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  1. Honestly, what is up with Bosher. He has one job all week. Keep your groin intact...
  2. He's old man... just old. I was actually surprised he made the 1st 50 yarder... I only trust him from 45 yards in since mid-last season
  3. I watched alot of the Titans Colts game today (because I like Mariotta from when he was at Oregon). This will be tough due to the fact we are on the road. But they don't blitz anywhere near like Philly I like our chances T.Y. will be a well as Mack
  4. Agreed. Looked like Keanu was late getting over
  5. He was referring to the sentence about Brees being in the league 7 years longer.
  6. Ran it last season against Washingon. Got Julio his 1st TD of season. Matthews crushed Josh Norman
  7. And remember... the Eagles were supposed to come in and annihilate us.. according to the boards. Well for one week, we are better than them.
  8. Exactly... he read cover 0 and audible to the WR screen. It looked very similar to the play last year when they finally got Julio a TD against Washington. Matthew blasted Josh Norman.. Matthews (& Sanu) came up clutch. For those that want to discredit Ryan.. or our team, then so be it. Your prerogative. I'm excited as **** that we won that game. We are 1-1. Now we have to go on the road to face a touch Colts team. But we can win that game as well....
  9. Does'nt get released until Friday night online... 9 pm EST
  10. at this point.. I agree with you
  11. Agreed!! that was freaking ridiculous. WTF was he doing!!!
  12. LOL.. how does that pat on your back feel bruh? Real question... does it feel good posting something like this.. (one of your 48 posts), that at one point, you stated a 2nd year CB didn't look good?
  13. how do we always get a penalty in the secondary on 3rd down?? Analysts called it.. lack of confidence.. they do not trust their training
  14. Definitely missed challenge... at minimum, it's illegal contact downfield. 5 yards and 1st down. or at best.. defensive pass interference and we are down at the 10-15 yard line...