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  1. What's up with the 7 and the TD?
  2. If they are averages it makes sense. We are really young on D and all the guys haven't been able to show much. And if it's not I'm sure it still pulled out rating down considering out O is a little higher than that.
  3. I'm confused though. The link comes straight from the CBS NFL page?? Maybe they are featuring blogs but it looks like the official rankings.
  4. You shouldn't hit a woman but unplugging a man's tv at a time like that should be a felony.
  5. What does being "relegated out of the top flight league " mean?
  6. LMAO @ it angering you to even see black people in a pool. WTF?
  7. Yea, Plus I believe this is Houston's year.
  8. I was rushing when I made this post so sorry for all the spelling mistakes. I was trying to hurry up and get to sleep because I work late. Another one of the things he said was that our administration or at least Blank doesn't really care about the alumni. He though it'd be cool for them to come to a game and be presented as the first winning team. I told him fans thought this sometimes too. He told me stories about our old owner Rankin and when he played for Aurthur Rooney (this guy seemed like a character haha). Told me a story of a time he asked for a raise and Rooney choked on his cigar and asked the accountant what he had said haha. His last stint was in NWE. He left because the drugs were out of control (recreational drugs).
  9. Yea, He was really cool. You might be talking about someone else.
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