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  1. UHH...NO sh!t sherlock. i made that statement in reference to the topic which is about how hard our regular season schedule is.
  2. All i know is that we'll be in the playoffs. Thats all i care about.
  3. Im wondering why Hal is worried about someone not on the Falcons? I know this is "Around the NFL" but so what? He's not a Falcon. Move on son.
  4. 7 made two playoff appearances in his first three seasons as the starting QB and won in each appearance and made 2 Pro Bowls. Matt Ryan has the same number of appearances with ZERO wins and ONE pro bowl. You cant compare Matt to 7 then and obviously now. Let see who's ranked higher on this top 100 list voted on my NFL PLAYERS themselves. You know who will be higher, dont front....7
  5. And this has what do with the Panties being the worse team in the NFL and making it even worse last Thursday? This is about Cam not Vick. He plays for another team not the Falcons
  6. Uhh.....No. But What does that have to with the bust in your avatar?
  7. And they say we didnt address our holes. Julio and Cliff. Two pretty good SECperformers. Looks like we did to me
  8. Generally speaking, what one deems as "too expensive" is relative to what he/she has IMO. If Arthur Blank drops $1M at Strokers, most ppl here wouldnt say that it was too expensive because we all know that he's a billionaire and he can afford it. Now if someone making 250K maxes out his credit card and does it then its too expensive. The same thing applies to football. The Falcons are rich when it comes to success and can afford to make that kind of move. Now Carolina, Tampa and other avg teams are the guy who makes 250K, they just cant afford to do that so to them thats "too expensive". Let s
  9. What an idiot!!! i read that article. That dude was at home smoking a blunt and decided to catch up on work.
  10. we didnt narrow our PB for Ice. The guy was audibling at the LOS as a rookie, not usually a sign of someone who has a narrow playbook.
  11. The sad part is Cam is probably illiterate. I doubt he can even read
  12. Looks like its gonna be hard.... :lol: :lol:
  13. Look at Greg Little tho. who we should have taken in the second. dude is gonna be a beast. I like Julio tho
  14. I agree with you and if i were GM, I would NOT have made this trade. Id taken Heyward and then Greg Little in the 2nd, who is basically a raw Julio Jones. He can be just as good as Julio with some coaching. I said there are maybe 5 WRs taken in the last 15 yrs better than Julio and one of them happens to be in this class. BUT I like the move. This team has very few holes. People act like we had absolutely no picks left after the trade. TD was still able to address all our needs after the trade and we still finished with 6 picks. Next yr we will finish with prolly six more after the compensato
  15. he's gonna be a UDFA. it doesnt matter at that point. besides, what did he do? They said the same thing bout Mike Williams last yr and look what he did in Tampa. That character crap is way overblown. If u pi$$ on the toilet seat, they say u have character concerns
  16. We gave up FOUR picks, why do these clowns keep saying five. They're draft picks. Go look at past drafts for any team and tell me how many of those dudes become absolute ballers, very few. Take our 2008. Out of all those picks, how many dudes are absolute studs ONE, Matthew Ryan. The rest are good but definitely replaceable so i dont know why ppl put such high value on unproven picks
  17. How does Rivera go from Andrew Luck to Cam Newton with the number one pick? That like saying im gonna try and holla at a dime only to find out she's taken only to get with a 5. Talk about low standards
  18. I dont why people are saying we gave up a lot. We gave up DRAFT picks which are unproven/undeveloped products. Go look at any team's draft from any year and tell me what % of those players end up being Pro Bowl Caliber players. Very few. We gave up unproven products for a guaranteed playmaker. Go back 10 yrs..or 15 and tell me how many receiver prospects are better than Julio. I can name maybe 3 or 4. Fitz, Andre, Calvin, and Moss
  19. Carolina will franchise him anyway but id they dont, we have a great chance of getting him. He's a local guy and the idea of coming home and playing for a SB contender will be impossible to pass up for any player
  20. what attitude are you referring to? Please be specific.
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