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  1. LMAO...isnt Johnny Jolly arrested for possesing 400grams of coke??
  2. Its simple, short and sweet. With other teams attempting to blitz our QB and hit him late, trying to rattle him, and force turnovers...there is a play we DO NOT CALL ENOUGH. The Halfback screen. Obviously, Norwood would be the best, or most dangerous on this play. However, Turner or Snelling, even Eric Weems would be a great fit into this play. Some may argue, but the bottom line is...the aggression of opposing defenses is not always a bad thing Watch for the screen, hopefully.
  3. Many used to refer to me as "Dan Reeves". I havent been on the board as often as I once was...but I had to share my thoughts on this topic. Everybody knows we need to run the ball, including our oppposition...but just hear me out. So I was watching the Sunday Ticket today with my brother, like I do every sunday. We have a firm understanding of the "X's and O's" of football...as both of us are coaches ourselves. I said to my brother..."Am I the only one that notices how important the running game is in the NFL this year"?? He said...well, what about all the spread offense in college...thats pu
  4. LOL. Maybe slide him inside on passing downs inside Biermann. But I agree, this off-season he's gotta go. We've been patient. He's hurting our TEAM. He's got to go!
  5. Some used to call me Dan Reeves...lol. Others dont know me. It doesnt matter anyway. Im a DIEHARD FALCON FAN SINCE BIRTH...like most of u on this board. If you are not a diehard fan, u shouldnt be here. Why Im stating this is because I feel Ive seen the best and worst, and been thru it all with this team...in my 28years. Again, if u are a diehard Falcons fan...keep Reading!! I was reading another post, and it has an article by the AJC stating that the Patriots approach surprised our defense. I agree, the Patriots havent showed a running threat all year, and then we get burnt for 160 on the gro
  6. We have a combination of players, that WHEN they gel together...it just may bring us our 1st Championship. Our offense doesnt have alot to do in terms of personnel, we are pretty much set. But, one spot I see that may bring some heated competition is the 4th, and 5th WR positions. We have Finneran, he's good. We can put Gonzalez in the slot too...but its not about formations...its about depth. We need 5 WR's. If Finneran remains the 4th...we have an important spot open for #5. Ideas??
  7. Very true. Taylor has had a great career. If its not him, I do see us trying to add depth to our team. I question who our 3RD RB will be?? Brown, Snelling, or...someone else??
  8. Just forget about Brown for a second. I'd much rather have Turner, Taylor, and Norwood...plus Snelling!!
  9. Terrible!! Sad...very unfortunate!!
  10. Snelling would be a monster at FB with Mughelli... I just dont trust Brown after his injury...I hope he proves me wrong!!
  11. We have more pressing needs. We have a potent ground game already. Jerious Norwood...I'm a big fan. Just hear me out. Lets just say Norwood went down with an injury, and he was to miss a few games...who gives Turner a breather?? Yes, Thomas Brown still may be the answer. However, would Taylor even be interested in splitting time with Norwood, and Turner?? How would Norwood's role change?? There are alot of thoughts and things to consider with this idea.......this is what I'm saying.... The NYG have a 3 RB's split time with no problems. I would hate to be on the defensive side of the ball, and
  12. My stomach is in knots...I tried to eat some lunch...couldn't do it!! I thinkin' about havin' some roasted Cardinal for dinner though... GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Im not saying with the game on the line that Matty "Ice" cant get it done... What Im saying is...when we stayed balanced and kept him under 30attempts...we are undefeated!!
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