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  1. Drug test upcoming.
  2. Going to be even harder to evaluate the back up receivers now. From the AAF games i saw avoiding pressure and moving the ball down field are not his strengths.
  3. Right now Julio i want to see how Deion bounces back from injury. I also think like Keanu his fit is best for a DQ defense so if God forbid we have to move on from DQ he may not fit the new regimes philosophy. I think Julio could be Julio in any scheme.
  4. I think the economics of the situation have a lot to do with this draft. Some of our defensive impact players are coming up on second contracts so you have to find skilled rookies on cheaper contracts on offense. You hedge your bets with solid veteran backups. Even with guys like Ridley, Hooper, and Coleman being solid offensive contributors the drafts in the DQ era have been primarily defensive focused. Due to the contracts on offense.