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  1. I'd just like to come in here and say Rise Up and shut the F*** up. 2-0 baby!
  2. Smh good point. This is just so discouraging because I really don't feel like we can fix this during this season.
  3. We might have the worst D in the league man no joke. Completely unfair to the offense. The only way we were going to win that game is if we got in the end zone on every drive and who the **** is doing that. This is the NFL.
  4. Harry Douglas is in no way worth a fourth round pick.
  5. Been a member on this site almost 5 years, and it's threads like this that cause me to not post that much. The ignorance here is unbelievable sometimes I tell ya.
  6. This is TATF, people were panicking on draft night about him not being signed.
  7. I would just like to say that we have to have some of THE most resourceful fans in the NFL. TATF is a better source of info than any major sports outlet when it comes to Falcons info. It's like you guys are always one step ahead. Great news though!
  8. It still hasn't hit me that we have Steven Freaking Jackson on our team lol. Can't wait for the season to start.
  9. I appreciate what Turner did for this franchise, but I honestly don't think that Turner fits with us anymore. As a number 3 running back Snelling is honestly a much better option because he can catch out of the back field and he already has experience playing special teams. With S.Jax as the number 1 back, and Quiz likely getting an increased roll, I just don't see it.
  10. the title of this thread is "Who is our scouts"...get your grammar together
  11. Dang Barret Jones would have been a nice addition had we snagged him.
  12. Don't get to worked up man. We could have drafted Jesus of Nazareth and people would be saying that TD doesn't know what he is doing. I have complete faith in his picks. As soon as we picked Alford I sent a text to my brother that said "I don't know who the **** that is. Great Pick. Rise Up!"
  13. We've got the best GM in the business guys. Not even close!
  14. The media will find a way I guarantee it. I like our schedule though, should be battled tested headed into next postseason.
  15. You know what guys, I'm really not sure what the deal is with our ATL based teams and the stigma/perception not only surrounding our sports teams but our city. I really don't have an answer but it's just crazy that our boy goes out and puts up almost 400 and 3 TDs against "the best D in the NFL" and then some can fix their mouths to put him in the same category as Tony Romo. I have no explanation but it just seems like people just think that the Falcons aren't supposed to be a good team, kinda like people think the league is better when the Falcons aren't playing well.
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