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  1. I think we need his length and range out there.... must be extremely hard to maintain proper football shape though. I follow him on IG. He has not posted in a very long time. Hopefully that means he's been hustling. Side note... very good-looking girlfriend, so hopefully she reminded him that this is his last
  2. I think we need him on active roster. Not sure who gets the bench for him. But he is better than CJ Goodwin... maintaining he is in football shape
  3. I'm happy we won... It's Tuesday morning After a win Thanksgiving week I'm grateful I have a good job Grateful my daughter comes home from college on Thursday for a few days And i'm grateful we won... End of story Plus it was a fun game to watch Love seeing the dumb look on Pete's face
  4. Not a fan of Poole... big reason why we lost the SB.. But in all fairness, not his fault.. Coaches didn't put him in a position to succeed I was waiting for that CB blitz by Poole.. like we saw earlier in the playoffs
  5. Earl might not play.. depends on his hammy
  6. I can't even imagine if the Saints get the 1 or the 2 seed in the NFC... that's a home field advantage there in New Orleans with those fans....
  7. Never say never... Any Given Sunday... I remember a particular Sunday last year Carolina gave up 3 100-yard games to the same receiver ...
  8. Who are we going to be covering McCaffrey with coming out of the backfield. Job usually goes to a LB.. but this is a different situation. I can't even see our fastest LB (Deion?) being able to cover Ed out in space...
  9. Losing Benjamin definitely helps us on defense. We need a solid game from the O-line on offense. We can win this game...
  10. I remember a freaking vicious block he had that sprung Edeman for a long TD... so yeah I guess I do remember Floyd making a play...
  11. Good for them... They're being aggressive.. I like it. We still have 2 of the best RBs in the league. We just have to use them...
  12. Who won?
  13. And didnt 21 of those points come from the defense...