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  1. This. With the NFC Championship loss the previous season and, well, just the general hatred for the Eagles for being the Eagles, there was anger in the crowd that night. A side note: We started tailgating early that day, and after having a few too many beers, I stumbled into the women's bathroom during the game, not even noticing I was in the wrong place until I had already somehow made it into a stall without anyone screaming. I was trapped in there for a good fifteen minutes until the crowd died down and I had a clear opportunity to sneak out.
  2. Let's hope the offense does the same. 35 second half points, here we come!
  3. Dammit. Maybe I shouldn't have benched Janijewski in fantasy. I hate starting guys who are playing against the Falcons, though, so I had to do it. Right? Please, I need your support.
  4. This is true, and they definitely need to clean things up as we enter the season after the Bye. But we also need to remember that the game isn't over after the first quarter. However, as I type this, the Raiders break a disgusting pass/run, so I will simply finish this post and shut my mouth.
  5. Hey - if Ryan's going to have one of these games, I'd prefer it to be this one.
  6. Thank god this is the Raiders the Falcons are playing...
  7. Cassel is no longer the savior, too bad. He melted like plastic in a microwave right there.
  8. There seemed to be cheering at first, as if it were a delayed reaction amongst the crowd, in which they realized what they were doing after a few seconds and then started to boo.
  9. I'm going to go on a limb here and be positive for once: The defense is going to stop them. I'm also already planning my escape from embarrassment after being proven wrong.
  10. To point out the obvious: That's a big time play. I'm just excited the offense is stepping up.
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