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  1. Didn't we leave Toilolo in to help him in pass pro? I saw his grade before the Carolina game and decided to focus on him. Maybe that was a bad game to watch, but he was putrid.
  2. He and the other down linemen are basically there to eat up blockers in a 3-4 to let the Linebackers run free and make plays. The problem was we were basically giving up our best players(Dlinemen) to free up our weakness(linebackers).
  3. I don't understand why he doesn't just take the computer out of the kitchen.
  4. Me too, but he has all of the athletic ability you could ask for, I'm just thinking maybe having plays unfold in front of him might be easier. I felt almost like I was watching Chris Houston out there again last year with his inability to turn his head and make plays on the ball. He would be in his guy's hip pocket, but just wouldn't make the play.
  5. 1: The talk of Southward to CB 2: Alford working out with Ryan Clark (Steelers' FS) 3: Jalen Collins drafting He has as good of range and Ball skills a million times better than Southward. Just a thought that popped into my head a few months ago, but I couldn't get my password issues fixed until tonight.
  6. So what you're saying is in 7 drafts he's come up with 5 NFL caliber plaayers?
  7. Not only have our lines and linebackers underperformed, but I can't think of one single offensive or defensive player that has left here and been coached up to become good. That being said Smith has made more than a few decisions that just make you scratch your head. Overcompensaiton maybe. Can anyone else name a player drafted since Dimitroff got here that left and became successful with different coaches?
  8. Thomas has been making all of the moves here that Belicheck would smack his hand for if he tried it in N.E.
  9. Yeah because players always leave here and realize their true potential like????????????????
  10. you know you b low when you suck in your highlight package
  11. I know our running game is 100 times better.
  12. He wasn't even in coverage on the one Great play. He was rushing the passer, tipped the ball in the air then laid out to pick it. I don't remember the other one though.
  13. "Clutch" was not mentioned in your post. He's not that either. You asked why he's the only one to get blamed when White and Ryan mess up too. My response to that was that they have made MANY more plays to offset their mistakes. Your reply was that HD has balled out many many times. TRYING TO COMPARE WHAT HE HAS DONE TO WHITE AND RYAN, or atleast inferring that he deserves the same "pass" that they get. Many many is a lie, and he hasn't balled out anywhere near as much as they have was my reply. You compared them. I know they only wear the same jersey. There is no comparison.
  14. He's been getting worked since his last two seasons here.
  15. <p> </p/> What the fidduck is a Chris Simms?
  16. So needing a competent QB is an excuse for a WR not having good #s? OK. He was the #1 option for most of the year with a QB that threw for 4,500 yard and he amassed a whopping 1,000 yards and 2 tds.
  17. I'll give him 65-80...maybe even sniffing the 50s, but that's as far as I can go.
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