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  1. LOL at you calling yourself a draft guru... yet you're posting on a random internet message board and not working with the draft in some capacity...
  2. The Baltimore Ravens traded tight end Hayden Hurst and a fourth-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons for second- and fifth-round selections, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. All picks will be made in the 2020 draft. The second-round choice involved will be 55th and was acquired from New England in the Mohamed Sanu trade. This makes me like the trade even more...
  3. Who said that? Ever? Zero mock drafts have Herbert going #1...
  4. And we were a Julio drop away from the NFC Championship game in 2017.... a YEAR after the Superbowl... So again.. can't trust Jason "crooked" Cantora
  5. Hard to listen to a guy who has crooked glasses all the time
  6. All that money that Offset and the Migos have... and they still can't buy a football education... Pretty f' ing sad.... #CULTURE
  7. Thank you!! This right here!!
  8. Ego.. it all comes down to his ego. He wanted to get one more TD at the end there. ****.. you didn't even have to run the ball. Literally 3 kneeldowns and a 40 yard FG wins the game. Yes, I blame him.. I blame DQ.. and I blame Ryan for those last 4 minutes... To **** with all of them when referring to Superbowl. I hope the 49ers lose by 14+
  9. i can't believe we didnt' trade him last offseason... f'ing stupid of front office.
  10. Boggles my mind that someone pays him to write this. My 14 year old son (playing football since age 4) can summarize the above.. Our writers are trash
  11. LOL.... I live in Austin. You do not want Sam Ehlinger on this team.The 2020 version of Tim Tebow...
  12. Who writes these articles? I stopped reading when it said... pick him up as an unrestricted free agent
  13. Completely agree with you here... the whole convince me otherwise is just a cry for attention... HARD PASS