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  1. Did you watch out playoff game against the Rams ?
  2. oh well.... It is what it is. Work with who's there at camp. But Julio.. you got 3 years left BRO!!! Ball out this year and they'll extend you with 2 yrs left on your contract You're good... but you're just 1 person
  3. You can only speak on behalf of yourself when it comes to being offended. Personally, I am not offended if they kneel. I dont' let others' actions define how I feel, especially when it comes to the flag. This is one customer they are not losing. I'm in for the enjoyment of watching football. Nothing more, nothing less
  4. didn't we sign Alford to an extension ?
  5. That 2nd analyst that spoke called for "less" I can't wait to tweet his this clip come January I forgot his name. He was on our bandwagon SuperBowl season and then came way off....
  6. Dont know exact stats but something like 8 of his 11 interceptions were drops... so yeah... that did affect his stats dramatically
  7. as we all aware... tommy's wifey makes more money than him..
  8. Turbo sucked last year.... Became an Instagram whore
  9. Dammit!!! 8 of the 1st 16 games are on the road.... Why do they hate the Falcons so much....
  10. Those road games were already in place I dont buy into the conspiracy theory
  11. Why is everyone so ******* scared of the Eagles in week 1? We were a Julio drop away from beating their ***...
  12. THIS!! ^^^^^^^ That 4th down play by Turbo against Buffalo was PATHETIC
  13. many, many youth rec leagues.... lol