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  1. So here is where I see individuals contradicting themselves. When Fontenot speaks about the draft, everyone is convinced we are taking a QB and his word is bond. When his word is praising our new QB, it's moreso due to cameras. Which one is it? Or better yet, why can't it be both? Why can't he value the best QB in Falcons history and still look towards the future
  2. LaConfora has always had crooked glasses on... Bothers me so much
  3. You should really have an internal discussion. Just let it go fella....
  4. 4. Atlanta Falcons Zach Wilson, QB, BYU It's time for the Falcons to think long term on offense under new general manager Terry Fontenot and coach Arthur Smith. Quarterback Matt Ryan turns 36 this summer. Wide receiver Julio Jones will be 32 next month. Center Alex Mack is 35 and a free agent. They can build around Wilson, who had a phenomenal season for the Cougars, throwing 33 touchdown passes and only three picks, and give him at least a year to learn from Ryan and adjust to the NFL. I thought about Justin Fields here, too, but I'm giving a slight edge to Wilson for now. If Atlanta
  5. DON'T KEEP ANYONE FROM PREVIOUS STAFF... that is all... Have a good one!
  6. No love on my part... they can all bounce the **** up out of here
  7. Everyone always says trade down... but it's not that simple. We have to have a trade-up partner. I'm pulling the trigger on Fields at 4, imo
  8. I have Fields before Wilson.. and I'm just a random fan in Austin, TX.
  9. That's honestly the best.. and most honest analysis I've read all offseason. *** Side note, no one knows what we're going to do. Sit back and enjoy. Have a Coke
  10. WAY better than a receiver
  11. most people would disagree with that...
  12. Not our job to convince you. If you don't like it, so be it... If you come around, so be it... Life is too short bud
  13. You put aside an NFL fan rivalry for the opportunity to be a GM. Plus the money helps as well
  14. I'm pulling for the Packers his season in the NFC. Obvious hatred for the Saints and the Bucs. Don't think the Rams or Bears will do anything in the playoffs. Comes down to Seahawks and the Packers. I am impressed with the way GB is playing on offense so I'd like to see Davonte Adams and Aaron Jones in the Superbowl. Plus I went to school at UTEP, where Aaron Jones played football. I saw him play live with UTEP played Texas Longhorns here in Austin where I live now. Jones had a 50 yard TD as the Miners got destroyed by Texas 50-7
  15. LOL!! If Ryan did this, you would probably complain about letting ownership and the coaches do their jobs... and the players should just play...
  16. I just find it hilarious how so many people like to throw around all these arguments, acting like they know anything and everything... but hey, you do you
  17. this board is hilarious.... so many opinions from armchair QBs... especially from individuals who have literally only watched 1 or 2 games of a prospect... Honestly no need to get spun out on this. Just sit back and let the franchise decide what they decide. We have zero influence
  18. Doubt we get much for Matthews...Best part about him is his last name. Other than that, he's been underwhelming
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