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  1. Going to be even harder to evaluate the back up receivers now. From the AAF games i saw avoiding pressure and moving the ball down field are not his strengths.
  2. Right now Julio i want to see how Deion bounces back from injury. I also think like Keanu his fit is best for a DQ defense so if God forbid we have to move on from DQ he may not fit the new regimes philosophy. I think Julio could be Julio in any scheme.
  3. I think the economics of the situation have a lot to do with this draft. Some of our defensive impact players are coming up on second contracts so you have to find skilled rookies on cheaper contracts on offense. You hedge your bets with solid veteran backups. Even with guys like Ridley, Hooper, and Coleman being solid offensive contributors the drafts in the DQ era have been primarily defensive focused. Due to the contracts on offense.
  4. Can the lack of top 100 players be used to assess the amount of talent on a team. I mean I see Gil Brandts list, then I see guys like, Neal, Jones, Mack and Grady get no mentions. It makes me wonder are they really that underrated on a "players voted" list or am I looking at there play through falcon fan blinders.
  5. I know he connected with Gonzo and Snelling on many TDs while on the move but this is the most memorable play to me probably because it was the playoffs. Still hate Rodgers.
  6. Every time I here about Matt throwing on the run or rolling I think of this play. Not sure if I like cutting off half the field especially with the weapons we have now.
  7. I argue with Seahawks/anti-falcon fans often and the one thing I agree with them on is that it seemed that a lot of the competition talk from the prior staff was just lip service. There was a glass ceiling on developing players once they found someone they liked. You did not see players full potential by seeing them run with the first team, or simply paying attention and fitting the scheme toward allowing guys to do what they do best. They were constantly trying to fit a square peg into around hole.
  8. My moral compass is broken after the last two seasons. Incognito was looking good earlier this off-season and now Aldon could probably punch a baby and i would still say give him a look. I mean look at this guy.
  9. I thought Freeman, TC, and Antone had the running back position locked but Terron Ward's name has consistently come up the first couple of days of camp. The Shanahan's have gotten a lot out of undrafted backs. If he can give anything close to the effort tone used to give on special teams Armstrong could have a hard decision on his hands. Before camp Dled an Bill Polian said he had a legit shot at sticking with the squad.
  10. Great video JBO awesome job but the 49er interception strip has to be in there man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeDCk2XVhZA
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