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  1. Great video JBO awesome job but the 49er interception strip has to be in there man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeDCk2XVhZA
  2. Delhomme staring at D-line brown crap stain on back of shorts/pads Falco makes comment thats what you get from eating at Bojangles.
  3. I think our reputation as a power running team should have helped us draw more defenses closer to the line of scrimmage helping with the intermediate passing game in the middle of the field but with Turner being injured late and not being very efficient early, teams were able to cover a lot more space. I also think that the running backs should be able to get into this area with the attention our recievers draw. The deep middle is more of a timing thing I think I remember Roddy talking about the skinny post being one of his favorite routes and it is all timing. Offensive line issues and inj
  4. I think that the QB's that we will be facing this season has a lot to do with this. Last year we faced some of the NFL's more elite and experienced QB's so BVG probably was not willing to come press the issue and hurt our young secondary. We are going to go against some young and middle of the road QB's this year that blitzing should have a greater effect on.
  5. This has been something that has baffled me for years Offensive Guys like Billick, Ditka, and this year Josh Mcdaniels are blessed with some of the best defenses in history while guys like Marvin Lewis (before this season) Mike Smith and Jim Mora struggle. Even Tony Dungy Mr. Tampa Two had one of the greatest QB's in history line up for him. It takes a talented bunch of assistants to teach your philosophy and a GM to get the players to fit your philosophy. What Zimmer has done in Cincinnati in 2 seasons is incredible and what Mike Nolan has done in Denver in one season is even more amazing
  6. I disagree I think Williams was our best corner and he was no where near our fastest he was the more technically sound and more experienced and that is what I think we need. All the speed in the world means nothing if you are out of position and do not turn your head. I still like our defense though we are improving and they showed me a lot in the second half versus the Saints.
  7. I am with you bro. Yeah baby its time for the Burner to go super nova all over there ***** man!!! It starts with the O-line lets go boys its statement time total domination is not enough I want them to remember this *** whuppin.
  8. I actually like how Matt has been getting the ball to our backs on the the no huddle drive Jerious was featured and Snelling has been making some nice catches and a lot has been made of tony but the other TE have been more productive also. I think the backs have alredy equalled there TD reception output from last year
  9. +1 for the post but I have to disagree with the above. The offense has not given up many turnovers but they have had a couple of 3 and outs that have put the defense in some less than favorable situations. We are 20th in TOP/G and this is a big reason why along with bend don't break defense. The offense has also benefited greatly from the turnovers our defense has come up with just look back at the Miami game. I still think if they could have put together some drives against the Pats that game would have been alot different. The 49er game is the model of how our offense, defense, and spec
  10. Maybe we will see us get more exotic later in the season but you first have to put it on film for the opponents OC to see your normal blitz looks then you can modify off that later in the season. We may even be more open to exotic blitzes if our normal blitzes worked.
  11. I think it goes with out saying that we need to be more effective with our blitzes. Everyone is in agreement that if we blitz we need to get there. That is why I was against blitzing because I was not sure we would get there or if our secondary could hold recievers. I am starting to think that another factor should be entered. Much like with our running game I think that attempts carry a lot of weight. Attempted blitzes helped BVG shorten the routes of the recievers which allowed them to walk down the field but also kept them from having long deep balls cutler loves and also gave us a cha
  12. It seemed to me that BVG dialed up a little more pressure on Sunday night. This was what many people (not my self) on the boards were asking for. Mike Peterson got a sack and I saw Grimes and EC get some pressure on Cutler. I was surprised to see the stat that Cutler had a nearly Perfect Rating (150.0) when we sent extra pressure and was less successful (41.3) when we just sent our base front. They even caught there 2 touchdowns when we sent added pressure. The 2 interceptions came with our standard rush. So my question is where you guys happy with the added blitzing or do you think we w
  13. I had to go with my dog Babs his play was great last night. I wanted to go for the entire defense but too many long drives, pass interference calls as well as Houston who had been doing better had a couple of miscues. My boy Babs gets little credit so he deserves this one.
  14. What coach would ever do such a thing. Got to admit this is one of the reasons I think Smitty is such a great coach. His attitude is fiery but not reckless and it projects to his players.
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