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  1. yeah i guess but then we have hill outside loften middle and peterson outside and then our Dline could go abraham jerry walker and then sidbury(I like sidbury alot better then anderson) and william moore at saftey jackson and one corner owens at the other side and find someone at the other saftey that Defense would be nice
  2. What do you think now that the seahawks let go of LeRoy Hill we pick him up and have he left out side and mike peterson middle and loften right
  3. i like the pick up of the wr aaron kelly now we have roddy white, jenkins, Harry douglas (mr. everything he can play anywhere......maybe mike smith would like him in the wildcat???)
  4. no you cant cheer for the panthers you gotta cheer for the ravens now they are just like us a turn around team with a rookie coach and qb either them or the cards in the nfc since they beat us in the first round wouldnt you feel better if you lost to the super bowl champs!!!!
  5. what are your predictions agaisnt the saints (i know i put TAINTS above there is a reasoning behind it)
  6. this man is going to be the falcons 2nd wide out next if not then the year after they better keep this guy along side roddy white...he can return punts, run reverses, catch the ball, and man oh man does he got speed
  7. who is looking good in next years draft to pick up
  8. who do you think should have the right to go to the pro bowl this year from Atlanta?
  9. falcons22


    so one of the post said you would take T.O.'s cockyness over DeSean Jackson any week well that not true the guy is a rookie and just starting to make mistakes its a rookie mistake and T.O is way to cocky for any one to like he is a piece of sh*t
  10. what are some of the predictions in this weeks game i got Atlanta by about 21 and the least KC is rotten!!!!!! Well give some input
  11. yeah the pass rush is not the best we need to improve there and get a tight end
  12. well i like the corner jackson we drafted this year he has a bright feature ahead of him
  13. does mike vick have a chance to come back to the nfl as a wr for the falcons
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