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  1. he spent too much during the offseason after the Superbowl working on his social media brand instead of in the weight room... Love this guy but time to move on
  2. that's strangely stupid...
  3. I agree It was dumb to chase points in the 1st quarter by going for 2. Just kick the extra point
  4. Look up tweet by Sam Ehlinger. He actually posted Westlake (Foles High School in Austin, TX) running it when Foles was in high school...
  5. Came from high school here in Austin TX
  6. It's a high school play.. Foles is from Westlake High School, here in Austin, TX where I live. (same high school Drew Brees is from) I saw a tweet yesterday that Sam Ehlinger posted (Freshman QB for the Longhorns) showing Foles run that same play in high school... Pretty cool that a high school play won the Eagles a SuperBowl...
  7. I'm over it... The whole team lost that freaking games to the Eagles.. not just Neal It was Ryan, It was Freeman, It was Julio.. it was the defense.. EVERYONE lost
  8. Completely agree. Turbo allowed the 2016 season inflate his ego. He spent all offseason pumping up his "brand" via social media instead of pumping weights in the gym. It was most evident in the game against the Bills. He can't get off the LOS. And can't even run an explosive 5 yard out to move the chains. Take a look at the end of the game. I was there at the 10 yard line. Row 2 and saw it live in person. Move on from Gabriel
  9. ProBowl was during the day... Grammys were at night (unless Pro Bowl was DVR'd)
  10. Sad that you need to deemed the underdogs to get "fired up"
  11. Not concerned at all.. just looking forward to a good game and supporting my team They have to play on the field. I just get to watch... I'm done stressing with this team Except when we play the swamp rats.. then I'm a f**king wreck!! LOL
  12. Only thing that I can think of here is if their interior linemen bypass our tackles to try to get out to the LBs... then that allows for Grady and Poe to attack the RBs in the backfield. Could work for Philly on our undersized LBs but if our tackles get immediate penetration, this will blow up in Phillys face
  13. Dude.... Troy Aikman was on Shula's sack during our week 17 against them... It was annoying as f**k...
  14. I thought it was for an extra $250k. He already hit 8 sacks so he was up to $750k..
  15. Pro Bowl is a popularity contest... who really cares