyton's kid, he wont be like his dad so ppl stop drolling over a 17 yr old's decision.
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