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  1. I didn't "put" Matt Ryan's crib all over the internet - check the links - they do not lead to my site. They are already "all over" the internet. I uploaded nothing.

    Now - go cry somewhere else - you are absolutely outlandish with this crap.

    my bad u posted it to a website. bottom line, get a life. who told u that they wanted to see matt ryan's house?

  2. Apparently a lot of people - they're pretty easy to find.

    Those shows on HBO - cribs, etc. - pretty popular - so I guess there's a lot of folks who like to see how the "other" half lives occasionally.

    If that's stalking so be it. There are millions of stalkers out there apparently.

    In those shows the celebs are AWARE that people will be looking at their cribs and gave permission to have it filmed. Did u get Matt Ryan's permission before putting his crib all over the internet? Doubt it. You're prolly like Deniro's character in "The Fan". Did u drive by his place too?

  3. You're honestly telling me you would rather have us sign Charles Johnson this year on our team over Peppers last year? And that you would pay Johnson more?

    Peppers is as proven as they come. He's a freak athletically with incredible production. Peppers has had 6 season with over 10.5 sacks, Johnson has had one. Not to mention peppers averages close to 4 turnovers per season.

    So yeah, you're right, there is no comparison.

    Some of these dudes are idiots man. Julius Peppers is a borderline HOFer and a freakish athlete. Then again these are the same fools that think that Matt Ryan is a top 5 QB.

  4. Lofton:

    Man White people is stupid as sheet. Kroy gonna stick his hand in a 500 pound fish mouth, how you gonna stick your hand in a 500 pound fish mouth. Lil Moby gonna be like "yum, honky sausages in a 5 pack, lunch is served". Dey gonna be callin you Kroy da club cause you ain't gone have no fingers left man. You go ahead ya ginger gladiator my momma didn't raise no ******** babies. who knows maybe he'll spare you because yall the same color.........Crazy white folks..........man.......

    just another day in the mind of Lofton


  5. When Vick played the packers in the playoffs in 02, his D allowed 7 points and also scored a TD, he had to lead his team to a FG to win. When Ryan played the packers in the playoffs in 10, his D allowed 41 points, Ryan would have had to score 7 TDs to win.

    Score 3 points or score 42 points, which is easier?

    7 is better. Like i said, we'll see where actual NFL players rank the 2 QBs. But we all know who will be higher...7

  6. Yes to this.

    For all these goofballs who say Ryan sucks because he can't win a playoff game seem to not realize by default they are saying matt hassleback is better than Ryan and that Trent dilfer is better than Dan marino because he won a superbowl. Get real people the entire team has to win playoff games and superbowls. Not one guy.

    No one is saying he SUCKS cuz he cant win a playoff game. Who said that? I believe ppl are saying that he sucks in the playoffs.

  7. Bitter or not....

    Matt Ryan proved after only 8 games in 2008 that he was a better passer than Vick was from 2001-2006, and they both had Roddy White and Mike Jenkins at thier disposal.

    People were saying all season in 2008 he was, "playing like a 10 year vet". People to this day still don't say that about Mike Vick. The playoff wins will come. Does anyone remember Peyton started what 0-3, 0-4 before he finally started winning playoff games?

    I'm just sayin'

    You're entitled to your opinion but i believe the NFL players' opinion matters more. They think Vick is better.

  8. "I agree about the long run, I mmmaaaaayyyyybbbbbeeeee take rodgers over Ryan if I was starting a franchise but even that would be close."

    So they are that close as players?

    Also I'm just a fan just like you so I'm included in that comment as well. Do you think a player's opinion on his peers weigh more than the opinions of fan's and journalists?

    I know right? its not even close!!!

  9. Vick really? Still not sold. Maybe Im just a little bitter still but I still don't think he is that good. He will have to do more this year to prove that too me.

    I agree about the long run, I mmmaaaaayyyyybbbbbeeeee take rodgers over Ryan if I was starting a franchise but even that would be close.

    May not be that good but he is better than Ryan. He was even ranked higher in NFL Network's top 100 list as voted by the players. Rodgers easily over ryan if i were starting a franchise not even close

  10. If everyone could play the way GB played that day every game - we'd be in trouble. Look - we screwed the pooch in that game - played like crap.

    But, if everyone thinks that is the blueprint - and thinks they will win against us that way - they have a hard road against the Falcons this year.

    I know two things.

    1. I go to every game - and that was not a game where the Falcons played well at all. In fact, it may have been the worst performance I've seen from that unit - period. That is not what you will see week in and week out.

    2. This team, like all the other teams, is shoring up their weaknesses. While I expect a tough fight every week out there and some losses - if any team foolishly thinks they have our number because of that game -they will come in unprepared for what they get. Do I think they will? No - I don't. We got our butts handed to us by Philly as well - embarrassingly so - then went on to win every other game during the regular season - except the home game against the Saints.

    That game was horrible. That game did not define us.

    I think it is a blueprint. One put out there by the Saints. I just hope we address the DE issue in the offseason. I dont like Ray Edwards too. They shoulda gone after Peppers last yr, but they went after a corner. Anyway, we'll be fine if we can get more pressure on the QB

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