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  1. it says on mlb gameday 17...not sure lol
  2. this is the series we need to win...the phillies are getting tossed around
  3. wow, can we please take advantage of the phillies losing. this is a 45-91 team!
  4. screw it, try glaus at 3rd, move infante to lf since he can play pretty much every position and worry about the cf next year...just keep milk boy on the bench
  5. this is the time I would love to have medlen back
  6. that .350 avg is looking very sexy!
  7. philly guy is getting mad, its sorta entertaining
  8. Our rotation is pretty solid outside of Lowe...Im looking foward to the Hudson JJ Hanson Medlen (when healthy) Minor rotation. Maybe we can send lowe and his contract off for some better outfielding.
  9. heyward is terrible in that 2 spot...when will we move him
  10. I like our lineup right now except i would just switch heyward and prado...and our 8th hitter isnt to good
  11. I live in Tampa FL and a lot of fans around here compare JPP to Gaines Adams. Not sure how much everyone has watched him but I remember Selvie the year before being the main guy on that front line but pretty much fell off. I'm not a huge fan of the one year guys but he definitely has potential. I think they're a lot of better choices to choose from.
  12. list is pretty good, just lose Leftwhich and Cadillac Williams
  13. id stick with the defense in the 1st round and see what happens with owen daniels, hes a pretty good te.
  14. harstock is good, i just know owen daniels has more than proven himself as 1 of the better TEs in the NFL the past 2 years....If i was 2 choose another RB around that round, i would probably take tyrell sutton.
  15. it was 68% i do believe....ive always liked finneran, hes just a strong dedicated guy and gives his all. Hes like our ed ed mccaffrey.
  16. i would really like the dual te set with owen daniels and peele....not sure where your 5- Arian Foster- HB came from. He had a bad bad bad year and has fumble problems. would def love to see the resigning of foxworth and grab sean jones with albert and than draft a LB DE and a few reserves.
  17. Im going with the Giants and than Minnesota to beat the Panties and do to the Vikes what we did in 98.....would be sweet!!!! But lets first knock out those red birds
  18. yea, i was thinking the same exact thing....i mean they could of made it a 35 minute show and at least added that game and I would of been alright with it, lol
  19. Not sure if anybody else was watching this but they put the Saints Falcons game where we lost 29-25 on there but not our Falcons Bears game. Sometimes I just don't understand...
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