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  1. Kazee is light years better than Poole...
  2. Quinn just a figure head now... calling defensive plays only. No other real power... I mean, ****, he's never used his veto power anyways
  3. I even dislike when somebody posts a clip of a play from that game here on the message boards....
  4. I dont remember Shanahan having a press conference
  5. Makes too much sense for us to get oliver... we will **** it up.. watch
  6. OP needs help bro... He's on that Pete Davidson over Ariana level help....
  7. who cares...
  8. I wouldn't be too sure... Both Eagles and/or Rams/Cowboys could upset them.. Rams probably best shot. And to be honest, even if CHI wins I didn't think they were going to beat the Rams
  9. Alot of us are frustrated with Sark, myself included. Alot of us are cynical and sarcastic. This poster spews so much venom. I'd like to believe it's just an act for attention. Either way, I'm looking forward to one more game that my Falcons will hopefully win and then on to wild card weekend, divisional games, conference championships and then the Superbowl. Then the draft in April and the 2019 season next September...!!! Go Falcons!
  10. I just went and read the post again in its entirety. I'm lost how the train horn is making fun of racism and the black culture. This board sucks more often that not nowadays...
  11. the OP is so angry... I hope things get better for him in 2019.. like legit better. Forget football. This is life we're talking here. Sort of how I feel Josh Gordon needs to get help. so does the OP.. Here's to a great 2019!!!
  12. DQ is really good at calling timeouts at the end of both 1st and 2nd halves! He always stops the clock long enough for the other team to have time to continue marching down the field and score on us!!!
  13. This right here!! They could have kneeled 3 times after amazing throw and catch from Ryan to Julio to get them to the 22 yd line. Kneel 3 times and kick a FG