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  1. it says on mlb gameday 17...not sure lol
  2. this is the series we need to win...the phillies are getting tossed around
  3. wow, can we please take advantage of the phillies losing. this is a 45-91 team!
  4. screw it, try glaus at 3rd, move infante to lf since he can play pretty much every position and worry about the cf next year...just keep milk boy on the bench
  5. this is the time I would love to have medlen back
  6. that .350 avg is looking very sexy!
  7. philly guy is getting mad, its sorta entertaining
  8. Our rotation is pretty solid outside of Lowe...Im looking foward to the Hudson JJ Hanson Medlen (when healthy) Minor rotation. Maybe we can send lowe and his contract off for some better outfielding.
  9. heyward is terrible in that 2 spot...when will we move him
  10. I like our lineup right now except i would just switch heyward and prado...and our 8th hitter isnt to good
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