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  1. Ryans' arm was hit on the pick
  2. But I mean, why should he risk surgery right? He already got paid after Superbowl
  3. He should have taken care of this in the offseason. Didn't he elect to not have surgery?
  4. Holy sh*TT 43 pass plays to 18 runs ??? Almost as bad as 5 runs in the 2nd half of the big dance... RYAN... start checking into some F****ING RUNS BRO!!!! To **** what the OC says Man up, grab your sack, and check into a run once in a while.. Run the freaking no-huddle 43 pass plays, and we lost by 6... freaking ridiculous
  5. I remember Calvin dropping a pass that was thrown and hit him in the #'s...
  6. Same here bud. I've been disappointed by this team far too many times. I love my Falcons but I can't get excited about them too much anymore. I also will DEFINITELY get too upset about them anymore... It's not worth it. I hope they win this coming Sunday because the stats are not good for teams starting 0-2 on the season. I'm trying to stay very even keel about them moving forward for the rest of the season. That includes player injuries, QB play, red zone inefficiency. My job is to root for the team.. And with that I have no problem cheering freaking HARD on Sunday. In the interim, I'll just chill...
  7. Completely agree! No need to worry. If he plays, great! If not, oh f'ing well... so be it. Next man up
  8. I'm taking advantage of the fact that there is no Falcons game on today to run some errands. I'll keep up with the NFL Sunday Ticket app on my phone. Gotta take the boy to the barber salon, then off to shop for some khakis and dress shirt/tie for him. Tomorrow is his 1st game of the season. 7th grade middle school ball here in Austin, TX and the coach makes them dress up during the day for classes. He won the QB1 position so we are excited...
  9. 1st drive. 3rd and goal. Freeman was open. Matt missed him
  10. I didn't know he was still on.. .BUT he's not lying on those 3 points. And I love Ryan. But I'm done for the next 10 days. wake me when they beat Carolina
  11. The boy is 6'4". He should be able to fall forward and get 1 yard on a QB sneak
  12. Real talk.. nobody is/was weaker than Turbo. He got OWNED on 4th down against the Bills
  13. We are going to win... AND FYI... if I felt otherwise, why would I watch? I feel we will win every game. I'm sometimes wrong. Sometimes I'm often wrong. Once I cried.. BUT.. I still feel the same every week.... We are going to win
  14. Freaking got chills listening to this 'ish!!! I WANT A SUPERBOWL !!!!