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  1. My prediction of throwing for LESS THAN 200 yards stays intact..and of course, the Falcons losing with Ryan as the QB... What will Ryan say after the game--when will he start throwing teammates UNDER THE BUS? Hmmm...
  2. And this fear of throwing the ball downfield by Project Ryan will continue to grow. He is afraid of being 'Pick-6', and for the Falcons this is going to be very problematic offensively. The inability to create on broken plays makes him more one dimensional than Harrington and Redman. One day Ryan will throw for more than 200 yards, and Jamaal will eventually get a sack, but there is a reason these guys are struggling to be impact, franchise players...they aren't NFL calibur players. Ryan is 0-2 vs. NFC South and will likely never have a winning record vs this division. I don't see Ryan learnin
  3. Unfortunately, Duckett has been unlucky going into places in which FOOTBALL POLITICS was an issue. He was traded in the last week of training camp to Washington... in which Portis was injured, but came back early because he was afraid Duckett may take his job and then Rock Cartwright was trying to get a contract. So Duckett was a fish out of water there. In Detroit, Mike Martz was the coordinator and Kevin Jones an injury prone first round pick was teasing the Lions that he was coming back. In Seattle, Holmgren doesn't like him, but he is GONE after 2008... Mora will take over and it is likely
  4. Two years from now, we will be saying that about Matt Ryan (well-paid failure) was in a 'bad situation'..
  5. Duckett was Mr. Blank proverbial red headed stepchild. Mr. Blank and former coach Dan Reeves were having a power struggle in 2002 and Mr. Blank was determined to have his way even if the WRONG RB was on the field. The reason TJ didn't excel was FOOTBALL POLITICS and it undermined the success of TJ, Vick and team overall.. Blank wanted the diminutive Dunn and TURNER would have been used the same way as TJ... and sitting on the bench if he was here ..
  6. Skin color? I never introduced race or 'skin color'--YOU DID.. I never said Vick will be a Falcon after he leaves prison. I am skeptical of Ryan's QB skills and as a leader and that has nothing to do with race. Plus, with the upcoming schedule Matt Ryan mental toughness will be tested. Will he start blaming others for his poor play ala Jeff George or Ryan Leaf? If Ryan excels in Atlanta, I will be the first to congratulate him and say I was wrong..
  7. If Project Ryan turns out to be better than I thought and take the team to the playoffs JUST ONCE, I will give Mr. Ryan props and won't say another negative word about him again.. However, I have marked Ryan as a projected Falcon failure: 1. Mora 2. Petrino 3. Dunn 4. McKay 5. Blank 6. Jamaal I have an impressive record of calling it like it is... and I have been critical of Jerious 'ankle injury waiting to happen' Norwood.. If Ryan wins, I will stop with the constructive criticism...
  8. Wins will be difficult to come by for Project Ryan, and the media and the fanbase will slowly realize this ... as the Jamaal Anderson situation is becoming more apparent that he isn't a NFL player worthy of first round money or status
  9. Vick had bad friends and acquaintances and he got caught up with an unfortunate situation. He is paying the price, and will likely come out as a better person. And his career will resume. Matt Ryan is a nice guy, so was Joey Harrington. However, as a on-field leader as a QB, they came up a little short.
  10. David Carr=Alex Smith=Matt Ryan=Joey Harrington That's the point, they CAN'T WIN ENOUGH GAMES to make a difference or make a single playoff run.
  11. Can Ryan even help the Falcons make the playoffs once? Not likely. Will he ever lead his team to more than 4 wins in a season? Not in the foreseeable future. YKW set a reasonable bar for Project Ryan to pass..38-28-1 Two playoff appearances and NFC Championship game appearance..and THREE PRO BOWLS..
  12. Matt Ryan is a tease who will fall flat..he can't carry a team even if you surround him with good players. Jamaal Anderson's 19 game sackless streak is a FACT.... a cold fact..
  13. Feeling dumb? Three years from now after NO PLAYOFF APPEARANCES, losing records and half-filled Georgia Domes, Arthur Blank will be saying exactly that: I FEEL DUMB...
  14. Ryan isn't a NFL calibur QB, he is destined to be a very expensive clipboard holder for another team in about four years... just like Brian Griese and other mediocre QBs.. I hate seeing Michael Turner's talent being wasted with Ryan as QB, but it is what is.... I would like to have seen Warrick Dunn be the starter with Ryan and see how far that go... management undermined YKW with Dunn then when YKW is gone, then they want to find a REAL RB..but it won't help Ryan in the long run and it will be revealed to be the biggest bust over current teammate Jamaal Anderson..
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