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  1. Garcon seemed to be talking a lot of smack during the game too. Sherman is gonna get smoked by Julio.
  2. More like Lynch is their strength. The Wrs on that team are decent at best.
  3. No I just find it strange when I state my opinion, you get angry.
  4. Are you banging Ray Lewis or something? So angry.
  5. Seattle lost to some awful teams on the road. I'm glad we get them instead of the Redskins, another week for RG3 to get healthy would've been something I didn't wanna see. Prepare your anus Seahawks.
  6. No. The stats clearly stat London is the better player. Its just London doesn't put on a circus show before games to grab attention.
  7. London Fletcher>Ray Lewis. Stats don't lie. Lewis is a blow hard.
  8. HAHA. Poor RG3, his coaching staff just threw him into the dogs today. What kinda moron runs a designed QB run when your QB is clearly struggling to even drop back. He was limping that entire run, they shouldve taken him out at that point.
  9. Bunch of idiots if you think Schiano is going to be a good coach ahahhahahahah. BUCS SUCK BUCS SUCK. Freeman is awful. Franchise QB? HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  10. 10 STRAIGHT YEARS and you complete poo franchise still won't win a playoff game or have a first round bye. Have fun with your college gimmick coach some more Suc fans.
  11. I'll take Brandi over here. Jen looks way too skinny.
  12. Are we sure the date backed out? Looks like she may of ate him. I think the Browns may of found a replacement for Phil Taylor in the process.
  13. You think Oregon is going to pay him 6-7 mill a year? He only makes 3.5 now. Also, Oregon is about to get slammed with NCAA violations. He could be out of a job.
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