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  1. what was Josh Freeman's record against teams over .500 last yr?
  2. my bad u posted it to a website. bottom line, get a life. who told u that they wanted to see matt ryan's house?
  3. In those shows the celebs are AWARE that people will be looking at their cribs and gave permission to have it filmed. Did u get Matt Ryan's permission before putting his crib all over the internet? Doubt it. You're prolly like Deniro's character in "The Fan". Did u drive by his place too?
  4. Yall really need to get a life. Looking like some stalkers on here. Who goes and looks up someone's home and posts the pics on the net?
  5. Let' see where the NFL players rank them in the top 100 players ranking they're doing on NFL Network. Vick will be waaaaay higher than Ryan...TRUSSSSSS
  6. Some of these dudes are idiots man. Julius Peppers is a borderline HOFer and a freakish athlete. Then again these are the same fools that think that Matt Ryan is a top 5 QB.
  7. No this is the winner!!! haaha
  9. Charles Johnson is the best DE in this class. going after ray edwards is a joke. He's an average football player IMO.
  10. Good point. Like i always say, you know who celebrates just making the playoffs?...Losers
  11. 7 is better. Like i said, we'll see where actual NFL players rank the 2 QBs. But we all know who will be higher...7
  12. How can you be a bust in the 4th rd? Like someone said earlier teams draft those guys not expecting much from them. Now 1st and maybe 2nd round picks can bust
  13. everyone is a beast on highlight reels. Never heard of him
  14. No one is saying he SUCKS cuz he cant win a playoff game. Who said that? I believe ppl are saying that he sucks in the playoffs.
  15. You're entitled to your opinion but i believe the NFL players' opinion matters more. They think Vick is better.
  16. I know right? its not even close!!!
  17. May not be that good but he is better than Ryan. He was even ranked higher in NFL Network's top 100 list as voted by the players. Rodgers easily over ryan if i were starting a franchise not even close
  18. Not in any order. Vick, Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger, Brady, Rodgers, Rivers,
  19. I think it is a blueprint. One put out there by the Saints. I just hope we address the DE issue in the offseason. I dont like Ray Edwards too. They shoulda gone after Peppers last yr, but they went after a corner. Anyway, we'll be fine if we can get more pressure on the QB
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