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  1. So if a coach/team declares they are going to try for the 1pt kick, and then they run a play that goes into the endzone, would they get 1 or 2 pts? I hadn't actually thought of that before you mentioned this, but I'm not clear on the specifics of the new rule, so I don't know how a situation like that would be handled.
  2. I think I missed something. Are the Falcons picking at 10 instead of 8 in Round 2?
  3. Interesting, but has Beasley ever taken multiple seasons off?
  4. It is the Falcons, so probably
  5. Awesome!!!
  6. Atlantas pick is in, and NFL network is showing a commercial.
  7. Holy expletive
  8. Having a code problem, so they have to keep rebooting him, cause he isnt human.
  9. Glad they didnt take the trade.
  10. It all makes sense now. I was wondering why the Falcons weren't attempting to fix one of the worst o-lines in the history of human existence. They are totally trolling their fans. Well played Falcons.
  11. I was hoping that they would hire a ST coach that believes in down field blocking. Oh well, guess you can't have it all.
  12. If this offseason has shown anything it's that the Falcons don't give a F#$! about the fans. More concerned with selling PSLs than creating a product fans would want to see. Seems counter intuitive to me, but it's what is happening.
  13. Fair enough. Though I will point out there is a huge difference in what an animation studio can pull off, and what a live action movie can pull off.
  14. Am I the only person who thinks a Superman Vs. Batman movie will be hot garbage? To me what makes it works in the comics is the subtly of the conflict, and the way Hollywood works, I don't see it being anything other than a smash/blow up fest.