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  1. I think those stats are skewed from the Primetime game with the Saints that Reggie Bush ran two punt returns back for touchdowns. Granted their punt return isn't good, but I don't think that they are the worst in the league, Bush is just an explosive player.
  2. Turner is looking a little bit tentative right now.
  3. Good lord, Matt Ryan is on an island right now. He is on his own planet on this drive.
  4. This game is living up to the billing, and our team is responding. This one will come down to the wire.
  5. They should have Will Smith do it, he would probably be better.
  6. I think our running game is the key, personally. If we can run the ball and keep Brees off the field it will give us a good chance to win. I also think penalties are going to be important, hopefully we will get some better calls this week than against the Chargers, but I think this game will be close and we don't need to make dumb mistakes (which we haven't done much of so far).
  7. Good stuff, that's the kind of stuff I drink when I am at my parents' house lol
  8. I never thought Natty Light could taste so good , being a college student sucks...
  9. well, i thought I would join the party for the first time, is it BYOB?
  10. apparently not, maybe if we were undefeated, he wouldn't have made that post.
  11. Oh okay, I wasn't taking a shot at you but I am with you that I support the team year in and year out. Some years it seems like a curse, but I make it. I was raised a Falcons and Braves fans and I am pretty diehard for both teams. My dad has been a big fan since '66 and he actually would dress up in his full football equipment to watch them lose when he was 11 (as he would joke) but I wasn't questioning your belief in the team, I just misunderstood you.
  12. I understand that you have believed in this team, but I really think you are being unfair if you say that you expected (or believed) that this team would be in the position that we are in right now. I knew this team would be talented and I was satisfied with our draft that TD and Co. put together before the season (especially Curtis Lofton), but I will be honest, I expected improvement and a fairly competitive football team, but not a team of this caliber. Back on topic. That was a good post, and a true post. This is going to be a very tough game and a dome without friendly fans is going to be something different for Matt Ryan. I do think however that he is prepared for it, and I feel confident that if he falters tomorrow, it will be a learning experience for him and will help him in the future. I am not saying that I want or think that he is going to play poorly, I just feel that Ryan will learn from his failures as well. The Falcons need to treat these last four games as playoff games, and both dome games, tomorrow and when we travel to Minnesota to play the Vikings, are going to be very tough games to win. On a side note, I am excited to see both games because the Saints will really test our pass defense tomorrow, and Adrian Peterson will surely test our run defense in a few weeks. To wrap it up, I want to say that if this team loses the final four games (which won't happen, this is just a what-if scenario) it would still be a enormous victory for the organization and the city of Atlanta (and for those fans who don't live in GA, you too). I think that the ownership has made the right moves this time and we will see the longest run of success this franchise has ever seen, ****, and I cross my fingers when I say this, we might even win a Superbowl in this era.
  13. You are right. I commend you. I am however concerned about the future of concealed carry permits, but instead of talking about this on a football board, I'll just pm you.
  14. Well glocks have three safeties but none are of the traditional trigger safety variety. Glocks (and clones made by Springfield and Smith and Wesson, even Kimber has come out with one) are designed for use by Military and Police. The safeties on glocks make the trigger pull longer, and prevent accidental firing from dropping the gun. Anyone who has a gun, should be properly trained and now their gun before they purchase it. They also need to have some type of firearm safety course, and I am as right wing as it gets when it comes to the second amendment.
  15. There are no single action action glocks, they are no hammers on glocks either, it is double action only. But there are no safeties on them, only a small trigger safety, causing the gun to have a longer trigger pull so it is harder to accidentally fire. I am not defending Plax, just correcting the facts. edit: mcsupersport said something similar to my statement before, sorry to repeat what was said. In regards to Xanthri08: mcsupersport is correct, Glocks have NO HAMMERS the firing pin is engaged by a striker, NOT a hammer. You are incorrect in that if he had a glock he could have been carrying it cocked and locked, you can't do that with Glocks. If he had a pistol with a hammer, such as a 1911 style (Colt, Springfield, Kimber), Decock style (Sig Sauer, Jericho, HK USP), or revolver (Smith and Wesson, Taurus) that would be possible. And I don't mean to be a jerk, but you don't know what you are talking about with guns and your argument on Plaxico's lack of responsibility when it comes to guns (and in other aspects of his life, but that is a completely different subject) loses all credibility when your facts are more crooked than a politician.
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