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  1. Thanks! we just finished football season for his 7th grade middle school team. Focusing now on offseason conditioning.. (speed & strength). Then in late January he'll start to run track for his school. and then play soccer for the school in April...
  2. Seahawks OC? I'd rather have Matt go no-huddle all season... probably turn out better than that Seahawks castoff... This aint' flag football where you play with all your old college buddies
  3. Umm.. we were totally 2 handoffs away from winning. 2nd and 11, hand off the ball. 3rd and 10. handoff the ball. 4th and 9. Kick 38 yard field goal and go up 31 to 20. Game over
  4. Yeah, he was screaming at the TV after one play... I was focused on the play developing and the routes being ran. And my son Fabian yelled and was like.. ." 69! He just gets bullrushed back into Matt Ryan. He's garbage." And sure enough, we rewinded the game and Beadles had been pushed back, forcing Matt to exit the pocket early... I love the way his young mind thinks...Football is life for him..
  5. Season's a joke... oh well, time to move on
  6. Playing for Ed Oliver or Williams is exactly the definition of "embracing the suck" If we lose, then we lose... but to have the mentality of intentionally losing disgusts me. I'm glad the team fought hard yesterday I hope they fight just as hard on Sunday in Carolina. If they lose to the Panthers, then so be it...
  7. offset the depth lost chasing Julio ? In other words, the picks we gave away all those years ago? Like we weren't 2 handoffs away from wining the Superbowl... OP knows little about football
  8. My 13-year old son said that Beadles sucked yesterday... lol At one point, he was screaming... What the heck is 69 doing? He's garbage.. Haha... my 13-year old has been playing football here in Austin since age 4. Majority at QB. He knows the value of a good lineman
  9. Original Poster is having a really bad weekend it appears... crying for help on social media... ala Kanye or Pete Hope your day gets better OP and you get the help and/or medication you need bro...
  10. I was happy we won.... ended a 5-game losing streak
  11. Yep! Love my Falcons to death. Would never root for them to lose. Besides, the draft is a crap shoot!!
  12. I'm with you...99% of the folks on here have never played professional sports
  13. I'm with you !!! It was nice to see an end to a 5-game losing streak
  14. This, to me, was more about stopping a 5-game losing streak
  15. That's freaking hilarious.... Only watching 5 games.. admitting that not a film guy.. but proclaiming the player hasn't impressed him and is not worth a top 5 pick... Stick to day job homie