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  1. "Listened".. forgive my typo. You were being a smart@ss... yet you had two misspellings as well. A bit ironic don't you think. eyballs & fer
  2. Same. This wasn't bad at all. You cannot argue that the Titans should have a formidable offense if they stay healthy. I will be tuning in on occasion to watch what they can accomplish.
  3. Eventually all will be available via Amazon Prime... I say within 1-2 seasons
  4. Are his glasses still crooked?
  5. a 1st and Julio goes to the Jets...lol DO IT !!
  6. How... ATL wins in any of the situations above. You can maneuver cap. That's always possible. If Julio plays, we have a better product on the field. If he retires, then so be it. I'm not emotionally connected to Julio, which would allow me to easily fine him and not think twice about it.
  7. You're hilarious bro... you probably had a rough relationship in the past the way you throw out the word hostage so much! He gets paid $20 million dollars to play a sport. HOSTAGE my @ ss....
  8. An employee has a right to quit their job. As much as a company may want said employee to stay, when he/she decides it's time to move on, they can quit. So hey, Julio can quit the NFL if he so chooses to. Again, you're being extremely dramatic with the hostage analogy. But if that's what it takes, then yes, hold 11 hostage. He held ATL hostage when he held out of camp several times now
  9. And again.. market for Julio at minimum, should include a 1... and if it doesnt' happen, we keep him. To **** with his "feelings"
  10. How dramatic can you be.... Hostage? For expecting a player to live up to the contract that they dearly wanted.. not even 2 years ago?? I completely agree with ATL if they decide to not trade Julio.
  11. Fair point. But the trade has to include a 1 and a player.. or a 1 and another pick. If not, then back to my original 3 options
  12. If I'm ATL, I'm working my magic to clear up cap space to sign rookies. Then give Julio 3 options. Play... Sit (get fined)....Retire Plain & simple. I am NOT trading Julio
  13. It's awkward how you're just looking for attention. It's as if you are deliberately looking for a fight and to make yourself feel better about something. And I'm not a TD lover/homer. I'm just a fan of the Falcons
  14. Would you take a huge paycut for your current company because others make a lot of money??
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