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  1. Annual 2-3 game stretch where Julio misses time
  2. Sure it's 2 games into the season... BUT it's actually 82 games into Quinn's tenure... (not including postseason). This would not scare off anyone that wants an HC job
  3. I would dare teams to play Julio with 1 defender
  4. Disappointed that Raheem Morris forgot that teams can pass the ball as well.... I would consider it basic but what do I know
  5. I agree with you though.. we were forcing the run to be more balanced.
  6. Biggest tell for me.. when we went 3 and out after a Seattle TD. 1st down run. 2 yards. 2nd down run. 2 yards.
  7. Agreed.. we forced the run because that's our "identity" now.. which is stupid since we can't run the ball effectively yet.. and we're alwasy downs 2 TDs it seems... lol. Let's go no-huddle
  8. Agreed... Just a bit outside and Ridley laid out and almost had it..
  9. Yes agreed. However, going for it on 4th and 5 in the 1st quarter down 7-3 was unnecessary
  10. Never mind.. he had 2 catches for 15 yards... Yep, we REALLY missed Austin Hooper yesterday...
  11. How did Hooper look in CLE ?
  12. I feel like they need to come out in a hurry-up offense with Julio, Ridley, Gage, Hurst, and Gurley on the field.. And let Ryan go to town, with some Gurley runs mixed in... This team should be able to score on most drives when they go hurry-up. Get a double digit lead and then start to slow the game down by running more in the 2nd half..
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